Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"We will win the derby," they say in the locker room of the Athletic

Many years have passed, twelve specifically, since the last time Atlético conquered the Bernabeu. Before the turn of the century, with Atletico Ranieri on the bench, Atletico won 1-3 at White Coliseum. Since then, nothing. "We have to take that as a motivation, not despair. Let's play to try to change that," said Diego Ribas, one of the best players in the match against Levante.

Much has happened since then. That our protagonists Diego, Adrian and Pizzi-debuts this season with the red and white is not an obstacle to the desire for revenge know, desire, obsession is in the locker room when it crosses the Real Madrid on the way. They have not been required to play any Madrid derby to his companions, which would explain to the players, especially for the fans, win on Saturday at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Diego, one of the stars of the new Athletic, is clearly important to take the victory. The Brazilian, of course, knows that favorites are white, but does not resign, nor much less, to victory. "It's a special game, especially when you play with Atletico. We have to prepare well, know that they are the favorites, we have great respect and to have them going to win the derby."

The 22 rojiblanco not hesitate to praise the Madrid, which is stronger than last season: "It's a team that has a lot of time together and there are not many new players and in our team. When changing much time is needed. Madrid was not as good as last year is now being. They are now stronger than us, but we have high quality and we never do when we play to lose. We're going to make a great game. "

Other signings of Atletico, as is the case of Adrian, are of the opinion of Diego. It will be difficult to conquer the Bernabeu, but the intention is to add the red and whites last three points against the eternal rival: "It's always difficult to play at the Bernabeu, but we'll go flat out to try to get points there."

Pizzi, optimistic
Pizzi, who on Sunday was released as a striker in a competitive match with Atletico, is of the same opinion. The Portuguese is quite clear: "We are optimistic about the derby. The victory against Levante we will be very useful. It is a great team, but we'll go to the Bernabeu to get a good result."

People of the home as Álvaro Domínguez and Antonio Lopez not know what it is to overthrow the resident of La Castellana. The center has confessed on several occasions that one of his greatest dreams is to defeat the whites. Perea, to name one of the captains, is celebrating its eighth season in the Manzanares without tasting a single victory against Madrid.


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