Saturday, November 5, 2011

The time to awaken from sleep and look at reality

The nostalgia has led to the fans of Granada in the dream of returning to first. The season reaches the eleventh game and faces in the local team Cármenes Racing. The two are involved in an early fight against relegation . It is time to return to reality and increase the demand before emergencies occur at the time of the impossible.

Racing Hector Cuper has already made ​​it. He won his first game a week ago and outlined a sports recovery. For this occasion, the decline has five injured and punishment of Diop . "But you have to think a victory to move forward," said the coach.

The statistical arguments weapon superstitious. He has never won the Racing in Los Cármenes . In any category. The ten previous fans only offer prize Cantabrian two draws.

The performance you have shown so far both teams have been poor. They are the least goals scored have been achieved in the category : add 11, only one more than Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuain and two less than Messi.

The calendar offers a truce to Granada and located on a trampoline. After the unexpected or the heroic victory in Seville , faces two straight at home to rivals that do require you to familiarity. The behavior at the Racing and Mallorca can fuel the recent rise folklore or invite you to the first serious reflection on its future.

"It's a team that plays with guns, defend very well, which is a way to play, and fight back. They know what they have and their great coach, who uses its resources in the best way possible," announced Fabri, Granada coach . Is available to all staff for the first time this year.

The local wants the look of the stands to spur the team serves. The partners have obtained advantageous discounts on tickets . The full on a Sunday seems certain that rain is forecast. Not surprisingly, the storm changed the travel plans of Racing in Grenada after a lightning break down his plane. The expedition through Spain from north to south, two flights and a bus-in five hours that will be condensed into 90 minutes of football to the surface.


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