Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Finally a car and a Spanish rider

There is some controversy over whether Hispania before, or now HRT is the first Spanish team and if your car is the first car will be driven by the Spanish national pilot De la Rosa.

The antecedent is Emilio de Villota. This team set up a self Madrid to compete in the Grand Circus. At that time, the FIA ​​allowed to buy a car from another manufacturer and compete with him. This pioneer did in 1977 acquired a McLaren M23, of course, was lower than the officer who drove James Hunt.

At that time there were many vehicles that pass a qualifying session to be part of the grill. The last time he did De Villota was in Austria in 1977. Then I tried with a March, but could not.
In contrast, the HRT car itself is considered a Spanish car, the chassis since the title says so, much as the parts not manufactured or join in Spain. The same goes for the Red Bull, which is considered Austrian though all production takes place in Milton Keynes (UK).


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