Tuesday, November 22, 2011

De la Rosa: "I know where I come from and grow with this project"

Pedro de la Rosa was introduced as a new pilot HRT, the team has signed for two seasons. The now former McLaren test driver was happy for his move and said that it is a "challenge bestial, thoughtful and above all exciting because it's Spanish."

De la Rosa admitted that negotiations with the Spanish team were long: "We have been talking about for months and I will not deny that at first I was part of the project. But meeting after meeting with Luis Perez Sala and his people saw the project was serious. "

The Spaniard gave importance to HRT is Spanish: "It is also a Spanish project and needed a Spanish rider and that would be me."

"I know where I came from but I want to grow with this project and stay. Whenever I start something, I finish it," said the pilot.

De la Rosa did not forget McLaren-Mercedes team where he has campaigned as a test driver since 2003: "I have clear that without McLaren would not be here but not only by the contractual issue but because I'm a better driver now because of them ".


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