Friday, November 25, 2011

Wozniacki uninhibited dance to the beat of Kuduro!

The Swiss locomotive running at your pace

Roger Federer sealed his presence at the Masters Cup semifinals with full of victories in Group A. His last victim was Mardy Fish. The Swiss, who defends title in London, looking at his sixth Masters this year.

Few can debate that Roger Federer is one of the players most 'plugged in' coming into this season finale. After a typical year in which major titles has failed (only one Masters 1000 at the last minute to make up the curriculum) and lost its status as number 3, the Swiss are signing a trip to especatular, biting the sceptres of Basel Paris and reaching the semifinals of the Masters Cup after beating undefeated in Group B, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga , Rafael Nadal and Mardy Fish , who today won by an aggregate score of 6-1, 3-6 and 6 -3 after an hour and fifty minutes in a clash played at the O2 Centre Court. Federer decided the first set in just half an hour of action. 30 minutes in which the Swiss showed that there is no need to break or run the ball more than anyone to kneel rival. With a break in the second game of the party took control of it and, despite having to solve problems with the service (up by 15-40 and 0-40) closed the first act without problems.

During the intermission of attention in the stands had the players Thierry Henry , Juan Mata , Andrei Arshavin , Robin Van Persie and Robert Pires and others who did not want to miss a day between "experts". Fish would be a protagonist in the second set and took a walk his backhand cut, which did much damage to a break which Federer took him to finish the second round giving. But it was only a mirage. It was the third and final start in September and to see the best version of the Swiss, whose hit, so practical and aesthetic, quickly made ​​him take enough advantage to close the game and therefore their participation in the 'Round Robin'. With this victory the Swiss reached the second time this season a run of 15 straight wins (the other was at the end of last year, winning in Doha and reached the semifinals of the Open de Australia). This is also the 37th victory of Federer in this tournament, falling to only two of the 39 of Ivan Lendl that dominates this statistic.

Absolute leader of Group B, Federer will wait first to see how to solve the second place it (will the winner of the match between Nadal and Tsonga) and then Group A rival what awaits in the semis (can be Ferrer, Djokovic and Berdych).

Ferrer: "If we lose someone, it is with Argentina"

David Ferrer is in London contesting the Masters Cup in London for which you are qualified for the semifinals. The Javea wants to sign a well in the last quote, but think sideways in the Davis Cup final to be played in just one week in Seville. He knows that Spain is a favorite, but points to Argentina as one of the rivals who can crush the 'Armada' home and land.

Ferrer won Novak Djokovic on Wednesday in one of the most complete games he has played this season. "It was the day to win. He was not successful, but it is not normal and less to gain and Novak," said the Alicante in radiolabeled, who discovers the key to his success this season: "This year has been the key to remove ". On the other Spanish at stake in the O2, Rafael Nadal, Ferrer said that despite problems in the shoulder, "Okay, there's nothing serious. It is in perfect condition to play.'s Looking forward, I see it . If he wins today, it is clear candidate to win the tournament. I assure you that Rafa can return. "

In just one week in Seville Spain will seek his fifth Davis Cup. His rival, Argentina, has been granted the role of favorite. "It would be a tragedy to lose if we lose someone is with Argentina. Nalbandian and Del Potro can beat anyone. We're a little favorites, but the players see it as a very important end," says David, who is believed to Nalbandian, as noted by some means, will play the three days of competition: "Playing three games in three days in the Davis's a lot. I do not think Nalbandian plays the first day, but will play against Monaco who Rafa and Del Potro will who does it in front of Fernando Feliciano or against me. "

She also appreciated when questioned about the controversial statements Yannick Noah in Le Monde accusing the Spanish sport of doping. "What has that Noah is a barbarism without proof, is stupid. There is no rhyme or reason. I'm surprised. It is a blow", settlement.

Nadal: "I see myself with a little less passion for the game"

Rafael Nadal eliminated in the Masters Cup by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga said after the game that was "nothing special" on the fast track in London to mark the difference from its rival. "Failing things I had always had, such as explosiveness and the impetus that caused burden on rivals," he analyzed.

After congratulating his opponent tonight for a game that made him "worthy" of the victory, Nadal pointed to two causes for their defeat at the London O2 Arena cement: physical and mental fatigue accumulated over a long season, and a surface hard is the least favorable to deploy your game. "It's been a tough year for me. Positive at times, very hard in others. The truth is that I had great expectations for this tournament, because I knew coming in what conditions. It is normal what happened," said Nadal.

At the end of a season in which he won Roland Garros but lost the finals of Wimbledon and U.S. Open, Nadal himself is "a little less passion for the game, probably from exhaustion."

"Over the holidays, better not think about them, because there will be. Although neither the need, I need to work, and that's what I do," he said.

Tsonga is the potion to beat Nadal

Tsonga put an end to the tortuous path of Rafa Nadal in Masters Cup after beating Spanish London, 7-6, 4-6, 6-3 in Hall 02. In this way, the French player will become the third player to dispute the seminal Gallic tournament after Grosjean in 2001 and Gilles Simon in 2008.

After a match against Fish suffered a painful loss to Federer and a complicated encounter with Tsonga, the world number two leaves a competition full of troubles to focus on the upcoming Davis Cup final that will play Spain and Argentina.

With some physical problems and with the intention of forgetting as far as possible the disappointment with the 'Basel Expresso' stood Nadal Tsonga. The Spaniard showed his tennis in bursts and was unable to beat a player who was fed a high percentage of first serves and a great success in the network increases.

From the first minutes we saw that Nadal was not what we are accustomed. His service in all aspects concerned. First by its low success in the first serves and second for the second service was poor all kinds of aid to Tsonga in the rest.

Despite this, the first race was not decided until the tie break, where Nadal showed once again the symptoms that had accompanied him and ended up giving in to an aggressive Tsonga. A good first service and a network attack was enough for the Frenchman is set to score.

With the score lopsided at times you could see the courage and dedication of world number two. With or without physical problems, the Balearic tennis player always leaves everything on the track and managed to level the match again. Its impossible and racing shots from side to side of the track is mixed with unforced errors Tsonga, who was out of the game for a few minutes and paid for seeing danger victory.

All I got in the second set as the shooting shattered in the last set. His service was again the innocent from the beginning and Tsonga benefited from the rest. At one point it seemed that neither wanted to win, as the Frenchman committed three double faults while serving to win the match and Nadal, after getting a break, he could not consolidate his serve to lose the last game white party.

On Friday the French know their opponents in the semifinals, where they could face to face with another Spanish if Ferrer wins against Berdych or Djokovich or Czech as the results are given.

What is certain is that Nadal will join in the coming days the Spanish Davis Cup team to fight for a new bowl after taking a few days well deserved days off.

The End of 'nuclear winter' of the NBA lockout?

The end of the nuclear winter of the NBA lockout could be close. Surprisingly close after two days of almost secret meetings by the NBA and the players. Of the accusations in public statements and the crossing has been passed to a low profile that seems to have paid off: the option to have NBA Christmas, key date in the calendar , takes more strength than ever, and already is considering the option a possible schedule of 66 games.

The total renovation of the partners on both sides seems key to understanding the radical who have given the negotiations and that should bear fruit after the 'break' must Thanksgiving (Thursday November 24) to ensure NBA on Christmas Day . From the time when the resumption of negotiations on Friday lockout will enter a critical period of 72 hours trying to unlock the lock by Monday with a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Both parties resumed on Tuesday negotiations to silently, as revealed on Wednesday, Yahoo!, and after a second meeting on Wednesday, the players' lawyer said on Friday it would resume meetings.

When you have dissolved the union , via 'disclaimer of interest ', and have legal action involved, the immediate objective of owners and players is to reach an agreement to park before the courts that justice is rendered. This pact would be the first big step and would mean that the agreement to sign the new CBA was imminent with some concessions from owners to players, who agreed to lower its profit in the BRI from 57% to 50%.

If both parties reach an agreement on Friday or during the weekend, the NBA could start accelerating Christmas Day marked the initial steps since according to David Stern confirmed it takes about 30 days to put the machinery in motion: to draft and approve the new CBA, open the transfer market and make a mini season (of the four parties could pass under two) before the starting gun.

If no agreement is reached this weekend, the picture will intensify next week as expected the intervention of a federal judge in Minnesota.

Tyreke Evans commits to Virtus Roma

Star continues to drip, fed up with the 'lockout', have decided to jump in the NBA to Europe. The last to do so, besides Lamar Odom has been the star of the Sacramento Kings, Tyreke Evans, who has agreed to play in the Virtus Roma. The player has committed to the Italian club until end of season if the NBA does not start.

Thus, the Italian is reinforced by one of the greatest players in NBA projection and has already been awarded 'Rookie of the Year' in 2010. It was unclear details of the agreement with Rome, beyond signing the famous clause that would allow him to leave the Roman club discipline by starting the NBA.

Evans is part of a select group of players who have averaged at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists per game in his first year years in the NBA. Beside him at the club include names like Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Last season he missed 15 games with plantar fasciitis, so that their statistics until they were resented by 19 points and six assists in two seasons in the NBA has.

Completes Besiktas' Fantastic Duo "with the signing of Lamar Odom

Deron Williams and NBA have companions at Besiktas. After the last days juggle a number of names among which are included Kevin Love, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng finally chosen was the partner in the Lakers Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom. The player New York, that shares the same agent that Deron Williams has been committed to the Ottoman set for the remainder of the season if there is no NBA.

Odom, tired of waiting for the end of the conflict in the NBA, has reached an agreement with all of the Eagles for that if he remained until June as Turkish player charged a figure close to two million dollars. The player has signed the famous clause that would allow him to leave the team without penalty at the time when the competition resumes in the NBA.

Besiktas is done with a player with 12 seasons of NBA experience (the last seven wearing the shirt of the Lakers who won two NBA rings) in which he averaged 14.6 points, nine rebounds and four assists per game. Good numbers have earned him wear the United States, with which he won a bronze medal at the Athens Olympics and gold in the 2010 World Cup held precisely in Turkey.

However, despite its curriculum, Odom was not the first choice of the Turkish team. In the last hours Besiktas tried hiring of center Brook Lopez, Deron partner in the Nets, but the player declined the offer at the last minute, so that the Turkish policy was decided by Odom.

As a curiosity, having one of the hardest parts of the negotiations was to convince the woman to Odom. The famous Khloe Kardashian has finally agreed to move to Turkey despite family pressures by their Armenian origins, a country which has good relations with Turkey since the First World War.

The owners could pose a new ultimatum to the players

We wait 147 days to settle the 'lockout'. And nothing. Thousands of hours of meetings, approaches, breaks, disqualifications ... So far all the chapters have followed a cyclical script was repeated over and over again (the famous 'Groundhog Day' from 'Groundhog Day') and have not resolved the conflict. An argument can be repeated again this time.

The next meeting will be considered final (nth time you use this adjective) for the future of the NBA. If no agreement before the end of the weekend, the season is in serious danger (Does that sound?) Suspension. However, there are reasons for optimism and the few details that have transpired in recent meetings is that the parties have approached their positions. It perfectly fulfills the second chapter of this saga: the approach.

Now touch the final break. And unfortunately for basketball fans, it seems that once again the negotiation will follow the script set.

As ESPN says, the owners are willing to improve the conditions of its latest offering in the points system in which there is disagreement. However, despite their good intentions, seem to have chosen the best negotiating tactic.

One of the complaints of the players has been that the owners and the league did not want to negotiate and have closed their positions. Something that can be repeated after the next meeting and, according to ESPN, Stern will present the offer of the League as a new ultimatum, leaving the players the decision to fix the situation.

The athletes do not seem willing to accept a new call for the League and there could be returned to break off negotiations. Although the owners will improve the conditions of its offer.

Among the conditions that the league is willing to improve is the so-called 'mid-level exception'. The existing agreement for the 'midlevel exception' of 5 million annually for four seasons happen to be 3 million a year and a maximum of three campaigns.

But the owners want to ban the teams to pay the luxury tax may use this exception to sign. For its part, the players ask for a 'mid-level exception' complete contracts each year and four seasons of life.

According to CBS, many owners would be willing to compromise on this point in exchange for getting players to accept the equal sharing (50/50) of the famous BRI. Among the franchise owners would accept this agreement as long as the League would start the owners of Heat, Magic, Celtics, Knicks and Lakers , who would have joined some of the representatives of so-called hardliners as Robert Saver, owner of the Suns.

However, there are other owners who prefer the more hostile way and are not willing to settle the division of the BRI , but do not want to make any further concession in the system. They argue that now that the games will be lost, a more rigid convention is the only way to mitigate losses.

For there may come the break. Well, by and by the attitude of 'take it or leave it' that the players are not willing to accept.

Too many obstacles to negotiate an end to the lockout in three days?

Friday November 25. Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas just 30 days, the date indicated in red by commissioner David Stern for months. The NBA wants to save Christmas parties and said that it takes 30 days to put in place following the League symbolic handshake between owners and players act out the end of the lockout. Ie key weekend to try to end the lockout. Otherwise, if no agreement before Monday, the season will almost certainly blow up despite the 98-99 season the lockout was resolved on January 7 and began to play a 50-game league reduced one month after.

After resuming negotiations on a quiet and unobtrusive on Tuesday, representatives of the owners and players sit right again when the following 148 days of lockout. Starting today opens a decisive period of 72 hours for the two parties reach an agreement before the justice involved in the antitrust lawsuit filed by several players after dissolving the union via " disclaimer of interest '.

If you reach an agreement in principle, the players union has to be rebuilt in order to sign a collective agreement and forget and demands. But for this to be possible, there are several hot spots on the table to be treated. The list of disagreements is almost bigger than the agreements to be reached before the dissolution of the union.

Any agreement between both parties for a new CBA sharing pivot around 50-50 on the BRI . Something that players have agreed, calling for a series of concessions in return and there are the five main points of friction :

· Rate of luxury . The owners want a more punitive than the current dollar for dollar. The idea is to increase the fine to 1.75 dollar the first $ 5 million. Every dollar of the next 5 million will be accompanied by a fine of 2.25 to 2.75 will go up from 10 million and to 3.25 in the next section.

· Escrow . It is a percentage of the salary of the player who holds every franchise every year to ensure agreement is reached on the sharing of fixed BRI at the end of the season. If the sum of salary exceeds the percentage of the cast of players, franchises retain the 'escrow', if not exceed, that amount (total or partial) is returned to the player. The owners now want to retain a percentage of salary to be determined the players.

· Mid-level exception. The existing agreement for the 'midlevel exception' of 5 million annually for four seasons happen to be 3 million a year and a maximum of three campaigns. But the owners want to ban the teams to pay the luxury tax may use this exception to sign. Yes they could have a reduced version.

· Years of contract. The NBA wants to reduce the maximum duration of contracts. Under the latest agreement, players are entitled to an increase of 10.5% for those players who are under the "Larry Bird exception 'and 8.5% for others. The players have agreed to reduce this percentage to 7.5 and 6.5 respectively. The League is offering a 5.5 to 3%.

· 'Sign and trade' and 'extend and trade'. The NBA wants to ban the teams paying the luxury tax can perform 'renewal and transfer', although they would in the first year of the agreement. Also want to ban a 'extend and trade' (extension and transfer) in the last year of the contract of a player like Carmelo Anthony has happened to last season. As noted the main victims in this operation would be Deron Williams (Nets) and Dwight Howard (Magic). Both could be transferred this season but his new equipment could not renew before the summer market as unrestricted free agents.

With this in mind, we must take into account the latest information provided by Chris Broussard, ESPN , in terms of requests / demands from players to owners at the meeting which starts on Friday: · Mid-level exception each year complete and contracts for four seasons of life. And the so-called 'mini mid level' for teams who pay the luxury tax is greater · A 10% ' escrow 'maximum. · 'Sign and trade' for all teams for the duration of the new CBA · A rate luxury less punitive than the proposed ' superlevy ' · The maximum salary is 30% of the salary cap and not 25% as now · Increase the 'qualifying offer' to retain restricted free agents. This is the bid submitted by teams to ensure the right of first refusal

The Brazilian Grand Prix will change in 2012

The Brazilian Grand Prix will change for next season, as announced in Sao Paulo race director of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Charles Whiting, the press reported. The changes will focus on the so called 'Bend Café', circuit point where many pilots have died in tragic accidents.

"We hope to build a new pit entrance and a larger exhaust area around the last corner, but that's a big job, which will require the removal of two permanent galleries," said Whiting told the Terra website.

Last April, the Brazilian Paulo Kunze died days after suffering an accident when he disputed a test of the formula Stock Paulista and died two weeks before Gustavo Sondermann, crashed on the same stage in a Cup race Montana.

In February this year, photographer and motorcyclist Joao Lisboa died on the same curve and in 2007 lost his life there Rafael Sperafico driver during a race stock car formula, the top level of the country.

At that point have also been injured during the Brazilian Grand Prix Formula 1 Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg, situations that led to the changes that will have for next season. "We received confirmation from the city of Sao Paulo that they will give support to this project", added the manager.

Alonso for second place in his favorite circuit

Fernando Alonso arrives at the Brazilian Grand Prix, last round of the World, in the third place overall 10 points behind Jenson Button. Although the Spaniard has shown in recent races that prefers to climb to the top of the drawer to be runner-up, both he and Ferrari will look forward in that second place finish after a difficult year. It will not be easy to cut as many points to a Button is doing a spectacular year, but Alonso holds on to a circuit that presents a few figures, and some joy-capitalized.

The Spaniard, who has nine starts at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, has been on the podium at this circuit a total of six times. There is another where the drawer has visited. Two second places (2006 and 2008, both with Renault) and four others (2003, 2005 with Renault, 2007 with McLaren and Ferrari 2010) will attest.

Its reliability in Interlagos reaches the point that his worst result, finishing the race, is the fourth since 2004. And is that Alonso has left only twice in Brazil, one in 2001 with Minardi, and another in 2009, his senior year at Renault.

Even their progress in each race, ie the post that appeared on grill finally finished, it was almost always up. Of the seven races he finished, only one, in 2005, finished worse than in qualifying. Interestingly, it was the year in which he achieved his only pole there and a third place finish in the race he secured his first world title revalidaría prize a year later, precisely in the same circuit.

Alonso: "It's great to have Peter again"

Fernando Alonso referred to the return of Pedro de la Rosa to the elite of Formula 1, after announcing he will run the next two seasons with the Spanish team HRT. "Not that I expected, but the news was a surprise to me and it's great to have Peter back to that feeling of adrenaline that just feels in Formula 1," he said. However, Alonso de la Rosa said he "will not have a competitive car he deserves."

The Spaniard also said he is motivated to play for the Brazilian Grand Prix, last race of the Formula 1 championship, because although the title is already in the hands of the German Sebastian Vettel, no pilot likes to lose. "The motivation is high, winning here is not a high priority, but the motivation is that none of us like to lose, we always think we get beat since the helmet," said the pilot told reporters at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo.

Spanish, the third in the standings, admitted he has "little chance" of winning the runner-up Jenson Button as he reaches the last test with ten points higher than him in the standings. However, Alonso expressed his desire to win for the first time in Sao Paulo, which won world circuit in 2005 and 2006, as a Renault driver.

To overcome Button, Alonso should take eleven points of advantage, because it equals ten and Britain has more wins that would give priority in the second position. "In dry soil can not take ten points ahead of Button, but with strange races, such as Sao Paulo, with rain and withdrawals, anything can happen," he said.

Alonso said that this season was "fairly happy", but is confident that 2012 will be "a year happier." "The whole team is thinking about for some time in the coming year," he said.

Of Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, of Williams, which is speculated to retire next track, Alonso said: "He has done great things and is one of the best Brazilian drivers in recent years and I hope to continue running."

Hamilton: "I have no yacht or private jet"

The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton feels "fascinated" by Roger Federer, by former South African President Nelson Mandela and singer Prince as account in an interview published by the newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

The pilot, one of the highest paid athletes, he says that "money has never been (her) motivation" and that beyond the gifts he made to his family, who bought a house and several cars, save the rest your money in the bank.

"I have no yacht or private plane. In fact, I'm not at all impressed by the money and I have no intention of squandering" he says.

As for their driving behavior, criticized for being "too aggressive", Hamilton asks: "Why would I change?" And asserts that "no good to tell others what to do."

The winner of the 2008 World explains that fame does not like, but "has positive sides," as to meet their idols. "What's amazing is that I can meet people that I love," he says, and he cites the day when Federer was asked to take a picture with him in Russia. "For me it was the world upside down," he says.

Other meetings also be excited, the 26-year notes Mandela's 90th birthday, attended a London hotel.
"It was really a special moment be faced with this man who has made ​​history," he says.

In the musical field, Hamilton tells the party night he spent with Prince in Abu Dhabi, after the Grand Prix of 2010, and following which both sent "mobile messages during the year."

Räikkönen 12 million requested to return to Formula 1

Kimi Raikkonen's return to Formula 1 is becoming more complicated. His signing by Williams seems to have disappeared this week after a bank in Qatar, with Renault could finance his return to the circuit, has decided not to go into operation.

Frank Williams wanted the return of the diamond with engines next year had been done in a pilot champion, to relive those golden years of the early 90's. However, the salary he asked Kimi, some 12 million euros, has made it impossible to reach any agreement with the English team.

They are not the times to pay such amounts to a pilot who has two years off the track and whose performance is unknown, while it is secure no involvement and his fondness for the nightlife. So, Williams will have to settle with the new Finnish talent Valeri Bottas, putting money coming, and Sir Frank likes. The boy has not been anything wrong with the GP3 and can give acceptable performance.

Thus, only one option left for the return of Kimi, Lotus Renault decides to make an effort to hire the 2007 champion to meet the low of Robert Kubica, who starts as likely to be the beginning of the year.

Incidentally, the Polish manager Daniel Morelli, denied that Robert said he was not going to start the 2012 season: "He changed the words. We said that we are not sure test in February, but not for the beginning. " In Lotus Renault said yesterday off the record: "In our department of communication are not idiots. The words were consensual." Kubica gets away and unless Räikkönen at the last minute, Grosjean seems the obvious choice to accompany Petrov. It does have money and therefore the seat almost assured.

Some say in the paddock that can stop Genii Capital to own the team and that could change things. If Lotus takes all the power in the England squad, could return to crystallize the option of Raikkonen, in the absence of pay will apply for a share of stock in the team. We must start preparing for the future.

Will overtake Massa Ferrari for Alonso if requested

Felipe Massa said that if Ferrari was asked to do so will pass by teammate Fernando Alonso, who plays second place in the Sunday World Formula 1.

"If a situation like that happens, I will continue to be professional and obey," said in an interview with Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, in the non-repented for a similar episode in the Grand Prix of Germany 2010, when just let the Spanish overcome by a direct order from the team.

At Hockenheim, Alonso had the opportunity to continue on to contest the title and in several passages of the race tried to surpass his fellow Brazilian, but Massa's car always closed the Spanish, even at the risk of an accident.

Massa allowed Alonso be advanced only when the Italian team gave him a clear mandate by the internal communications system, assuming the possibility of being sanctioned by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

"For my part, was the most professional way to address the situation, as is the case in any business and when you get an order you have it to play, so I think that any professional driver would do the same, but that does not mean that has been easy, "he said.

Webber and Alonso dominates

Mark Webber, with little advantage over McLaren's Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton set the fastest time during the first round of free practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix played at the Interlagos circuit in which Fernando Alonso, sixth, has not able to play the last five minutes due to an engine failure in his Ferrari. Alguersuari, meanwhile, has set the eleventh fastest time.

Fernando took the morning to test new parts of the car next year. Apart from the front wing is said to also fund a new plaque could be the continuation of the aerodynamic work for 2012. Alonso did about 15 laps without marking time, always passing through the pit lane and then immediately placed almost on par with Felipe Massa, who used the old wing. When the old engine had enough, he had only four laps to meet the schedule.

Meanwhile, the Red Bull and McLaren were flying on the track circuit Jose Carlos Pace. Button and Hamilton sent much of the session, until Mark Webber was placed in the first place. Here may have some extra energy to get the runner.

Behind Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari and no other league. The Mercedes are seven tenths of Alonso, despite this being one of the shortest paths of the tournament. The caller at the door of the Q3 is Alguersuari, which was placed in the eleventh position without the slightest force. It seems that the Toro Rosso up a good pace at Interlagos and Barcelona could finish the season brilliantly. No he could use to convince many that have a secure position on the grid for 2012. A Vergne, the new star appeared after Abu Dhabi tests, we got six tenths.

€ 5,000 fine to the fan who threw the umbrella

The Permanent Commission of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport, held at the Ministry of Interior, agreed to impose a fine of 5,000 euros and banned from any sports stadium for a period of two years the fan who threw an umbrella that hit in the face of one of the linesmen causing an injury and the subsequent suspension of the meeting at the party last weekend in La Liga between Granada and Mallorca.

Remember that the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and decided on Wednesday to impose a fine of 6,000 Granada euros for these events, while it agreed that the suspended game will resume in 61 minutes and is played behind closed doors at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes.

Moreover, Anti-Violence fined 4,000 euros and banned from any sports stadium for a period of 12 months at an amateur who, during the Valencia-Real Madrid, pointed a laser pointer many times a player's visiting team.

In this particular case and with reference to this unfortunate practice that is being developed in some areas, most commonly against Real Madrid's Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, the Commission notes that "the use of these laser pointers is strictly prohibited at all campuses sports ".

Diego: "The Bernabeu is the ideal place to strike a blow at the table"

Diego Ribas takes only three months at Atletico Madrid. Not much time, but enough to know the essence of a derby. The Brazilian gave an exclusive interview to the daily MARCA and acknowledged that "the Bernabeu is the ideal place to give a blow to the table."

Atletico know that the boot has not been good, but says that at Real Madrid, you can break that losing streak. "Forget the 12 years without winning and play like we do at home. It is a motivation for us to know that after so many years we can end the streak," said Diego.

Atletico midfielder said he "can not be desperate to win. If we are defending for 90 minutes, we will make at any time. We played a great team, so we must think of something big."

The cat is a tiger

It happened on December 11, 2010. Almost a year ago. Mourinho began his pulse Valdano to sign a '9 'and dropped its particular Christmas message. "If you hunt and you only have one cat (Benzema), you must go with the cat. If you have a dog fighters more, but if you must go with the cat because the cat. Not going out alone," said .

The legendary phrase sounded Karim fierce criticism for its lack of goal, but coach always denied it. And that he was right. At that point in the season, the French had only six goals in 21 games. It was a very delicate moment for Benzema. Perhaps the hardest in his time as Real Madrid.

But following the clarion call of the technician, the cat became a tiger. Since Mourinho's famous phrase, Benzema has scored 32 goals in La Liga -21, six in the Champions League, Cup and a four in the Supercopa. The Frenchman has become a killer. Mou never doubted his quality, but his scoring to be a nine. Now there is no doubt. Benzema has exploded and scoring numbers fall short of the best scorers in the major European leagues.

Unless Messi and Cristiano, who play something else, the Argentine has 53 goals from 11 December 2010 and the Portuguese, 50 - as well as Mario Gomez (44) and Van Persie (36), that everything they touch it goal become a time now, Benzema than the other big scorers in the major European clubs. His 32 goals are a bar too high for Rooney, Kun, Villa, Falcao, Soldier, Cavani or Di Natale.

Benzema got down to work and scoring power has gone through the roof. Karim, that D-Day had 6 goals, finished the season with 26 (15 in the league, 5 and 6 in the Champions Cup). In this explosion has filmmaker confirmed as Real Madrid. Carries and scored 12 goals in all competitions he has played.

It is his second best start of the season after 13 goals he had in Lyon at this stage of the campaign season in 08-09, before making the leap to Madrid. In three months of competition, Karim has spent nearly half of goals throughout the previous season. And last year did not mark his goal number 12 until 19 February. Now the time has cut three months.

In Champions, where Karim has had more prominence, is the team's top scorer with four goals, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. Furthermore, the double against Dinamo managed, Benzema became the top scorer in European competitions French with Real Madrid. Zidane was tied with nine goals, but with the first falls on Tuesday alone.

"I'm fine mentally. I have confidence and I like it here. Every day I strive improved and everything will get better. I'm enjoying it now all I get it. I've forgotten the physical problems and now I have more continuity in my game, not I have to be dosed as before, "he says. It also showed his desire to play more often with Higuain: "We are both here to help.

Playing together has been very good. I understand perfectly with it. It shows that we are friends. There is no jealousy between us, we seek the best for the team. "
Benzema and now has the spotlight put on the derby on Saturday. The French already know what it is to mark the athlete wants to continue his good scoring form with the red and whites .

Ronaldinho, with his hands in the dough

The former Barcelona player has been caught 'red handed' when she was masturbating with a webcam. The video, which leaves little to the imagination, has revolutionized social networks as soon as released.

Apparently, the Brazilian was the subject of a trap perpetrated by a young woman who decided to record the player.

Casillas would give him the Golden Ball Mourinho and Cristiano

Iker Casillas is clear that the Golden Ball would have to stay home. The captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish team would give the award to his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, Golden Boot European football after his 41 goals in the league championship.

Casillas, who is part of the jury of the Golden Ball for his status as captain of the Red, selected as winner of the award to Cristiano, ahead of Ozil and Messi, his other two choices. Portuguese gave five points, three German and one Barcelona player.

Real Madrid goalkeeper did not vote for any Spanish player to think that you could not, something that has changed this year.

Iker, on the other hand, voted Mourinho as coach of the year, even ahead of Vicente del Bosque, who received three points for the five who took the part of the Portuguese player. Villas-Boas was the one who completed the podium of the goalkeeper.

Del Bosque , meanwhile, as Spanish coach, gave his maximum number of votes, Messi, Cristiano ahead, and Pep Guardiola.

"12 years ago also seemed very difficult to win"

A little over 12 years, more than 4,400 days, that Atletico have not won a derby. The last time I did was on 30 October 1999, the last century. Since then he has had time to descend to Atletico Second, to rise again, to Florentino Perez became president of Real Madrid with Figo's hand, to come out and come back to come as a Messiah. A Torres reported as red and white star and then go out looking for a better future, like Aguero. All this and much more has happened since they beat Atletico 1-3 in Chamartín by. Along the way, 30 teams have won at Madrid Spanish in either competition at least once. Atletico, no.

Although it may seem that this derby paint from the start much more even than now, Santi and Valeron, players of that template Atletico deny it. "No we got it. That day seemed also very difficult to win because we were not in good time. I think all the derbies are very similar," says Santi, who watched from the bench as his colleagues traced the initial goal Morientes. "At that time we were not very good. It was a little surprise but derbies are always that uncertainty," said Valeron, who played the last half hour, and with the score 1-3 after two goals from Hasselbaink and Joseph Mari.

Both agree that the very strong to reach Madrid match on Saturday and that the athlete will have to be careful about attacking the rival power. "In the situation of Madrid, Atletico has to make a perfect match in every way, especially defensively. And offensively exploit the opportunities they have," says the former Atletico Central, who believes that's what made the difference in Atletico's last victory at the Bernabeu. "The key was the effectiveness in attack. I do not remember we had many chances but we were effective."

"Right now Madrid's potential is very large, reaching a large fitness and be leaders, but it's a derby and although they are the favorites, Atletico is always comfortable in these matches," said the canary, which appeals the unpredictability of the athlete to prevail in a derby which comes as a victim.

Both recognize what is winning at Madrid in their own stadium. "For Atletico was a very important victory and offered it to the fans," says the player of Deportivo. "It's always important to win away from home and at the Bernabeu is twice as nice. In those games the player sobremotiva," says Santi. Atletico has reason to believe in victory at the Bernabeu: Neither did 12 years ago at its best and the story is already known.

Piqué is no longer untouchable

Pep Guardiola will not marry anyone and continuous testing are presented in alignments that each party. Only Messi Valdés y are fixed in eleven. If he had to purge recently David Villa, now has the token Gerard Pique. The match against Milan made it clear that the defense is no longer an untouchable for the coach. Indeed, against the Italians one of the fears was the air that could be developed thanks to the set pieces. With Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel, Thiago Silva and Boateng ready to finish off a corner kick, for example, Pique seemed necessary with Busquets.

However, Pep chose to leave on the bench and he justified it reluctantly when asked about it: "I can not always talking about players who are left out. For this game and want fast players Puyol, Abidal Mascherano and legs are good . just that. " No one is aware that the participation of the defender this season not being as in previous years. Catalan is being undermined by two important factors. The first refers to the injury and the second change of system.

So far this season, Pique has suffered two injuries which, in total, have been one and a half away from the pitch. First it was a hamstring injury in the right calf that occurred during preseason training and then a hamstring stretch in mid-October.

However, the manner in which Pep wants to play this year, with only three defenders, it seems no benefit. The numbers speak for themselves. In League has only participated in six of the 12 matches played, and of these, it has only played one whole. In total, 295 minutes league who know very little because they represent only 27% of the minutes played for the club. In the Champions numbers are very similar. It has only played one match in the group stage, which is 90 minutes of the 450 possible. His participation was somewhat higher in the Supercopa of Spain, where he participated in the two games against Real Madrid.

Iniesta still train with the group and is low for Getafe

The FC Barcelona first team squad returned to training on Friday to prepare for the clash this Saturday at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez, who also played a match Andres Iniesta after the manchego was away trip to Milan because of a bruised thigh left.

Iniesta is not exercised on Friday with the rest of their colleagues and the medical report confirmed that no complaints had been forwarded completely. The midfielder was limited to making a smooth recovery work.

If Iniesta put Barca up the cross, the face is Adriano. The Brazilian has already discharged from hospital after his hamstring injury and Guardiola has included in the squad for Getafe. A list that also returns after an absence Alves through suspension in San Siro.

The coach has summoned 20 players to travel to Getafe, all available in the first team besides Isaac Cuenca, who reprises call. Jonathan Dos Santos Basin and were the only players in the subsidiary who exercised the command of Guardiola on Friday at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in Sant Joan Despi.

Di Maria and Marcelo in the list

Angel di Maria is the big news in the squad to face Real Madrid derby on Saturday (20.00 hours) at the Bernabeu. Along the Argentine, Marcelo also returns. Jose Mourinho will be the casualties of the injured Kaka, Arbeloa and Carvalho.

Di Maria returns to a list of Real after his injury in the match against Osasuna, on November 6. Since then, FIDE has missed the games against Valencia and Dinamo Zagreb.

Meanwhile, Marcelo becomes available after falling off the list against Dynamo Zagreb. The Brazilian played against Valencia after he was injured against Villarreal on 26 October.

As for the low-Arbeloa is contraction in the hamstrings-Kaka-concussion in the soleus, and Carvalho-LBP-

The full list comprising the following 21 players: Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adam and Mejias. Defenders: Ramos, Varane, Pepe, Marcelo, Albiol and Coentrão. Midfielders: Ozil, Di Maria, Sahin, Xabi Alonso, Altintop, Alley, Lass, Barn and Khedira. Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuain and Benzema.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A semifinals for the front door

David Ferrer became the second Masters Cup semi-finalists in 2011 by defeating Novak Djokovic two sleeves. The Javea, which reached the final of this event in 2007, endorsed the fifth defeat of the season and added Serbian win number 58 of the year.

Novak Djokovic is the fourth number 1 before which faced David Ferrer in his career. To date nine duels lost to Roger Federer had won the only match against Andre Agassi (Rome 2003) and had a negative baggage to Rafa Nadal (1-3, with victory at the Open de Australia 2011). The Javea showed why he is one of the major reference in the world of the racket and broke in London in hostile territory fast track, indoor-, the Balkans by an aggregate score of 6-3, 6-1 in one hour and game room in a clash played at the O2 Centre Court.

If we did a survey in the locker room with players, no one would choose to Ferrer as a rival. Is one of those tough nuts to crack that never gives a lost ball and you require a plus more than any other to break. The game against 'Nole' kept the balance only in the minutes of first refusal, resolved to serve six games where David showed his improvement with the service, their courage in taking the initiative to exchange and trust in a hurtful right regardless of the playing surface. Until that time, Djokovic seemed to be lurking waiting to get the paw. He even had a ball break to take advantage. But they were mere appearances. When Ferrer was the costume of 'Gladiator', made good the saying that not only can David fables with Goliath. He began to hit the ball as if his life depended it, to defend from the attacks of his opponent as if to protect his family, broke serve in the Balkans and scored six straight games.

Although Djokovic did not happen in his best physical moment, you can not shield his defeat in any case in this regard. The tennis cyclone that came from the other side of the track was not able to control it at any time. He looked sideways at his box, where neither his coach Marian Vadj and his girlfriend Jelena Ristic were able to give comfort or encouragement. The number was deflated. It did not work either his head or his racket. David did not fail to take small breaks in the action 75 minutes of the match lasted, did not want to lose a punishing pace and moral legs of his opponent. He put his finger in the wound opening impossible angles, reached into the sore left manual reaching and even dared to take the chest with Go! 'Made in Spain'. While Roger Federer enjoyed with his friend Thierry Henry Arsenal's victory in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, the pupil of Javier Piles put the finishing touch to a party that can not be forgotten. It was memorable.

With this victory, which he dedicated to his countrymen in Javea, Ferrer does a ticket for the semi-finals although he still has to play a match on Friday against Tomas Berdych . The Alicante showed in his debut at the Masters in 2007 (Shanghai being the site of game) that this event will greatly encouraged. At that time, only Roger Federer deprived him of winning the tournament. Here you have time to prepare an assault on the scepter, but now needs to rest and ensure weapons.

Nadal: "I had nothing to do"

The Spanish Rafael Nadal admitted today that it had "nothing to do" to play "perfect" unfolded before him Roger Federer on hardcourt Masters Cup in London.

"The result is real": so began his press conference tonight Nadal, to dispel any disbelief about convincing 6-3 6-0 he endorsed the world number four in just one hour.

"The score of today is not misleading, he was brilliant at all times, and when you play this level in this area, now is better," said the Spaniard, who wanted to emphasize that the physical problems that afflicted him in the match against Mardy Fish two days ago did not influence today's defeat.

The second player in the world said was in perfect physical condition to play the game, and Federer won clearly because he played better, "fast and without mistakes."

"Tired? I'm tired now, before you do not. I will not lie, I played the best I could, but it was not enough tonight," said the Spaniard, who considered that it was "particularly bad" but that Federer overcame him an excellent game.

In the same way that the player did not want to put some physical problems as an excuse for defeat, he also stressed that it is one of the players who have played more games this season, and reiterated the comments before the tournament was launched on the very tight timetable for players.

"This is my seventh year being the number one or two, and I'm the one that leads to back games. And I still have the Davis Cup final and start preparing for next season," lamented Nadal.

The Spaniard will face hour Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the third and final game of the group stage of the Masters Cup, to try to reach the semifinals, "and win," he said.

"I'm calm, I know I'm doing the right thing and today I felt especially bad on the track. It is now time to sink a result: the season is good, and will remain so even the next day start to lose 6-3 6-0, "said Spanish.

Federer: "It was one of the most beautiful part of my career"

Roger Federer said after beating with authority to Spanish Rafael Nadal in the Masters Cup in London today that the party was a "most beautiful" of his career.

"It was definitely one of the most beautiful, for sure. I played a few good throughout my life, but this has been against what is probably my biggest rival," said the current number four ranking in the ATP at a press conference.

Federer beat Nadal clearly covered pavilion in the O2 Arena in London, in a game in which the Spanish failed to score a single game in the second set and did not last an hour and one minute.

"We have played many times against each other. On occasion I've derailed, as happened to Nadal today, as happened to me in Paris," said Federer.

The Swiss said that when one of the first players in the ranking goes ahead on the scoreboard, it is difficult to stop.

"Today was difficult for him. Many times that is behind on the scoreboard all starts to go wrong, while going ahead at all it works. And in a moment, you face a debacle. It is very hard" , told the Swiss player.

The fourth player in the world was "somewhat surprised" by the ease with which this night beat current number two, and said it was a duel "fantastic" for him "from the beginning to the end."

"He dominated from the baseline, I have served you well. Today I was able to do those things, and has not always worked. At other times I could also feel the power of Rafa (Nadal) and that this meeting has been amazing to me, "said the Swiss.

Federer, who won the first two games of the Masters Cup in London next Thursday will face American Mardy Fish, practically evicted from the tournament after losing tonight against Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The 'Gladiator Jávea' already has his armor for the Davis Cup final

David Ferrer is one of the four members of the Spanish team that played (along with Rafael Nadal, Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco) the Davis Cup final against Argentina from 2 to 4 December in Seville. BRAND clothing that may come on Lotto has prepared for this special event. Sneakers, T-shirt with the colors of the Spanish flag and white trousers complete the 'kit'.

David Ferrer will play their third final in Seville Davis Cup competition in which he played a total of 20 games (16-4, all singles) and 13 qualifiers since its debut in Minsk with Belarussian Vladimir Voltchkov on 10 February 2006. The Javea and starred in the 2008 final in Mar del Plata, where he opened the tie falling to David Nalbandian and where Spain won his third Salad (his first at home), and repeated 'ownership' a year later in Barcelona at the Czech Republic, where he raised an epic match against Radek Stepanek and round the 'little hand' against Tomas Berdych . This season, Javea can lift his third Salad back to Argentina.

The captain and Spanish coach, Albert Costa , trust 'Ferru' as No. 2 Spanish. The number 5 in the world is called to play on Friday against the No. 1 Argentine Juan Martin del Potro , and a hypothetical fifth game on Sunday against the number 2 albiceleste, David Nalbandian . For the occasion, Lotto, the firm that you saw him, he has prepared a special dress to wear in the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja in Seville. The Alicante already have in your closet a shirt that combines red and yellow Spanish flag Gualda with some effects on the left front and the name of 'Spain' on his back. The pants will be white and the back is the inclusion of a bat, a symbol of the shield of the city of Valencia, the club they love. The shoes, the model 'Lotto Raptor Syn Pulse', will also lead the Spanish colors both in the top (yellow symbol) and the low, highlighting the inclusion in the aforementioned bat back and the name of 'Ferru'. Everything is ready for the 'Gladiator Jávea' jump to the sand ...

Federer Nadal moved a sore head

Roger Federer turned to his best version, which made him the best player on the planet, to finalize Rafa Nadal in the fast lane. The Swiss gave no option to the Spanish and took the match in two rounds (6-3, 6-0) by investing a little over an hour.

Thus, the 'Basel Express' and is in possession of the ticket to the Masters Cup semifinals got it as a possible covered and what is living as it is, one of the best players on the planet.

An ambition rarely seen, a high percentage of first serves, very few mistakes and a hashed security on every shot to Nadal who failed to stop the play of his rival. In defense of the Balearic tennis player, he plays to remember that he paid off the upset stomach suffered in the last hours and prevented him from training in comfort and show your best tennis in the last match against Fish.

Before Federer and Nadal began to exchange blows, few could foresee what would happen. They faced the two best players on the circuit of the last decade and the show seemed assured.

As they passed the goal, Federer and Nadal confirmed his feeling was overwhelmed by the circumstances. The first service of the Swiss was constant and set about Nadal move side to side of the track to score points and break concrete balls.

At first, the pupil of Toni Nadal won his adeversario stand up, but in the second there was a Swiss cakewalk. The world number two after some point wanted to encourage merit, but Federer responded with elegant shots that only he can do on the ATP circuit.

Fortunately for Nadal, Masters Cup is not like other tournaments and next Thursday will have the opportunity to move on in the match against Tsonga, who will play to advance to the semifinals of a competition that is missing in their windows.

Juan Martin del Potro: "We have a dream and the dream of winning the Davis Cup"

Juan Martin del Potro holds the No. 1 Argentine Davis Cup team from the same previous training. Del Potro, who has signed an exquisite season, is hoping to put the finishing touch to it with the achievement of the first Salad for Argentina. He says he is training hard to get to Seville in the best possible conditions and says that before dreaming of victory, it's up to think of David Ferrer, his first opponent on the clay of La Cartuja.

Juan Martin del Potro welcomes the first days of training under the command of Tito Vazquez, although he confesses that his adaptation to the clay is slower than if it were another area of ​​play: "To me it is an area that costs me a couple of days more adaptable, but I think everything is going well, that's good that we started with training and time to be together to prepare the final. " On stage that the team will wait in Seville Argentine Del Potro expected encounter "a very slow surface, perhaps even more than he likes Rafa Nadal himself over with a cold climate. They are the conditions that put game and we go with time to adapt in time. "

Asked about a hypothetical fifth point against Nadal, 'Delpo' pulls balls out: "The match with Nadal would be on Sunday. If we get to that day with 'chance' is good, but I am thinking only of the match with Ferrer on Friday, which is what I have clearly going to play. Once you finish the first day, the arm the team captain for the rest of the series, "he says. And is that the trained Tandil doubles Wednesday "a discipline that helps me," leaving the door open to be able to play Saturday's clash. "I always say I'm ready to play what I play. Obviously I'm signed up for the 'singles' but if the captain needs me I'll be ready in the doubles. To do this I played the last tournament of the season," he says.

Del Potro did not hesitate to point out that to bring the company to fruition, you need to play at his best: "Even better than what I did to Serbia. Both myself and the group." The albiceleste concludes that "we have the dream of winning the illusion as well. I'm not going to raise the Cup because if Argentina wins will not matter who has it in hand. We are in another final and it is important to take the dimension of it. If lose, do not think you can classify the year as bad. Try to make the best series possible. "

Berdych takes off his spine with Tipsarevic

Tomas Berdych claimed his first victory in the Masters Cup in 2011 after three sets to subdue Janko Tipsarevic, replacing Andy Murray. The Czech, who was on the ropes to Novak Djokovic in the first round, saved a 'match point' before the finishing touch to your party.

Tomas Berdych went with ears laid back on Monday to the hotel after having wasted a match point against Novak Djokovic . The Czech, who watched with relief as Andy Murray decided to withdraw from the tournament yesterday because of injury, to break sweat to spare the Scots, Janko Tipsarevic , for an aggregate score of 2-6, 6-3, 7-6 (6) after two hours and twenty-six minutes in a clash took place on Center Court to the O2 Arena.

Tipsarevic was the Masters Cup debutant not seem to mind at the start of the match, which clearly exceeded his opponent with a great aggressive play from the bottom of the track and rest profunso was awarded two breaks that helped him to win the first set. However, Berdych managed to restore balance to take advantage of their service, rusty so far, and a physical display which showed in the first day. This led to the third set, a manga where the service was imposed with authority and the rest had to be resolved in the tie-break. The lottery of death he noticed a sudden he let out a Berdych 5-3 in favor to lift a ball game (5-6) at rest and sign three consecutive points to seal their first win in London.

The last points of the game is not easily forget Tipsarevic. The first, a double fault. The second, a rally from the bottom that ended with a slip that caused him to leave the mat limping and obvious pain in his ankle. In his $ 120,000 salary is already over, but their defeat leaves her chances of reaching the semifinals. For its part, Berdych has the opportunity to reach this stage and it will play next Friday against Ferrer.

Djokovic: "It was the worst game of the season"

The Serbian Novak Djokovic, world number one said after losing to David Ferrer in the Spanish Masters Cup in London which was the "worst part" of a season that had lost only four games so far.

"Give all the credit to my opponent," he said at the beginning of his press conference Djokovic, who said, however, that only Spanish resistance was planted on the concrete to the O2 Arena in London. "David (Foster) played very well, that is not in question, but I offered no resistance. I made many mistakes, I can not even see the statistics," said Djokovic, who reiterated that most players suffer from considered a season too long.

The world number one was made in the final tournament each year brings together the top eight ranked players in the physical discomfort dragging back and shoulder, although the player would not directly link his loss to any physical problem. "I can not explain it, nothing worked tonight. I could not pick up the pace to the game, just as if it had not been on the track," said Djokovic.

The world number one, winner of this year three of the four major tournaments on the circuit, said she could not name one single aspect of your game that was satisfied. "My movements, my sensations to hit the ball, anticipation on the track, everything was terrible," said the player, who in just one hour and a quarter saw the world number five earned him a second time in his career in a hard surface.

After criticism of its own performance, praised Djokovic tennis he displayed tonight David Ferrer, a player whose game "can be easily predicted: it is always focused, always in a very high level," said the Serb.

When you add up the accounts Madrid to sign an NBA star

The NBA lockout of the European leagues can turn into something like a basketball game for the Playstation. already joked Pablo Laso , but is poised to become reality. In case of cancellation of the season across the Atlantic, the stars begin to find their place in the world. Some players, with some fears about what might happen, they are already doing.

Without going any further, several U.S. officials have made ​​their lists of available players to Madrid. Rare is the day that no new offers. Among those, and those who have not called directly but have been left wanting with his statements at the Bernabeu could make an All Star
White Men Can not move parts until it is officially confirmed the cancellation of the season. So far, pretty much have to work on the continuity of Rudy Fernandez. Their franchise player is under contract with Dallas, but the lockout prevents talks with the Mavericks. Neither, however, neglect the medium term and are working on the possibility of landing an NBA star if you can not play in the U.S.. Come for Christmas. It would be an excellent gift.

All figures add up: they have 11 players on the twelfth is template-Jorge Sanz-only feature and extra Jaycee Carroll and, most importantly, no money to deal with an operation antojaría high. Have already held meetings with the finance department and no money. The budget last year has remained at around 25 million euros and more income by increasing the number of subscribers and the largest number of visitors to the parties, that are causing good data in the lockers.

Difficult to fulfill a dream
Where to fish in the river of the NBA, the goal would be a pivot. The dream of those responsible for the section by the name of Marc Gasol, who is on the table could be a multi-year contract and not only for the duration of the lockout. It is also probably the most complicated operation to undertake. In Madrid are convinced that the pivot of the Grizzlies end up in the club with his brother Pau and the Catalans will hole in their squad for both games in their ranks. Of course, the ABP maintains that the club does not have the right of first refusal on him against the opinion of the ACB and the Catalan table.

In any case, if the mother can not claim his first goal and it landed in the top club, look for an antidote. That would take all their names deck, with figures like Howard , Aldridge, Stoudemire, Nowitzki ... German is considered the plan B. Further after declaring he would hear an offer from the club proud Madrid.

Of course, that could be his companions open the doors of the club. "He's my idol and I would love to come. Play my position and I probably removed minutes, but in Madrid there is always competition in all positions," says Mirotic. For Carlos Suarez would be a unique opportunity to shoot the role of the League: "If you can, we must seize this opportunity to reinforce and add to the League more stars than there already."

Resumption of negotiations to end the 'lockout'

Talks to end the 'lockout' is resumed on Tuesday, as revealed by Yahoo! Sports . The intention of the parties is to save the Christmas party, a true classic in the NBA. On Wednesday there is a new game.

Derek Fisher has not been part of the negotiators. Remember that the basis of the Lakers is no longer next to Billy Hunter, the players' union leader (NBPA) after the dissolution of the leadership. Carmelo Anthony would have filled the gap Fisher continued Yahoo! Sports.

It is very striking how the last meeting between the parties has gone unnoticed by the media, which until Wednesday had not been aware of it.

Does this mean that secrecy we're near the end of the lockout? We'll see. What is clear is that, if not reached an agreement by Friday , it will be impossible to save the landmark meeting of December 25 .

If you seal the deal on time and the league begins on Christmas, the season would have 66 games, according to the New York Times . A league spokesman said Wednesday that since the employers have always been open to a "consensual solution to the conflict".

Joaquin Pellegrini lost three weeks

Joaquin Sanchez will be sidelined for three weeks following a 1-2 grade lesion in the rectus femoris of the quadriceps in his right leg, as reported by Malaga. The diagnosis was revealed after several medical tests performed by Andalusian after missing the last match of the day against Racing. Thus, Joaquin will miss games against Villarreal and Real Sociedad, and would be available for the clash against Osasuna.

The staff worked Espanyol on Wednesday with the novelty of Eliseu Pereira, having recovered from a physical, but missed Diego Buonanotte, with permission of the club, and Juanmi, concentrated with the U 19 in Madrid. Treatment of the injured did Jesus Gamez and Julio Baptista, while Apoño not trained suffering from gastroenteritis, and Weligton Robson Pena made specific job.

The 'double 9' is a thrashing machine

The formula of the double 9 is giving you a great result to Jose Mourinho. The pair Benzema, Higuain has become a magic potion for the Portuguese, who until recently has not stopped and there was little left rotarles to coincide in the field.

But the day of Osasuna, Mou realized that society Benzema, Higuain is a good solution. Before the Reds agreed 42 minutes on the field and Benzema scored twice. In addition, the game ended with a rout of scandal. Before the Zagreb completed his first full game and signed another three points. Karim El Pipita repeated double and scored the third . Overall in the last 132 minutes they have played together between Osasuna and Dinamo have five goals.

Before these two games, Higuain and Benzema had played just 79 minutes together. Time enough for both scored a goal being together in the field. Higuain scored against Getafe and Benzema, Barca in the return of the Super Cup. In total, the company Higuain, Benzema has scored seven goals in the 211 minutes that have played together.

Mou has all their heavy artillery in great shape. The trident of Madrid, consisting of Christian, Higuain and Benzema is a scoring machine. Between three and added 42 goals in 19 matches. 18 and the signature CR7 Pipit and Karim, 12. surpassed the previous record Pep The rout on Tuesday allowing the match Team Mou second best in its history for consecutive wins , 12 straight wins in the season 61-62, eight games League and European Cup four-from Madrid Miguel Muñoz. The best in the history of white set is 15 straight wins in the season 60-61. Furthermore, with this great sequence of wins, a record Mou than in front of Barcelona Guardiola, who won 11 in the 08-09 season.

On the other hand, the Madrid managed another record in the Champions League by becoming the fastest team that has scored four goals. He did it in 19 minutes and surpassed the record of Monaco to Galatasaray, at 25.

Raul Garrido, punishable by 2 games

The second Villarreal coach Raul Garrido, who was ejected in the match that his team played last Saturday at home against Betis, has been suspended two games by the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

As stated in the official report drawn up by the referee Muniz Fernandez Alonso, Garrido was expelled for "repeatedly and angrily protest his arms raised, my decision."

Addition, midfielder Franco Moroccan Abdelaziz Barrada, Getafe has been banned for one match.

Barre was ousted in the 62nd minute of the match Sporting Gijon-Getafe (2-1) which was played on Sunday for two bookings.

Two other players have been suspended one game for accumulation of yellow: Miguel Torres and Alvaro Getafe Racing.

Casillas will have a street named in Móstoles

Mostoles Mayor Esteban Parro, proposed on Thursday at the regular plenary session of the Corporation, the City Council approve the change of name of the Avenida de los Deportes and passed to call Iker Casillas Avenue.

"For human values, being the most capped player has worn the shirt of Spanish football and the best goalkeeper in the world" are the arguments of the mayor to the proposal.

Parro has requested support for this proposal to the municipal political groups represented and has requested the opinion to the President of Neighborhood Association El Soto and the presidents of neighboring communities of the current Avenida de los Deportes.

"For children in Spain and, in particular, Móstoles, Casillas is a mirror daily look and see reflected the hard work, spirit of sacrifice, humanity, perseverance, humility and generosity of those who have shown that you can choose to professionals achieve great things without forgetting its roots, "said the mayor.

Guardiola: "We are honored to win in San Siro"

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has emphasized that "it is never easy to win at San Siro to Milan" for what "proud" of his men's role in the victory against the Rossoneri (2-3). "We are happy for the win and first place, but more important is the public because we played for them," said the Catalan coach.

"Mr. Allegri says he is happy to have played better in the first leg. Win at San Siro, Milan, as what you want me to say ... we did a very good game in the first leg and come here and play as and well, attack and generating many scoring chances, we are proud, "he admitted. And, although he felt that the two games against the Italian team "have been very good," he reiterated the difficulty of beating Milan on home soil, "is not easy and it's an honor."

Especially with the bold defense of three men who raised Guardiola, including Gerard Pique has not been. "If you want to come to San Siro and control, or remove a defender or an attacker. Depending on the contrary I have decided to play with three fast people with legs. Of course, Gerard could have played, but I thought played well" . "It's a chance to play with three, but you put it on a scale.'ll Get more, but we play and sometimes more. We can not come to San Siro and you do not create problems. So are a great team and have a long tradition "he underlined.

Praise for Ibra
In this sense, Guardiola has praised the party that has done his former player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had their differences during his time at Barcelona, ​​and has ensured that he has not had a chance to speak. "When they throw the long ball, Ibra is unstoppable. Salta better than our defense, and is stronger. We wanted to avoid putting the ass back in defense, so much presionábamos Thiago Silva and Nesta. Has generated a lot of danger," he explained.

With respect to Italian football, Pep recalled the power of its three representatives, saying "I would like to meet again at Milan, because now we know more. My opinion of Italian football is very high, but my understanding philosophically football is different. This is a competitive animal. "

Now about your team, has ensured that his men do not play "to give shots or show of authority that are better or worse. The intention is to play a good game and better than the contrary, did not play to prove that the opinions of others are wrong. " And, in his opinion, "there is absolute certainty that other players and other equipment I would not have succeeded. They probably do with another coach."

Finally, he praised the party of Thiago, who has said he is "the most daring that has this template. Thiago love yourself, you feel pretty," he joked, ending with a reference to his assistant Tito Vilanova operated for a tumor, "Have you heard the game on radio and I know he is happy and happy."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pavlyuchenkova prepares an assault on the 'Top Ten' in Barcelona

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, ranked number 16 WTA and one of the promises of the prolific Russian quarry, has decided to move to Barcelona to be in the hands of professionals Novaelite High Performance Center, directed by Xavier Budo and Josep Maria Arenas .

Although he had emphasized during her junior, winning two of Australia Open and U.S. Open, has been this 2011 when Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova has settled among the best players in the women's tour. Their results, among which are the titles of Monterrey and the quarterfinals at Roland Garros and U.S. Open, took her to the position 13 of the WTA ranking and finish the season number 16 in the world.

The player of Samara has moved to Barcelona, ​​where he has joined the High Performance Centre Novaelite with the objective of developing a deep and extensive fitness program, physical therapy, nutrition and biomechanical analysis to optimize and improve your tennis performance. Now trained by her brother (left two months ago to work with Carlos Cuadrado ), Russian is advised by Xavier Budo (PSS Carla Suárez and Laura Pous , among others) and Alejo Macisidor (coach of Maria Jose Martinez and Silvia Soler , among other).

Murray could leave the tournament with a groin problem

Andy Murray could leave the Masters Cup in London because of a groin injury, as unveiled in the rear wheel in straight sets defeat against David Ferrer, game that required medical care after the first round.

"I have a groin problem. I have to see how it evolves to see if I continue in the tournament. There would be played if it had not been this tournament or a 'grand slam'. I did not know exactly how I would feel on the track, not I've been training hard this week, "Murray said after the meeting.

After this defeat, Britain is almost forced to beat Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych to stay alive in the tournament. "I can not decide if I go up to a minute before Wednesday's game. We'll see how I spend the night and morning to decide how to evolve," Murray resigned himself, whose place would be occupied by Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic if finally resignation.

Argentina is trained thinking of the Davis

Just eleven days after the Davis Cup final, Argentine tennis players train in Buenos Aires and the orders of Tito Vazquez with a focus on obtaining first time in its history the Davis. On Monday, in the clay courts of Tennis Club Argentino in Palermo, will be together David Nalbandian, Juan Martin del Potro, Juan Monaco, Eduardo Schwank and Juan Ignacio Chela. The Argentinians will train there until Thursday when undertaking the trip to Sevilla. All trainings will double shifts and coach Tito Vazquez have the opportunity to begin the development of strategies that face the 'Armada' Spanish.

Juan Martin del Potro is optimistic about the Davis Cup final. So said on Sunday on ESPN radio: "The end is to enjoy it, live quietly and not help thinking that is very deserving to be back in a definition, having earned visitors to Serbia in the semifinals. Obviously we will try to win Spain. If we are all able, we can play as equals and then see what happens. They are favorites, but we, with faith and hope we can win too. "
Teammate David Nalbandian will arrive on Monday in Buenos Aires after training for a few days in Cordoba. And this morning the Argentines and practice together. On Tuesday they intend to meet the press at a conference held at the sellevará Lawn Tennis. The Argentine players and the final throb.

Djokovic reaches 70 wins in 2011

Novak Djokovic made his debut with a hard-fought victory at the Masters Cup 2011 to break in three sets to Tomas Berdych, who squandered a match point. The Serbian shares the top of Group A with David Ferrer, who beat Andy Murray in the first game of the day.

Guillermo Vilas holds the record for wins in a season, reaching 130 (in 144 games played) in 1977, a year in which the Argentine won a whopping 16 titles. Fourteen years after Novak Djokovic is the absolute reference in the circuit. While you are away from the registration of 'Willy', Serbia wants to put the finishing touch to the best season of his career with the conquest of the Masters Cup, and got landmark in 2008. For now, the Belgrade has debuted with a win over Tomas Berdych , a priori 'Cinderella' in Group A, which has bowed by an aggregate score of 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3) after two hours and forty minutes of play in the meeting closed the day on Center Court to the O2 Arena.

Berdych was surprised all and sundry with a brilliant start, where he got a ride the whip that is right before a Djokovic caricature of himself. He signed the first four games on the payroll, including two breaks, and made off alarms in the Serbian box. On this occasion, there were no muscle involved. At least apparently. However, the Czech is not a strong man mentally and a couple of errors in the network were clamorous enough to doubt roamed his head. He gave one of the advantages gained, but he knew out of trouble with his serve to fasten the first round.

The road to victory began to hacérsele Berdych over too soon. Not surprisingly, Djokovic succeeded in resuming a new break and stretch the gap to 3-0. His remains deep cornered the Czech, who changed the hit winners by unforced errors. Only their services, which reached 220 km / h, seemed to keep in contention. Despite going ahead on the scoreboard, 'Nole' was not comfortable on a mat on which his right ran less than we are accustomed and sweated to manage income and equalize the contest. Few sparks of an electric player who was forced to change his dress uniform for the overall.

Ferrer destroys the myth of the fast track

David Ferrer was with a bad taste last year's O2 Arena after losing all three games of Round Robin Masters Cup. It has taken that of Jávea recover and improve this result, because in his debut in this edition has given the 'bell' to subdue Andy Murray, who had never previously won on fast track.

"The difference between the fifth and tennis top four ranking is greater than between me and 20 because only small details set us apart." These words, spoken by an ever demanding of himself David Ferrer , reflect the reality of big tournaments, Grand Slams and Masters see 1,000, that have been distributed throughout the season between Novak Djokovic , Rafael Nadal , Roger Federer and Andy Murray . Precisely the Scot has been the victim of Alicante on his debut in this year's Masters Cup to bend by an aggregate score of 6-4 and 7-5 after two hours of play in a clash played at the O2 Centre Court.

The match began with both players nervous, something Fallon. By the time they could devote to the respectable version of its best tennis and the service had been broken once each. In Ecuador began to drop their arms. Murray, whose inside is one of the most precious of the circuit, shone with his right, with whom he struck with intensity and precision for the fun of an audience as sophisticated as delivered. Ferrer, a road surface and both shots, pulled daring to climb to the network and move your rival. The work, crumb to crumb paid off and the Scots came to the final section of the set cast. Therefore, he lost his serve accuracy (only 37% of former), forcing him to 'swim against the' before one of the best circuit subtractors. The Alicante learned to be patient and put the nail to his rival at the right time.

Murray asked the therapist track entrance, lay down on Centre Court Blue and received a massage to treat their back problems and the abductor of his left leg. Although static in their movements, could return to the mat and do battle in a set full of alternatives in which the rest returned to prevail in the service. The presumed caused relaxation of David Murray saw a favorable partial 2-0, yet failed to take advantage. The pupil of Javier Piles reacted in time, put that up over the pace he had used in the opening set and regained the downside acquired. He even had two balls to get to 4-2 and service. It was Murray who again, under the lead, managed to break the service of his rival again. Despite being ahead in the score, the sensations of Dunblane were not good. He looked sideways at his box, where he encouraged his 'coach' Daniel Vallverdú and trainer Jezz Green . Ferrer, constant in his script, again set foot on the accelerator in the final stretch, where his right was running short for his rival. No longer needed. Murray, 'touched' against an opponent who does not give a single ball as lost, over 'sunk' delivering the first victory, 200 points to 29,000 euros to a high pointing Ferrer. "Beating Andy in your home, indoors, leaves me very satisfied," said the winner of walking track yet.

With this victory, David said to improve the outcome of last year in the English capital and began to lead momentarily Group A shares, in addition to Murray, with Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych .

Murray will begin the 2012 season in the tournament in Brisbane

The British tennis player Andy Murray will begin the 2012 season in the Brisbane tournament, which takes place from 1 to 8 January in Queensland, where Maria Sharapova and Serena stand on the sign Williams feminine. The world number three was delighted to debut in the tournament in Brisbane. "I've only heard good things about this event so I'm looking forward to racing in January. With the quality of the cartel of players, will be the perfect way to start my training in Australia," he said.

Moreover, the tournament director, Cameron Pearson, acknowledged he was delighted to have "one of the best players in the circuit." "It will be a great attraction for our next edition. It is wonderful to have players of this caliber and the fact that he has chosen Brisbane demonstrates the reputation it has created the tournament circuit," he said.

Besides Murray, also will debut in the event of the Antipodes, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova and Pearson is convinced that the three will become "a favorite of the fans."

No surprises in the final list for the Davis

Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco and Feliciano Lopez have been, as expected, the four players chosen by Albert Costa to be measured to Argentina in the Davis Cup final, which takes place from 2 to 4 December in Seville.

Nadal and Ferrer, currently contesting the Masters Cup in London, will be the number 1 and 2 of the Spanish team and, in principle, responsible for the individual contest. 'Merry Christmas' and complete the call and Verdasco are seen as the doubles partner.

"Marcel Granollers will be with us as the fifth man for something to happen, and Marc Lopez will join at the concentration as a 'sparring partner' to help players who are in the best possible way." Costa explained in the Club Tennis Barcino, where he has a press conference to publicize the call.

Coaches urge owners and players to end the conflict in the NBA

The union executive director of NBA coaches , Michael Goldberg has sent a letter both franchise owners and players to meet again for talks and thus end the lockout that forced the party suspended regular phase until 15 December.

Goldberg reiterated in his letter to the parties involved in this conflict to be trying to "save" this season , as it understands that no dispute "would cause a self-inflicted economic blow to a company that over the years and through hard work players, owners and employers has become a great global brand, but like any company that operates in the weak current economic climate, is likely to grow and not fall. "

After the players dissolved their union and the employers who have not negotiated , while the players have filed lawsuits against paths employers, the union's executive director of coaches believe that this break is " a huge mistake and a blow to any sport . "

" No time to lose . History has shown that all sports labor disputes are resolved in the long run. There is no doubt that all parties are concerned about their economic welfare. But all involved must think now more than their personal interests, reviewing daily financial headlines, and work with the aim of finding a negotiated solution now, "concludes the letter.

Cedric Ceballos, hospitalized for a series of minor heart attacks

The world woke up shocked the NBA. And not because they have fixed the 'lockout'. Cedric Ceballos, one of the most prolific scorers in the 90's and slam dunk contest champion in 1992 (crushed with a bandage on the eyes), is hospitalized in Phoenix after suffering a series of small heart attacks.

Former Phoenix Suns player and Los Angeles Lakers, among other equipment, is in hospital awaiting surgery to help determine the source of his heart. Ceballos, ensuring unwell, wanted to reassure everyone that has cared for him through a message on his website.

"I feel fortunate to be here in the hospital and have come in time for symptoms. I ask ye me in your prayers while I recover. From here I want to thank all who have called and have worried about me, "she wrote was the message he wrote to his fans.

Ceballos, who managed an average of 21.3 points per game in his 11 seasons in the NBA, the franchise remains linked to the Suns and is the master of ceremonies of the games the Suns play in the flag, the U.S. Airways Center .

LeBron: "I understand why people get angry when I went to Miami"

It has been over a year since LeBron announced 'The Decision' to leave the Cavaliers and go to Miami. However, many fans in Ohio are asking the same question: Why? James used his trip to England to give an interview to 'The Guardian'. A talk in which the superstar showed its most sincere and explained the reasons which led him to move to Florida and how it has survived the criticism during all this time.

"I made the decision because at that moment I thought was best. I thought it was something I was going to make you happy and also needed a change. But looking back I can understand why people are angry. Although it was never my intention "James explains in the interview. Perhaps then, if I could turn back, it would change some of the circumstances surrounding the announcement of his departure. "There are better ways to do things as I did. Above all, with the theme to announce my departure on television. I know that many people felt offended and apologize for it."

'King' James also used to talk about their former president, Dan Gibert, and the conflict he had with him since he left the franchise in Ohio. "I think Gilbert speaks from anger. I have to vindicate my decision and why his words did not take them personally. As a professional athlete will tell a lot about me, but I have to look forward." A future that does not rule out coming back the name of the Cavs. "Nothing is impossible. I love the city and I have very fond memories of the Cavaliers fans."

But that will come later. Now this is marked by the 'lockout'. LeBron has been present in some of the meetings between players and owners and, therefore, knows what stage the negotiations have broken down. "I remain optimistic that eventually there will be another season this year. Both parties are aware of how important the sport of basketball and we know that the fans are what make this possible, so without them there is nothing and no we let them down. All we want to reach an agreement. "

Whether or not this year's season, LeBron has only one goal in mind: the championship ring in the NBA. Last season it was on the verge of achieving it. Only an imperial Mavericks Nowitzki prevented that. A tough loss for which cost him recover. "It took me two days to digest what happened, but stayed with me for two months. I think it made me a better player. It has taken me to be critical of my game and work to improve and try again." Word of the 'King'.

Paul Pierce: "If I move will be to play in Spain or in Italy"

The 'lockout' keeps NBA players on edge. Your future is in the air and do not know if there will eventually be seasonal or not. Just in case some have already packed their bags and signed by foreign teams to play as long as the 'lockout'. Others prefer to wait and exhaust all avenues to try to save the season. In the latter group is Paul Pierce.

The Celtics forward remains hopeful and optimistic in the face of there season. And she said in an interview at Yahoo. "I am optimistic that there will be seasonal. People ask me every day and take two months ensures that the new agreement would be signed within two weeks. Now that I think something will happen and that can be solved. There is too much at stake" .

However, Pierce did not want to leave anything to chance but so far had not thought of playing overseas, now beginning to assess this possibility. "I'm starting to think about it. I love basketball and if the season is canceled and I finally started looking at all options. Including playing abroad. If in mid-December we have close positions, it's time making a decision, "announces the Celtics player.

A decision for which only handles two possible destinations. "If I move will be to play in Spain or Italy. I've been in both countries and have the two best leagues, "Pierce replied to the question of Internet users interested in knowing where to play.

Players pool their demands to try to gain time

After the union leadership would renounce their roles as negotiators, the players acted quickly and filed two complaints against the NBA for violating antitrust laws. One in California and one in Minnesota.

On Monday the players' lawyer, David Boies, withdrew the lawsuit filed in California and announced that the athletes were to join forces in the process that has opened in Minnesota. "It's a matter of time. It is more likely that the process is faster in Minnesota, but I think the result would be the same," Boies said after the news.

A statement with which they disagree in the league. Both the NBA and the franchise owners believe that Boies and his legal team have chosen the Minnesota court because it may be more favorable to their interests, as it was the same court that he acted in the 'lockout' of the NFL and failed to the plaintiffs. "Mr. Boies and his team have tried to transfer the process to a more friendly forum with a lawsuit that has no legal basis," said NBA executive vice president, Rick Buchanan, in a statement.

The federal court in Minnesota has been the scene of the legal battles in the NFL over the past two decades and players have signed a number of victories there. The last, last summer when Judge Susan Richard decreed that the owners had to lift the closure of the League and start the season. A great precedent for the interests of NBA players.

However, Boies insists that it is a matter of time. At first, the California court had set a hearing for February 29 , although the players' lawyers had filed a motion to advance the date. The legal representatives of the Minnesota players expect the preview will be held during the month of December. "In Minnesota are less tight schedule, plus there's a great track record of rapid resolution in cases of this kind," Boies said.

Since there are 14 players who have signed the application, among which are names like Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo or Steve Nash. A complaint that the stars of the NBA claim that "despite the efforts made ​​by the union, including concessions such as the loss of 1,000 million dollars in wages in six years, the NBA, basically, has refused to negotiate" . The League has until Dec. 5 to present their arguments before Judge Patrick Schiltz, responsible for carrying the case.

Kobe will lose a minimum of three million dollars for the 'lockout'

The 'lockout' is basically a matter of money. Given the crisis hitting the global economy, or players nor owners want to give your piece of the pie and are not willing to lose money. Without realizing that they are already losing. The owners are failing to enter everything on television rights, tickets and merchandise to the halls during games. In return, they are not having to pay the salaries of its players who are beginning to see as they leave to enter their accounts for their payroll checks.

The NBA has canceled parties until December 15 minimum. And in the U.S. and talk about that later this week if no agreement (something quite unlikely given that no negotiation), it will also lose Christmas parties. If this occurs, players would no longer charge three of the 24 payroll entering the season. That is, 12.5% ​​of their salary.

In the case of players like Kobe Bryant (the highest paid in the league), and losses would amount to more than three million dollars (3.1 exactly). Angeleno guard charges of $ 25.2 million a year. Lakers teammate Pau Gasol, to give another example, entering leave $ 2.3 million of the 18.7 that would have to charge this season.

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