Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soldado: "The hand of Albelda in the Bernabeu was not clear and whistled"f

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado, scorer of two goals in Saturday night against Real Madrid, said after the meeting that the possible penalty Higuain in the final minutes of the game "is the same performance as that of Albelda at the Bernabeu But that was pita and here. Do not want to be crying, but that's what happened, "he complained.

In addition, Valencian, former Real Madrid, sees similarities between one action and another. "The de Albelda was not clear and whistled and this has been the same and has not whistled."

Regarding the fairness of the final score (2-3), said "we lost but the team has more merit, do not say win, but tie it to the level we have given in the second part."


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