Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nursing refilled in just five days

Soon the hospital has been empty of Real Zaragoza. Only five days with no player has lasted since just a week ago when the trouble started in the form of injury. First was Paulo Da Silva, who suffered a torn fibers in the Paraguayan national team training.

Then on Friday, it was his turn to Leo Franco. The Argentine noticed a puncture in the thigh to clear a ball and had to withdraw from the previous session to duel against Barcelona. It was confirmed that he suffered an injury similar to that of Da Silva and fell off the squad.

This new hamstring injury is the most repeated among the players zaragocista along so far this season. In addition to Leo Franco Da Silva and up to four players have suffered, though in different areas. So, Adam Pinter, Abraham, Mateos and Edu Oriol have had to stop a few weeks for this type of muscle injury.

Finally, Paul Alcolea, the keeper of the subsidiary and third goal of the first team, he broke a finger last Sunday and will undergo surgery, which makes Kilian Falcón goalkeeper Roberto Jimenez.

Thus, Javier Aguirre returns to stay with 17 first team players available for Sunday measured Marcelino to Sevilla.

Jorge Orti, which is tomorrow in Madrid training with the under 19, remain in the list, which Pinter could again be left out. Meanwhile, Falcon Kilian enter by the Argentinean Leo Franco.


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