Friday, November 25, 2011

Hamilton: "I have no yacht or private jet"

The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton feels "fascinated" by Roger Federer, by former South African President Nelson Mandela and singer Prince as account in an interview published by the newspaper 'L'Equipe'.

The pilot, one of the highest paid athletes, he says that "money has never been (her) motivation" and that beyond the gifts he made to his family, who bought a house and several cars, save the rest your money in the bank.

"I have no yacht or private plane. In fact, I'm not at all impressed by the money and I have no intention of squandering" he says.

As for their driving behavior, criticized for being "too aggressive", Hamilton asks: "Why would I change?" And asserts that "no good to tell others what to do."

The winner of the 2008 World explains that fame does not like, but "has positive sides," as to meet their idols. "What's amazing is that I can meet people that I love," he says, and he cites the day when Federer was asked to take a picture with him in Russia. "For me it was the world upside down," he says.

Other meetings also be excited, the 26-year notes Mandela's 90th birthday, attended a London hotel.
"It was really a special moment be faced with this man who has made ​​history," he says.

In the musical field, Hamilton tells the party night he spent with Prince in Abu Dhabi, after the Grand Prix of 2010, and following which both sent "mobile messages during the year."

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