Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Djokovic reaches 70 wins in 2011

Novak Djokovic made his debut with a hard-fought victory at the Masters Cup 2011 to break in three sets to Tomas Berdych, who squandered a match point. The Serbian shares the top of Group A with David Ferrer, who beat Andy Murray in the first game of the day.

Guillermo Vilas holds the record for wins in a season, reaching 130 (in 144 games played) in 1977, a year in which the Argentine won a whopping 16 titles. Fourteen years after Novak Djokovic is the absolute reference in the circuit. While you are away from the registration of 'Willy', Serbia wants to put the finishing touch to the best season of his career with the conquest of the Masters Cup, and got landmark in 2008. For now, the Belgrade has debuted with a win over Tomas Berdych , a priori 'Cinderella' in Group A, which has bowed by an aggregate score of 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3) after two hours and forty minutes of play in the meeting closed the day on Center Court to the O2 Arena.

Berdych was surprised all and sundry with a brilliant start, where he got a ride the whip that is right before a Djokovic caricature of himself. He signed the first four games on the payroll, including two breaks, and made off alarms in the Serbian box. On this occasion, there were no muscle involved. At least apparently. However, the Czech is not a strong man mentally and a couple of errors in the network were clamorous enough to doubt roamed his head. He gave one of the advantages gained, but he knew out of trouble with his serve to fasten the first round.

The road to victory began to hacérsele Berdych over too soon. Not surprisingly, Djokovic succeeded in resuming a new break and stretch the gap to 3-0. His remains deep cornered the Czech, who changed the hit winners by unforced errors. Only their services, which reached 220 km / h, seemed to keep in contention. Despite going ahead on the scoreboard, 'Nole' was not comfortable on a mat on which his right ran less than we are accustomed and sweated to manage income and equalize the contest. Few sparks of an electric player who was forced to change his dress uniform for the overall.


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