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'Julito' Chávez in the sight of Miguel Cotto

After the triumph of Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto over Mexican Antonio Margarito speculation about who would be the next Puerto Rican rivals among likely emerge and the prospects would also Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez Jr . From August 2010 it began to consider the possibility that Mexicans will face the Puerto Rican but for the time Chavez Jr. barely campaigning at 154 pounds, now those days are past and would be very likely that both fighters will face.

'Julito' as it is called the son of so-called 'great Mexican champion', Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., is currently the WBC middleweight champion so the possibility is open for more than a Mexican, especially when the promoter Top Rank Bob Arum, announced on the morning of Sunday, at a press conference that his plan was to fight Cotto-Chavez. It is known that more than matches are determined by Top Rank's Bob Arum, so if the developer already has decided not to be doubted that soon would be facing the tough Mexican Miguel Cotto fist marking another chapter in the history of Mexican boxing rivalries and Puerto Rico. For many boxing experts to fight 'Julito' against Cotto represent a direct ticket to the Mexican defeat it, although it is well managed by his father, still believe that it is 'very green' to face more experienced fighters 'skill' as the Puerto Rican.

A Mexican more sounds from the crowd and face the possibility of Caguas, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez , who is new at 154 pounds. El Tapatio is a good option for him to fight Cotto the point almost completely rule out the promoter, Oscar de la Hoya, who has a hunted war with Bob Arum, which makes it almost impossible for this meeting in Truly, the lover of boxing hobby, pull out sparks. Cotto would undoubtedly face his executioner, Manny Pacquiao, but still the possibilities being considered Mayweather Jr. and expectations are high but the second option would be U.S. because he is on the Filipino Pacquiao. In fact De La Hoya and Arum, through their respective companies, Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank, are negotiating meeting Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

I find that others would be one of the most lucrative, to take place next year, 2012. Another name that sounds, Latino of course, is the Argentine Sergio 'Maravilla' Martinez , who is currently considered the third best fighter in the world pound for pound, unfortunately, the boxer has not been able to take advantage of this position he has held since his spectacular victory last year over Paul Williams. Argentina's rivals have fought against rivals unknown faces in the middle. Finally, two internationally renowned fighters that can be rivals are American Puerto Rican and Mexican-American Andre Berto Victor Ortiz, who will have a lucrative rematch princes of 2012. The second chapter of the fight between them will be for the IBF welterweight title held by Berto. The winner would be in a position to go to Cotto certainly.

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Juan Manuel Marquez still feel angry about the 'theft'

Juan Manuel Marquez not help but feel anger and helplessness at what happened with the judges after his fight with Manny Pacquiao . The 38-year capital said to be near the ring makes you feel bad, because "everyone knows we won the fight unless the judges. " "Being near a ring again, even if at this stage as ESPN commentator, wakes me great anger," he said to fans 'Dynamite' Marquez.

The native of Mexico City said still do not know that his career as it has an eye to realize a fourth fight with its biggest rival Manny Pacquiao. "The bottom line for me is to make the fourth fight, if there is not then I think my resignation would be close "said the fighter who was beaten by Manny Pacquiao in November. Márquez said that for fourth place before the idol contest filipino seek the fight is done on neutral ground before judges not to impose the local commission. "You can filipino being a judge, a Mexican and a neutral or it could be a fourth judge. For the first time in history, there is a fourth judge to qualify what you are seeing, "he proposed. For other names have designed for their return to Stringers, Juan Manuel ruled to be interested. "Well, Erik Morales and Brandon sounds Rivers. I know are great fighters, but do not want to step on anyone ... If Erik Morales wants the fight to follow her when she finds there looking," finalized.

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A Russian boxer dies under the blows of a fight

Russian boxer heavyweight Roman Simakov died today after being admitted in a coma for two days due to blows received during a fight for the title of World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia.

"Today at 8:45 local time Simakov died without regaining consciousness," reported the Committee on Instruction (CI) of the Sverdlovsk region (Urals).

According to preliminary data, he added, "the reason for man's death was a severe cranial trauma and a concussion."

In a desperate attempt to save the life of the boxer, the doctors gave her a burr to Simákov, 27, who died in hospital last number 24 of Yekaterinburg regional capital, where he had placed on Monday.

The CI has opened an investigation into the death of the athlete, because according to some sources, the referee should stop fighting long before Sergei Kovalyov, 28.

According to the online newspaper, Simakov collapsed in the seventh assault after receiving countless blows to the head of his opponent, before which the deceased just rightly fought for several minutes.

"I'm having a hard time. I am very sorry. I pray for him. I apologize to their families. God knows I would not wish that. Román, resist," said Kovalev, who said that after what happened it will take two months off.

Gilbert Arenas opens the amnesty clause in Orlando Magic

Orlando said it had discharged its base template to Gilbert Arenas to benefit from the new figure of the amnesty established by collective agreement. The departure of Arenas was something that was expected with the new figure of the amnesty , which allows time each team to withdraw from the luxury tax limit and pay the contract of a player.

Arenas, 29, has not made ​​any contribution to the team since he arrived last season with the Wizards transfer by Rashard Lewis. However, you still receive $ 62 million over the past three years remaining six contract he signed with the Wizards by 111 million.

Arenas last season with the Magic he averaged 21.8 minutes, 8 points and 3.2 assists, to play 49 games and only two starts. The former Orlando has undergone three knee operations in 10 seasons leading the NBA, nine with the Wizards and one with the Magic. The Agent Zero controversial star has been off the court than within .

The power forward Brandon Bass, sent to the Boston Celtics Glen Davis also number four.

Bass, 26, which begins the eighth professional season, last won the league averaging 11.2 points and 5.2 rebounds The best of his career, in his second season with Orlando. They receive in return from Davis, 25, who has four in the NBA with the Celtics last season and managed to average 11.7 points and 5.5 rebounds after 78 games and 13 play a headline.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy acknowledged that the "circus" mounted around the figure of Howard in the first training was something that was expected and also continue for a while until you define your professional future.

Dwight Howard Orlando authorized to negotiate with the Lakers, Nets and Mavericks after forbid

Dwight Howard has begun to fight him for the award Chris Paul leading the transfer market. Superman is back on everyone's lips in the U.S. and its future is in the air.

When asked in the first workout of the season about his future, center gave long, "Will you be in Orlando - I am here now," without elaborating on his intentions. The Magic know that Superman does not renew his contract, and thus become a free agent next summer and will lose without receiving anything in return.

During the afternoon of Friday, the Magic reported their intention to report to the NBA two teams to negotiate with Howard illegally . The representative of the pivot, Dan Fegan, had announced that all Yahoo Orlando gave permission for it, something the team belied. One of those teams was the New Jersey Nets, a priori leading candidates to sign the power forward .

Hours later, the franchise reported that since that time, the agents left Dwight Howard establish conversations with the Nets, the Lakers ... and a new candidate: Dallas Mavericks. With these precedents, the future of Howard is a mystery, and the rumors of his imminent transfer appear.

Tyson Chandler, the first major signing of the NBA season

The NBA market opened Friday at 20:00 Spanish time and the first moves to materialize soon. Many teams did homework ahead of time and already had several players booked in the absence of official confirmation. So far, the addition of more flashy is the Tyson Chandler from the New York Knicks.

The Dallas free agent comes to the Knicks with a four-year and 58 million. Is expected to provide defensive leadership Carmelo Anthony and Amare. Last season was a key player in the championship of the Mavericks with 10.1 points and 9.4 rebounds per game.

The runners, Miami Heat, have also been strengthened. The 'Beach Boys' have joined free agents and Ed Curry Shane Battier . Battier announced his signing on Twitter a few days before the start of the market. More striking has been the arrival of Ed Curry, who has signed a year minimum for veterans. The effort that has made ​​the pivot to lose weight and become competitive after a losing streak.

Los Angeles Clippers also fish in the champions , if signed Caron Butler. The guard has signed 24 million over three years and expects all Angeleno help them take a leap of quality and reach the playoffs.

Jamaal Magloire has become the first Canadian player playing in the Toronto Raptors . The pivot of the team will strengthen Calderon's painting. Last year was a discrete number in Miami.

The Washington Wizards have reached an agreement with Roger Mason basis for one year. According to team president of the U.S. capital: "Roger is a veteran whose presence will give us a lot of game creation and shooting, along with a large lead in the team."

Among other highlights signings exchange between Celtics and Orlando with Bass and Glen Davis , also have joined the Lakers shooter Kapono , and the signing by the Kings of Chuck Hayes. The strengthening of Sacramento has signed a 21.3 million over four years.

Lakers and New Orleans renegotiated: Pau Gasol is coming back to Houston

New Orleans and Los Lakers again try the signing of Chris Paul, which would trigger the exit route to Pau Gasol Houston Rockets. Although on Thursday the three teams involved took for granted the transfer , the NBA, as the owner of the Hornets, threw back his operation.

From the NBA's official website confirmed that the three teams looking for ways to reach an agreement satisfactory to the owners of the Hornets, who is none other than the NBA. Talks progress and is only a matter of time.

Chris Paul would become the Lakers, while Odom would sign for New Orleans. Pau Gasol would Houston Rockets relayed to three bands. From Houston, Scola, Dragic and Martin would route to Los Hornets. These movements, teams want to add a young player for the Hornets and several rounds of the draft from the Lakers, all with the intention that the NBA will accept the transfer.

The health status of Lakers owner Jerry Buss of the clock can check the times of operation, and is expected to be discharged when a few days the movement of players to materialize, even earlier. Remains to be seen if the owners of the other franchises, while co-owners of the Hornets, accept this exchange or return to 'veto on grounds of basketball' . The players union has already held that keeps waiting for the next days events before making a legal decision on the matter.

Classic Bronco Side

The Classic game tense and vibrant as any we have left over multiple scenes history of friction between the players of both teams. In recent times, with the arrival of Mourinho and the accumulation of 'party of the century' in a short period of time, the tension became unbearable. This was reflected in the field with some of the hottest moments of football history remembers. Nine expelled in the last seven Classics testify to this.

Here we review these moments with a look at those games in which Mourinho and Guardiola have faced on the bench of the two biggest teams in the country. Pure dynamite.

1 st Classic: The of the 'little hand' is also remembered for the first brawl. It started after a clash between Guardiola and Cristiano Ronaldo because he first returned the ball in the band. There was also another before the break for an elbow on Messi Carvalho. However, the party's image is Messi Ramos kick with the score 5-0, the result of impotence. You (Ramos).

2 nd Classic: The League decided. It was a game stuck, with many faults, but no collision between players out of the ordinary. (Albiol expelled).

3 º Classic: The first leg of the Champions. The party's image is the belly flop Alves Pepe. That for which have not yet agreed to decide whether the Portuguese red is well shown. The Madrid-Barcelona left us to rest in a brawl that Pinto was on the street to give it a slap to Arbeloa. It is the party of Mou press conference asking "why". (Expelled Pepe Pinto and Mourinho).

4 º Classic: The final of the Cup Party Hard by both teams. Planchazo still remembers Busquets Xabi Alonso. Something that particularly stung because the Real Madrid in the Champions League red Pepe was still very recent and Barcelona went scot-free. This clash also left image Arbeloa Villa when he was treading on the ground. (Di Maria expelled)

5 º Classic: Whoever put Barca in the final at Wembley. A party that got out of the hands to De Bleeckere and in which both teams shared a great time tow. Lass memorable peak tanks with Mascherano and Pedrito and actions of Carvalho, who flirted with the red entire match. (No expelled)

6 th Classic: The first leg of the Supercopa. Probably the less tense. Summer came in handy for both teams and did not come so revolutionized as previous ones. Pepe and Alves had another encounter, but nothing serious. (No expelled)

7 º Classic: Super who chose Barça side. The most recent, Mourinho's finger in the eye of Villanova. As in the days of mannitol, a Real player lost it out of sheer helplessness. This time it was Marcelo, who made ​​criminal entry Cesc. That led to a monumental brawl that left several expulsions and aggression of the second Madrid coach Guardiola. (Expelled Marcelo, Ozil and Villa).

No other party

It is speculated that 500 million people echoes to the Real Madrid-Barcelona on television. Perhaps the figure is overblown, but the attention that awakens the Classic can be seen in the minutes of television, paper and websites he has held in previous days. No wonder. No two teams in the world to meet so many good position to offer a show that admits little comparison.

Messi and Xavi repeated among the three candidates for the Ballon d'Or were first and second last year. In 2011 was again nominated for Cristiano Ronaldo , who won the award in 2008. It was Kaka in 2007. On the lawn at the Santiago Bernabeu will have three players who have been elected at some point as the best in the world. Also 17 participants in the last World Cup final, including 14 current world champions.

contributed 22 players to the shortlist of 55 by FIFA and the football players' union FIFPro world to set the best eleven of the year. Gives Barcelona: Valdes, Abidal, Dani Alves, Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Cesc Fabregas, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and Villa. Real Madrid: Casillas, Carvalho, Marcelo, Pepe, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Ozil, Cristiano and Benzema.

The best coaches
Jose Mourinho was elected in 2010 the best coach in the world by FIFA. In 2009 it was Pep Guardiola the IFFHS. His performance last season has given them to return to form in triplet best technicians in 2011, an honor he shared with Sir Alex Ferguson .

The behavior of both in this Champions League is immaculate, or nearly so. Real Madrid finished the group stage with a full six wins . Is the team that has achieved more points just ahead of Barcelona, ​​which yielded only a draw in Milan.

THE highest scorers
are the best in attack. In the Champions League no one has come to their records. The club has been the highest-scoring (20), followed by the set target (19). The same dynamics are in the league, where the numbers (47 and 49 goals respectively) catapulted him as the most lethal templates ahead of the goals. Only Manchester City (48 goals) can stand the pace in Europe.

Goleados LEAST
look at the statistics reveals also the security of their defenses and emphasizes the high level of their goalkeepers. Only Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Juventus showed just zagas railways in Europe. Víctor Valdés is the ruler of Zamora trophy in three consecutive seasons, four in total. Casillas was nominated as the guardamenta best in the world by IFFHS in 2010.

Barcelona has become the club's most loyal in the world with social networking. 25,118,021 people continue their day to day through Facebook or Twitter . The Real Madrid (22,816,118) and Manchester United (19,961,486) follow in this facet. Football rules the sports world.

Cristiano Ronaldo (35 million followers) is the player who draws the attention on Facebook. The Luso sweeps also on Twitter, which has five million members. It is by far the most interesting player raises. However, Messi , who has not officially Twitter mentions of crack quadruples in Portuguese.

Real Madrid is the first in the list of football clubs more money entered until July last year. He explains a Deloitte study that estimated at around 440 million euros the profits of the white club. The second is Barcelona, ​​which has increased its profits by 10% to almost 400 million.

favorites are all in the Spanish League. The feeling that transmits your domain is transferred to all corners. The pulse is maintained in the gambling houses , where they are regarded without question as the major candidates to win the Champions League. To date, the victory of Barca pays 2.85. The Real Madrid to 3.75. The rest, as elsewhere, seems to fall away.

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Khan vs Peterson Live

When Amir Khan came to the nation's capital this week after two months of training in Los Angeles, it was raining, dark and cold - really not the best climate, especially compared to Southern California.


But Khan was like coming home in Bolton, England, where such weather is normal.

The weather will be one of the things familiar to Khan, who came for the sixth defense of his title in the junior welterweight challenger's hometown Lamont Peterson on Saturday (HBO, 9:45 pm ET) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, where you expect a full house of 9,100 spectators.

In the co main, former Michigan State linebacker and now heavy prospect Seth Mitchell (23-0-1, 17 KOs) of Bandywine, MD, will make its debit on HBO against Timur Ibragimov (1/3/30, 16 KOs). The HBO telecast begins with a repeat PPV fight last week between junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito.

This Saturday December 10 from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Golden Boy Promotions and Promotions Khan presented a billboard full of explosives and convincing evidence that will lead to the expected fighting championship match Welterweight World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF), between champion Amir " King "Khan and challenger Lamont "Havoc" Peterson.


Carmelo Ezpeleta says the Jerez GP held in April 2012

"I was quite clear they were going to save GP at Jerez, but to make much noise on Twitter we have to clarify things Forza Twitter!». U.S. journalist Dennis Noyes seemed satisfied yesterday after calling into question the conclusion of the Grand Prix motorcycle Spain held at the Circuit de Jerez. The future collaborator Tele5 alerted the social network Twitter that possibility and the media took it for granted that the economic problems of the Jerez track in bankruptcy for a debt of up to 45 million euros, and the delay in time to put on sale tickets for the event, would endanger an event from Dorna, to Luciano Alonso, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Junta of Andalusia, or the actual mayor of Jerez, María José García-Pelayo, already been given as security.

Fuss was mounted in the hours of yesterday, the city of Jerez had to inform the media that quote 'biker', scheduled for April 2012 will take place. Garcia-Pelayo even had to contact Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports, the company organizing the World Championship, he made it clear that the Grand Prix, including the schedule for next season, will take place. A story that relieves much of the motorcycling fans, who even created a 'hashtag' or tag on Twitter (# GPjerez2012si) to support the appointment of Jerez.

Soderling waiver Australia Open by 'kissing disease'

"Sorry guys, but it's time to say goodbye to the Australia Open", announced on its website on Nordic player, double finalist at Roland Garros (2009 and 2010) and currently ranked 13 in the world.

Soderling not participate in a tournament since winning at Bastad final in Spanish David Ferrer on July 17. On August 31, announced he had this disease, and decided not to play the U.S. Open. Nor could he defend his title at the Masters 1000 in Paris Bercy.

Mono has affected in recent years to other players, such as Croatia's Mario Ancic (2007) and Roger Federer (2008). Ancic took almost half a year of recovery before returning to the slopes. Four years later, a chronic injury to his back forced him to retire.

Tracy McGrady continues to play and sign for the Hawks

Tracy McGrady, who is in the downhill of his career, signed a one-year contract with the Hawks.

Although players can not sign until Friday to 20:00 h. have posted on and the agreement adopted 'T-Mac', and that has leaked a relative of the veteran player with the Atlanta franchise.

'T-Mac', which has 32 years, has seen in recent seasons injuries (back problems, shoulder surgery and another in the knee) have been a drag on your game drive.

Last season he averaged 8 points and 3.5 rebounds for the Pistons.
Throughout his career McGrady was seven-time All Star, was twice the top scorer in the NBA and scored over 20 points on average for eight consecutive courses .

Since it landed in the NBA in 1997 has played for Tracy McGrady Raptors, Magic, Rockets, Knicks and Pistons, with averages of 20.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.6 assists over almost 900 games.

What Pau had been found in the Houston Rockets?

The future of Pau Gasol has been about to start seeing a new challenge in his long career as an international basketball star. A sport and a system that had led to a player who has won two NBA ring and has been champion of the world and Europe had, in his 31 years, a new outlook ahead, completely different from what has lived since arrival in Los Angeles in 2008. Three years later, before the mediation of Pau Stern returned to the stage of reconstruction. The Houston Rockets have two years without dispute the 'playoffs 'and ended last season with 43 ​​victories. Time for changes so drastically as to a possible dismantling of its workforce to qualify for something else. And there came Pau ... until David Stern has put the parking brake. Whatever happens now, the Rockets continue to seek reconstruction. Of course, without Pau Gasol.

Would it be a good destination for Pau?
sports, the Houston Rockets have a complicated picture for the next season. In the short term, the template does not seem to give much more and the rumors say that Kevin McHale does not have several of his players. Reason enough for Pau Gasol had preferred a different destination in case of leaving the Lakers. Do you positive? It is a team with chances of salary range available in this market and that the Rockets are a franchise with tradition, history and market. From there, the rest is fantasy and made ​​to leave the Lakers, the Rockets were far from one of the most attractive sports destination.

Which players have the Houston Rockets on staff?
's Farewell Scola and Kevin Martin and the arrival of Pau Gasol had a revolution brutal template for the Rockets. The current scenario that would have raised serious Pau, in sports, the less complicated.

At point guard, always waiting for more movement-that-be the Rockets have two players under contract in force. One is Kyle Lowry , an old acquaintance of Pau in the Grizzlies last season and served as the Rockets starting point guard. He started 71 games, averaged 13.5 points and 6.7 assists and has a three-year contract at a rate of over 5 million dollars annually. His deputy is Jonny Flynn , drafted by Minnesota in the same year that Ricky Rubio and with one year guaranteed contract. Comes from averaging just 5 points per game and collects $ 3.4 million.

On the outside, external rotation is completed by Chase Budinger (9.8 points per game, $ 800k), Courtney Lee (2.2 million to 8 points on average) and Terrence Williams (2.3 million). Three young players, with room for improvement but no guarantees for the future. Budinger is one of the bets of the Rockets and possibly the most interesting player on the current staffing of the Rockets, while Courtney Lee did not meet expectations last season that resulted in the Magic and Nets. With them, another rookie, Chandler Parsons and of course now Kevin Martin.

Inside, the outlook does not improve. The interiors of today, are Jordan Hill (2.8 million and 5.6 points), Patrick Patterson (2 million and 6 points), Hasheem Thabeet (5 million and only 4 minutes with the Rockets last season) and the newly drafted Marcus Morris . There had emerged the figure of Pau Gasol and there emerges the figure of a Luis Scola that after being out, "returns" to the Rockets. What assets have the Rockets? Releasing Scola and Kevin Martin, the Rockets have received outside wage to move in this free agent market opens express that tonight, but would have to reserve and use the amnesty to be eligible for another superstar. Their decisions these days will be crucial to plan for next season. They also have NBA rights Sergio Llull and promising Lithuanian power forward Donatas Motiejunas.

'Superman' Howard gives the Lakers pumpkins and decide on the Nets

The Lakers received two consecutive setbacks in their attempts to get the signings Chris Paul (Hornets) and Dwight "Superman" Howard after the first transfer was vetoed by the NBA and the second has asked the Magic send it to the Nets.

When it appeared that the preferred destination of Dwight Howard would be the Lakers, as happened with his predecessor in the Magic, the legendary Shaquille O'Neal, 'Superman' again surprised when choosing a team of the Eastern Conference.

The representatives of Howard and the Nets reported to present an offer to Magic allows the progress of their franchise player, that next season becomes a free agent.

What we also know the directors of the Magic is that Howard will not sign any contract renewal.

It is expected that later this week the transfer may be defined as Howard, in principle, does not plan to attend the team's training camp which opens on Friday, after it was ratified the new collective agreement by the owners and the players.

According to the ESPN television network, the Nets could have prepared a package to offer Magic which includes the Cuban-American power forward Brook Lopez, and two selections from the first round pick to get university has rights Rockets' previous transfers.

The Nets also could keep Hedo Turkoglu and his contract for three years and $ 34 million.

Howard's desire is to go to the Nets to play alongside Deron Williams and to launch the new area of ​​Brooklyn (New York) when starting the 2012-13 season.

Williams, who last winter called for the transfer of the Utah Jazz to reach the Nets, has spoken several times with Howard about the possibility of playing together on the same computer.

The settlement of Dallas raises the sporting value of Rudy Fernandez in the Mavericks

The Mavericks champion in 2011 could become a real lot if eventually the forecasts on its staff.

The first black dye his future in Dallas was Jose Juan Barea , a favorite of the fans and Mark Cuban. "Things do not look good in Dallas. I'm disappointed. I did not expect something to happen that way. It's frustrating that the club is doing everything possible to rejoin the team. I want to go and I think the fans want him back, I do not know what will happen. I'm not optimistic, "said Leon home base, which last year averaged 9.5 points and 3.9 assists.

The following set foot and a half out of the Mavs has been the cotizadísimo Caron Butler, who as published by the American press has been committed to the Clippers, which could form a magical trio Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon, in exchange for $ 24 million for three seasons. Butler glared at the 29 games he could play last year (15 points and 4.1 rebounds) and luxury squire and Dirk Nowitzki has overcome the serious knee injury that cut off his great season root.

Butler offers Spurs handled (21 million over four years), Nets (30 million over four years) and a sad suggestion of the Mavericks for only one season.

The third element, and the most valued and indispensable, is Tyson Chandler (10.1 points and 9.4 rebounds). The pivot is closer to playing in New York than in Dallas. A source consulted by ESPN Chandler has "a 98% chance of playing the Knicks, who are your first choice." The last offer was leaked by the Warriors Chandler, who offered a whopping $ 60 million for four seasons.

With this outlook for the Mavericks the sporting value of Rudy Fernandez, who on Saturday hoping to join the preseason , gaining weight. At least until Cuban, if you end up confirming the low Barea, Butler and Chandler, go to the free agent market with a lot of leeway within your limit of saved wages after Sueldazo of, especially, Chandler and Butler.

Today only contract with the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Brendan Haywood, Corey Brewer, Rodrigue Beaubois, Dominique Jones, Ian Mahinmi and Rudy Fernandez.

The grain output NBA Pau Gasol of the Lakers for the league not to unbalance

The same night that the owners and players ratified the agreement with individual ratings for the signing of new collective agreement, the NBA also announced that it disapproved of the agreed transfer Lakers and Hornets Chris Paul who commanded a return to Los Angeles Pau Gasol (which the Hornets wanted to send to the Rockets) and Lamar Odom.

After becoming the great news of Thursday afternoon, the agreement between the Hornets and the Lakers led a massive protest of the majority of team owners who asked the NBA commissioner, David Stern, intervene in what they considered an abuse of power by the Lakers.

More when the Hornets are a team that belongs to the NBA all-property-owners, after buying it in December 2010 the former owner George Shinn for the franchise out of New Orleans.

While NBA spokesman Mike Bass, denied that the owners had "blocked" the agreement between the Lakers and Hornets, it was never discussed at the meeting of governors, did admit that the cancellation of this was due to " basketball. "

However, the dilemma is that the new agreement has been exposed by not ensuring the competitiveness call equality Stern had claimed when defending the new economic model that wants to get the NBA.

Paul, who did not want to go in New Orleans at the conclusion of this season, will remain as a free agent and if it is passed, the Hornets will not receive anything in return and will lose their franchise player.

Farewell to the exhaust blowers in 2012

The International Federation has confirmed the changes in the technical and sporting regulations for Formula 1 World Championship next year. Besides the change in position of the exhaust pipes, rising from the floor of the car hood, is expressly limited its use for aerodynamic. That is, can not continue blowing when the pilot has the throttle up, as has happened in the past two seasons.

That limitation was on time at the Grand Prix of Great Britain, and gave Ferrari their only win of the year, showing that Red Bull and McLaren dominated the taenicide to raise performance of the car through the corners. The World can take another step towards equality in 2012.

The summary of the changes committed by the FIA ​​is as follows:

Technical Regulation

• The settings of the engine ECU (electronic control unit) and the control parameters (maps), which previously contained only within a Technical Directive, are now contained in the relevant parts of Technical Regulations.

• The exhaust pipes are strictly regulated to ensure that the gas in the car aerodynamics are kept to an absolute minimum.

• There will be a better marking of emergency switches are actuated by the stewards.

• The side impact structures will have to be subjected to a second more severe test in the crash test.

Sporting Regulations 2012:

• You can take part in preseason tests without having passed all crash tests.

• There will be a maximum running time of four hours to ensure that a long suspension does not translate into a career that could be extended up to eight hours.

• Before the safety car back to the pits, all cars will l is split and then join the back of the group, which ensures cleaning to start, without impeding slower cars to compete of the top places.

• The cars that were in the pit lane when the race was suspended, may return to join the grid in the position they were when the race was suspended.

• Drivers may not leave the track without any valid reason, ie, cutting a chicane on lap recognition or other laps to save time and fuel.

• The pilots can not return to the racing line which left the defending a position.

• One of the three test sessions will be held during the season. Before there was none.

• All decisions of the commissioners are not subject to appeal are now in one place instead of being in several places in the regulations.

• All tires for a pilot and can be used on the first day of practice grand prize. Now only allowed to use three games.

Volkswagen offers a WRC test Vettel

"There are two ads that I like to do. One is to get Sebastian Vettel for a test in one of our cars. It would be great for our sport if possible, because he is two-time F1 but it will not be easy. I also like Carlos Sainz made a career with one of our cars, "says sports Volswagen chief Kris Nissen.

The proposal conflicts with an order of Helmut Marko, Red Bull sports consultant in F1, which has banned its drivers to exhibitions in any type of vehicle this winter. Nevertheless, the coincidence between the team sponsors and team Vettel Volkswagen Raid can facilitate testing.

Vettel knows this kind of cars participating in the Race of Champions. It has already tested the Ford Focus or the Skoda Fabia, to around 300 hp.

Alonso: "The third title will come sooner rather than later"

Fernando Alonso believes that the third world title will come sooner or later and who is not obsessed with this issue after his first two seasons at Ferrari. "I know I could have more championships in my record, but you can not move forward looking back: You need to look to the future and the present. I am quite sure that this championship will come sooner rather than later, because I'm in the perfect team to get it, "said the Spaniard in an interview with the magazine 'Autosport'.

Fernando is aware that has surpassed the psychologically important 30 years, but says he is in the best shape of his career and wins left to achieve in the coming years. "I have more motivation than ever and is only a matter of time. Hopefully not many more years, because I have 30 years ... I do not know how old I'll be here. But today I'm at the peak of my career and I'm in the best team. I have no doubt that the championships will come, "says the Spanish rider.

After getting 10 podiums with a car completely away from these benefits in 2011, Alonso values ​​as higher performance when consigió the double with Renault. "I am now a much more complete driver. Perhaps, in a single round or in a particular career situation has not changed much. However, in overtaking, the start of racing, the approach to stop pens or mental preparation for the race, I think in 2005 and 2006 I was much weaker than now. "

Lotus Renault will consist of the tandem Grosjean and Raikkonen

The Frenchman Romain Grosjean formed with Kimi Raikkonen's partner Renault Lotus team drivers next season's Formula One team announced today that.

Grosjean, GP2 champion last season, was also the third driver for the team throughout the year and has proven experience. It has also made the two free practice sessions in the last two Grands Prix held in Abu Dhabi and Brazil.

"I'm happy to be one of the team's drivers in 2012 and I feel privileged to have this opportunity. Running alongside a world champion Kimi on his return to Formula One certainly help me raise my level of riding "said Grosjean.

Neymar: "Messi is the best player in the world"

Neymar, Brazilian player of Santos, said on Friday at the first press conference in Nagoya team (center) on the occasion of the Club World Championship in Japan, "Messi is the best player in the world" and compared avoided Pele.

"I came here to prove anything to anybody," said striker Neymar da Silva, 19, for which comparisons with other players, like his compatriot Pele, no sense.

"Pele is unique. A legend. I'll never be like him," he said in comments reported by the local agency Kyodo.

The Club World Cup in Japan, which began yesterday and will close on December 18, has generated much excitement at the possibility that the stars of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, and Santos, Neymar, meet in the final.

The youthful figure of Brazilians said that for the World Club, the team has been preparing "from the second half of the season."

To get used to the cold city of Nagoya, home of Brazilian coach Muricy Ramalho, scheduled for the afternoon practice to get used to their players to the climate of the area, which today recorded temperatures between 11 and 1 degrees centigrade- the coaching staff which he defined as "being inside a refrigerator."

The Saints are automatically classified as FC Barcelona to the semifinals of the Club World Cup, which will take on Monterrey Mexican or Japanese Kashiwa, after proclaiming, in June, winner of the Copa Libertadores by defeating in the final Peñarol Montevideo Uruguay.

A month ago the historic Brazilian Santos exfutbolista Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele, compared Neymar player vying for the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​with Argentine Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

On the praise of Pele, the young star of Santos would only say that all he cares about is "working hard in training every day" to make "whatever it takes to win."

"I want to leave my mark on this club and be part of the history of the Saints."

The Saints debut on December 14 in a semi-final of the competition which seeks to lift his third Intercontinental title.

"We have made our dream come true"

The Atletico Madrid youth players Javi Manquillo and Peter Martin have been seen in an interview with the club's website after his official debut mattress yesterday's defeat against Albacete, that the opportunity is in recognition of their efforts.

"We have long worked and we managed to realize our dream of his first team debut in a competitive match," say.

To Manquillo, which develops in the right side, has been a year round. Key player in the Division of Honour, is one of the most promising players of the quarry and had trained with the first team.

"The truth is that I am very happy with how things are going me this season. With my team does well the championship, the team called me and now I miss two classes to play with the first team. It is a great joy" .

"I found out when he gave the starting lineup. At first I was a little nervous, but then I felt better. The truth is that the party was complicated and we are a little strange. We must use the minutes that gives the coach as they do Koke, Pulido and Joel. And you have to be there, because the tie is open, "he said on his first match.

Peter Martin was quieter striker subsidiary that took the field on 68 minutes replacing the Portuguese Pizzi. The Malaga claims to be "very happy" for the opportunity received.

"I went to warm up with all the enthusiasm in the world. And when I jumped onto the field did not think it was my official debut with the first team but had to come from behind game. I thank you for trusting us mister"

The tip was not surprised by the attitude of his rival: "I'm used to playing teams like Albacete. They are very aggressive teams, going to shock and 200 percent more if they have a front and Atletico First Madrid ".

"They went and cast him crecidísimos reluctance, took the two chances they had and hence the result. Javi and I are both very happy but a little sad because the debut was accompanied with a win," he adds.

However, despite the adverse outcome, Manquillo believes that the mattress will be in the next round: "We have to move the tie as. We are confident to pass. The tie is open and the advantage we have is that we play at home," said.

Götze snatches the 'Golden Boy' Thiago Alcántara

The German Mario Götze, Borussia Dortmund playmaker has been recognized with the award 'Golden Boy', an award that recognizes the most promising player who has conquered Europe and ahead of Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcántara.

Götze, who at 19 is already a full international with Germany, succeeds Mario Balotelli Italian honors after a vote in which it has imposed on Thiago Alcantara, while the Belgian Eden Hazard finished third.

Barca has been close to being the second Spanish awarded the 'Golden Boy' after Cesc Fabregas recognition in 2006. In the list of winners of the prize, awarded by the Italian newspaper 'Tuttosport', also included Van der Vaart, Rooney, Messi, Aguero, Pato and Anderson.

The Classic in Argentina raises the expectation of a Boca-River

Argentina looks forward to the Classic, a party that believes his presence in the international four-Higuain, Di Maria, Messi and Mascherano, as ambassadors for the school football in this country.

The anticipation is great and the game will be broadcast live. We have announced in recent weeks and is expected to reach the audience of 5 million viewers, a figure equal to a Boca-River.

Leonardo Gabes, one of the most famous storytellers television in Argentina, says what it means for her country this classic. "We are having much impact and the party has not yet begun. The guys on the street have put their shirts Messi and Higuain, who are the two idols of our football. These days it is easy to see T-shirts Barcelona and Real Madrid the streets. "

There is expected to Higuain Mou opted for instead of Benzema to play in the eleven. The Pipit is an idol, one of the most admired and beloved players. Compete with Messi in fame and popularity. "Messi and Higuain are the ones. TO Higuain was not discussed. People will want to see on the court forever. Batistuta is compared with another of the great strikers we've had. With Messi is the same. Do not think here is not willing. "

Argentina divided
the country is divided. Discussions are surveyed, there are forecasts, collect all the information coming from Madrid and Barcelona. Strange to say that Madrid Guardiola gets stronger, but others argue that this Madrid is "pointer".

"Argentina has historically been of Real Madrid. But now, with Messi, fans have been divided. People are giving odds, but if we had to choose one, the boss is 3-3. We want to score three goals Messi and Madrid, two Higuain and a Di Maria. "

Xavi rises to six hundred

Xavi Hernandez reach six hundred games for Barcelona in the house of eternal rival. The Santiago Bernabeu will be one of the idols of the Red reaches a magic number with the Blaugrana shirt. That is far dream debut against Mallorca in the Supercup.

That August 18, 1998 Xavi came as a starter in the team of Louis van Gaal and signed as a romance presaged the elastic culé eternal. That year, the midfielder helped his team to the league title. Still present in the retina of the Barca fans his headed goal in Valladolid. Xavi saved the neck of the coach who had his debut and led his family to a run that would take them to the top of the championship.

The temple has undergone Madrid unquestionable environmental quality Catalan. 2-6 In the legend, masterfully directed Xavi roller Guardiola. However, failed to score. The Blaugrana player's talent flourishes in the form of goal when they most need their own. That day, Barcelona had enough gunpowder.

Classics decisive
comeback in the penultimate Chamartín Blaugrana in the 2003-2004 season, Xavi went to his appointment with the decisive goal. Solari had opened the scoring in the second half. However, the Barça response was immediate. Kluivert settled the tie head and Xavi, with a foreshortened unforgettable dream after a pass from Ronaldinho, did the rest of the work. Rijkaard's Barcelona did with the Classic.

At 31 years, Terrassa footballer has played 599 shocks defending the jersey he grew up . In total 42 league goals in 397 appearances, of which 361 formed as a starter. Xavi put another notch in his revolver at the Santiago Bernabeu. His leadership will lead the orchestra in a concert blaugrana number 600. Viewers are ready for anything. The architect has a pencil behind his ear.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tevez's representative to reach an agreement with Milan

Speaking to the club's television channel "Rossoneri" Galliani said he had managed to convince Tevez to give up a "mountain of money" through the meetings last night and this Tuesday in Milan (northern Italy ) with Joorabchian .

"There is an agreement with the player and have recently sent an email with a proposal to the City, free transfer-purchase (...) Yesterday and today I put some another brick to strengthen a team that I think is already formidable, "said Milan chief executive of the right hand of the club's owner, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi .

The player "had huge bonuses to the City by the English championship and the Champions League. He is not playing.'s A great player, and if I did well with us, then he would sign. Tévez wants to come with us. Half agreement is made, now awaiting the response of City, "he said.

Galliani said that Berlusconi has given its approval to the operation, "proving once again he wants very much to the colors" of Milan, and explained that their idea is that the Argentine, as happened with David Beckham , can go even to the concentration of winter equipment Dubai .

" I hope the City says yes . I chased a threat between Italy and Europe (in the competition for his signature), I can not tell you who ... But this is the first place, "said AC Milan manager.

Sports daily "Corriere dello Sport" claims on its website that the agreement between the agent of Tevez and Milan stands at 3 million salary that the player would receive until the end of the season, which would rise up to 5 million bonus over the next three seasons .

The Milanese club, champions of the "scudetto" Italian, proposes to Manchester City Tevez free loan until June 2012 and then, according to the newspaper, paying for the final tab Argentine player between 15 and 20 million euros .

"Corriere dello Sport" ensures that after the agreement between Galliani and agent of the player, Tevez himself has had a telephone conversation with the CEO of Milan, who has said he is ready to play in the Italian club and that will at once.

The desire to Tevez, former player of Boca Juniors, Corinthians , West Ham and Manchester United, to change the club goes back to last year, when December came to apply in writing directly transfer to Manchester City.

The English club refused his request and, since then, the British press has echoed many times of the alleged bad relationship between player and coach, the Italian Roberto Mancini , who had the final trigger when the striker refused to leave the bench to play 35 minutes against Bayern Munich in a match of the Champions League, earning him a fine of two weeks without pay.

The City of Silva's play against Bayern

Petrodollars are used to control England , even for a Manchester United rout that for decades has none. But transit to Europe is still a constant review to the City, which could fall eliminated the first change in the Champions League on Wednesday when the rock fails to win Bayern. If the Premier League the 'Citizens' speed quickly put cruise in Europe Manchester City is irregular .

Accustomed to subdue their rivals, some parties have forgotten that the game is based on its defense. The fantasy in attack, strength, muscle and collective solidarity have appeared intermittently in the first matches of the Champions League. In both competitions, the English built their game from David Silva , who has been a noticeable leap in quality this season. Defeated at the Allianz Arena (2-0), the City needs the win against Bayern, as against Naples, third team in contention for the classification, is irreversibly negative balance. Luckily for those of Mancini , the engine from Bavarian, Bastian Schweinsteiger , still injured , and without it, the German team has lowered its performance, linking two successive defeats in the Bundesliga with Mainz and Borussia Dortmund .

The City is unbeaten in the two competitions at Etihad Stadium-eight wins and a draw against Napoli, and facing the coolest game that Bayern and he did not play this weekend. The German team, which is mathematically first group thrashed Werder Bremen on Saturday (4-1) and returns to lead the Bundesliga. Sheikh Mansour, the billionaire owner of Manchester City, endorsed last week and returned to Roberto Mancini reiterate that the priority this season is the Premier League.

Despite prioritizing the league, the Champions League elimination would be a serious setback for a team that aspires to dominate Europe. Fortunately, the statistics support the team of Silva. In the last ten years, have fallen only three times English teams in the final round of group stage-two the Liverpool , Manchester United one.

Djokovic sets a new record profit of ATP

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, world number one has achieved a new record on the ATP Tour earnings to pocket $ 12,619,803 (about 9,407,807 euros) in prize money, up from $ 10.1 million (about 7528. 572 euros), which won last year Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in 2007.

'Nole' has made this week an extra bonus of $ 1.6 million (1.1 million) of its ten titles this season, including three 'Grand Slam' and Masters a record five 1,000.

The Belgrade, 24, exceeds the profits of Andre Agassi and ranks fourth on the career list of prizes with $ 32.8 million (about 24.4 million euro) 31.1 million (about 23 , 1 million euros) to achieve the Texan.

Federer, who holds the record profits of $ 67.4 million (50.2 million), added $ 6,369,576 (4,748,899 euros) this season. While Rafa Nadal increased his wealth in $ 7,668,214 (5,717,111 euros) for a total of $ 48.5 million (about EUR 36.1 million), surpassing the figure of Pete Sampras, 43.2 million (about 32 million euros).

Deadly start for the Lakers, three games in three days

Los Angeles Lakers will experience from the moment it's compressed schedule . The Kobe, Pau and company will debut with back to back to back ', ie, three games in three nights. The franchise angelina receive the December 25 Chicago at the legendary Christmas day will travel on 26 at Sacramento, and will play at the Staples 27 against Utah. This is complemented league start two straight over the December 31, against an opponent to be determined, and 1 January in Denver against the Nuggets.

The schedule will be made ​​official in a few hours, but Los Angeles Times has already advanced some details of the Lakers. This beginning so tight is because the 'lockout' and a season of 66 games. To make matters worse, Mike Brown will be without Bynum (if still in Los Angeles at that time) due to the five-game suspension for assaulting you have JJ Barea in the past playoffs .

Other details Angeleno has published the middle are the cities that Bryant will not see regular season this year. Due to the reduction of meetings, each franchise will play only 18 games against the other conference opponents . The Lakers will not travel to Chicago, New Jersey, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and other equipment to be determined. This is also known that Staples will not Magic.

Blake Griffin appeals to the youth of the Clippers to give the bell

The best rookie last season in the role that trust can make your team this year thanks to a season so short. Blake Griffin believes that a compressed campaign as benefiting the young teams, and youth, the Clippers. The franchise leader in Los Angeles believes that theirs are prepared to speak: "More training and more time together gives us an advantage over last year, but at the same time to be young and have many games in so little time, I have hope that gives us an advantage. "

Mr. Mate ensures that his team reach the playoffs this season, something not achieved since 2005-2006. To that end, Griffin blindly trust his team: "I believe in this goal because we are together as a team to get it. It is our goal as a team and we have to believe in it. We are healthy and have good players and confidence to do it. I like the mentality of the team, we are looking forward. "

The Clippers player never doubted he was going to fix the 'lockout': "Sometimes bad painting but at the same time he felt he was going to play and was going to fix." Griffin is aware that the agreement was better than the two bids rejected the players, but not as good as before.

The Blazers have no intention to dispose of Brandon Roy

No more rumors about Brandon Roy. The guard had been involved in numerous transfers from the announcement of the end of the 'lockout' and had even speculated withdrawal. Not at all. At least it is the intention of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Since it was made ​​public the details of the new collective agreement , the U.S. press has speculated that the franchise in Oregon use the new amnesty clause (which can cut a player, minus the salary cap) to get rid of a player who has suffered an ordeal of his knee injury and who hesitated to return to play in the NBA.

Roy, who last January underwent an operation to correct the problems that he suffered from arthritis in both knees, has worked hard since then. He returned to the court a month after the intervention and during the long summer of the NBA been crushed in the gym to strengthen your joints now that lacks cartilage.

Therefore, for all the work you've invested, Roy does not think out of Portland. And, as confirmed by the president of the franchise, the Blazers do not want to give the player.

Paul Miller confirmed to ESPN that Oregon does not intend to use the amnesty clause with Roy. And unless you suffer a serious injury in the preseason, have Roy as a fundamental part of the team. "Our plans are that Brandon is part of this team," Miller confirmed.

An opinion shared with Blazers coach Nate McMillan, who has said he is working to re-dock to Roy in computer systems and vice versa.

The Blazers are living a similar situation with Greg Oden, who made ​​him a qualified offer of 8.9 million dollars to become a restricted free agent. A bet that, given the injury history of center, expect the appropriate player staying in Portland, despite the call of the Heat. "We have shown a strong commitment to Oden and I think that the player feels he has an account pending with us, "said Chad Buchanan, general manager of the franchise.

The NBA announced the schedule for the season

The official calendar of the 66 parties that has been reduced to the 2011-2012 season was released tonight for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers as the first team will play three straight games starting next Christmas Day starting date of the competition .

The short time to complete the 66 games will mean that each of the 30 teams that are part of the NBA will have at least once to play three straight sets , and others like Atlanta Hawks will play nine games in 12 nights from the competition to start on 27 December.

The NBA season begins with five games are scheduled for Christmas Day, including that the Lakers will play in their field of Staples Center against the Chicago Bulls.

Each team is scheduled to play 48 games against their conference opponents and 18 against the other.

Matches in his lecture: 48

With 6 teams 4 times (2 home, 2 out)
With 4 teams 3 times (2 home, 1 out)
with 4 teams 3 times (1 home, 2 out)

Games against the other conference opponents: 18

With 3 teams 2 times (1 home, 1 out)
with 6 teams 1 time (at home)
With 6 teams 1 time (out)

Despite the tight schedule, the league has managed to maintain traditional dueling historical teams such as the Lakers face the Boston Celtics. The purple and gold will travel to Boston on February 9, 2012, before the Celtics begin a tour of eight games in 13 nights in March with two straight at Staples Center to also face the Clippers.

The Dallas Mavericks, champions league, and the Heat will also start the new season on Christmas Day rematch with grieving past NBA Finals, the sides meet again on March 12 in Miami.

The Nuggets are saved to welcome his former Knicks star Carmelo Anthony , but will return to Salt Lake City point guard Deron Williams, who left the Jazz to go with the New Jersey Nets. The event, on 14 January.

The Toronto Raptors, with the Spanish guard Jose Manuel Calderon, set a team record when he played 19 games in the 31 th day of January, including five in six days, which will be from 9 to January 14, 2012.

The Cavaliers have the longest tenure as local history with nine games that will play from 8 to 28 February, and one of the rivals who are going to visit will be the Heat, 17 March. The morbidity puts the return of local star LeBron James after leaving Cleveland and being repudiated by the fans.

Miami is the team the most times they will transmit their games on national television, with 16 games, split between ABC and ESPN, followed by the Lakers and Bulls 15 games each.

The Nets played on April 23 against the Sixers their last game in East Rutherford after 35 years in New Jersey before moving to new field of over 1,000 million dollars that have been built in Brooklyn.

The final phase will begin to play the same April 27 and possible seventh game of the NBA Finals is scheduled, if we were to challenge it on 26 June.

David Stern asked forgiveness in a letter to fans

David Stern has wanted to reach fans and empathize with them via e-mail. The commissioner of the NBA has sent a letter to fans of the best league in the world apologizing for the 'lockout' and appreciated the support and patience with the best league in the world during these months so hard.

Stern hopes that fans will enjoy the competition this year, and promises to be very exciting. The chief executive of the NBA has taken the letter to justify the competitiveness of the new collective agreement after months of dispute.

Dear fans,

On behalf of the NBA family want to thank your patience and support during the past few months. The new collective agreement is designed to try to make our league more competitive, to reward the performances of our players and give more strength to the competition by improving its economy. We believe this agreement will benefit our teams, players and most importantly the fans to make the NBA stronger.

In the days and weeks ahead, we all hope you enjoy the start of the season: the market, the first practice and preseason games. Each NBA team will organize special events for fans, stay tuned to the web, Facebook and Twitter for your favorite team for details. This season we hope to give you much more than all those reasons why you like NBA basketball, competition amazing, tremendous excitement and constant work and dedication of the best athletes in the world.

Thank you very much for being fond of the NBA. I hope you enjoy the season, which I promise will be the most exciting.

David Stern

The Lakers are seriously by Dwight Howard and Chris Paul ... In exchange for Pau Gasol?

The news that the Lakers could declare transferable to all its staff , except the untouchable Kobe Bryant, to address the transfer of Chris Paul (Hornets) and Dwight Howard (Magic) , was the most talked-about scene baloncestístico day.

A few hours after leaving the light this option is gaining strength the 'Superman' Howard Bellows and loses some of Chris Paul, pointing more to Clippers (Eric Bledsoe, Al-Farouq Aminu, Chris and a first round pick 2012), Celtics (Rajon Rondo, MarShon Brooks, Avery Bradley and a first round pick 2012) and Warriors (Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson).

By 'CP3', as covered in numerous U.S. media and to, the Lakers' Lamar Odom Firm offers, Andrew Bynum ... or Pau Gasol, a bid is not greedy enough for the franchise in New Orleans.

The proposal for 'Superman', also published on, may be similar, and would also include Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum ... or Pau Gasol.

Alex Kennedy, 'hoopsworld', says the Lakers are already in contact with Hornets and Magic to try to close a double operation that could change the history of the NBA in the next five years.

The transfer of Chris Paul has become a public auction to the many franchises that have come despite the rumors about the poor state of the knee of the base, while in the case of Howard the Lakers seem best placed in the case Magic decide that detach from the 'five' most dominant point in the NBA.

Do not forget the flirtations of 'Superman' with the Lakers in recent months.

Barea of ​​the Mavs go out and clarifies the outlook for Rudy

The current NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks, have many fronts for next Friday, when you open the transfer window period and renewals in the NBA. Mark Cuban's franchise has six players on the free agent market and all of them without restrictions. Now it depends on what the Mavericks want to do with these players. It seems the answer is they will do little, if anything.

Except in the case of DeShawn Stevenson (Jason Terry, the 'boss' of clothing, has publicly called for its renewal), the remaining outstanding players of his future are outside the Mavs. Tyson Chandler and Caron Butler and noted for days Dallas looked out of next season. And now he has been the home base of Leon, Jose Juan Barea , who has stated that he is not optimistic about their future in the Mavericks.

"Things do not look good in Dallas," said Puerto Rican player in an interview with ESPN. "I'm disappointed. I do not expect something to happen that way. It's frustrating that the club is doing everything possible to rejoin the team. I want to go and I think the fans want him back, but do not know what will happen. I'm not optimistic, "he said.

Barea output (sounds for teams like the Lakers or Heat), with the most likely to secure Butler and Stojakovic, explains Rudy the future of the franchise in Texas. The team of Mavericks would be lame in external positions, allowing the Spanish guard have more prominence in the template and opt for a better contract next season, when he becomes a free agent.

According to ESPN's own notes, all movements of the Texas franchise move in the same direction. Cuban would be willing to let go of three of the key pieces of equipment (Barea, Butler and Chandler) to release its payroll and try the signing of Deron Williams, a dream of Mark Cuban already has said he will not sign the contract extension with the Nets.

"Next year will not be a walk in the park"

Sebastian Vettel gave an overview of the season that won her second world title with 11 wins and 15 poles. The German spoke at length during the annual awards British magazine Autosport awarded to the best of racing.

"It will be difficult to repeat these successes. We made very few mistakes this year, we've hardly had a failure, and that's not always easy. But we will do our best. We will catch and everything is as tight as has happened several times this year" said the German.

He believes it will be difficult to match a season that has signed this year. "It will be difficult to make as few mistakes," he said. "It's hard not to miss especially when you push the envelope," he said. "We've had great success the last two seasons and it would be uncommon to face the season saying we just want to finish in the points. Of course it is clear that we want to defend the title," he added.

He also knows how to evaluate their performance in a year masterful round. "There has been many seasons like the last," he said. "We will work hard to try to improve what we have achieved this year," he said.

And do not believe that 2012 will be something like what happened in this 2011. "Last year we had a competitive car. This year we have a competitive team. We have done things differently and better," he added. "But the competition next year will be higher. There will be a walk in the park. "

20 Grand Prix was held in 2012

The World Motor Sport Council (International Automobile Federation) has confirmed the official calendar for 2012, there will be no change from the previous program which was published in August.

There are doubts about the United States Grand Prix in Austin, he has found financial problems in recent months. Also on the Bahrain Grand Prix, suspended last year by civil unrest in protest against the government. Nevertheless, there have been no changes.

The two Spanish races remain intact. The Grand Prix of Spain will take place at Montmelo on May 13, while the Grand Prix of Europe will take place at the Valencia Street Circuit on 24 June. Both tests tieenes two years with his presence secured, as Bernie Ecclestone confirmed in the final round MARK this year in Brazil.

2012 F1 World Championship calendar:

1 Australia 18 March
25 March 2 Malaysia
3 China April 15
April 22 April Bahrain
May Spain 13 May
Monaco May 27 June
7 June 10 Canada
8 Europe 24 June
9 July 8 UK
10 Germany 22 July
11 July 29 Hungary
12 Belgium September 2
13 Italy September 9
September 23 14 Singapore
15 Japan October 7
October 14 16 Korea
17 India 28 October
18 November 4 Abu Dhabi
United States 19 November 18
20 Brazil November 25

Messi: "A win against Real Madrid would be a blow to morale"

FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said the possibility of "a stroke of mind for the rest of the year" at Real Madrid if your computer gets a "good result" in the 'classic' next Saturday, while it has expressed his satisfaction for being a finalist for the 'Golden Ball' although most will "matters is that the team win games and titles."

"It will be a very nice game. Obviously, it is very important to get a good result, and if that happens it will be a blow to morale for the rest of the year. If the opposite happens, we will not have time to relax because it is the trip to Japan, which is very important to us, "said Messi, on the match against Real Madrid, in an interview to ''.

Regarding the tactical picture used at the Bernabeu Pep Guardiola, the 'Flea' recalled that the "3-4-3 means having more people in the midfield which is what the coach wants to try to get the ball more." In this sense, the club are convinced that "possession is the key to do harm and not to do" so that "having an extra man in midfield allows it to be easier."

The strength of the club, the experience

To Messi, one of the weapons of his team in the 'classic' next Saturday will be the joint cumulative experience. "We already know much of the Barcelona players. Long ago we played together and practically know where the ball will go two or three passes in advance," he analyzed.

Regarding Guardiola, Argentina explained that his "conduct is essential, not only on the day to day but on how to prepare the parties" to keep players' motivated the most "important qualities as well as his" attention to details "that marked" a big difference. "

"For example, when he arrived decided we started to eat at the club, that doctors were more aware of us and control us, as well as the physio. That was a big difference and has made us much stronger individually and together, he said.

Flattered by the Golden Ball

Moreover, this Monday has been known that the Argentine chooses her third Golden Ball '. "As I always, it is nice to receive individual awards and all this that is very important, very prestigious, but what interests me most is the team to win games and titles," explained the matter.

Just the next trophy this month could reach if the club fulfills its role of favorite in the Club World Cup, Messi faces with "eager to revive and to celebrate the same way." "The responsibility we always win," he warned in order to "an important event" in Asian lands.

"I think we have time to adapt. Let a few days before, we used to, especially me, for travel to Argentina and South America, so there should be no problem. We know our capabilities and how far we get on the court. True that many parties, it is never easy to play as often and do it at the highest level, "he said.

Blatter calls for technology to prevent ghost goal

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, said that currently are experimenting with technology to prevent phantom goals, because you should not repeat what happened in South Africa 2010, revealed in an interview published today in the Italian daily "La Gazzetta dello Sport".

The International Board of FIFA will decide in March 2012 whether to adopt a system that allows referees to clarify moves beyond the human eye, said Blatter, who said that a system must be "immediate, reliable and uncomplicated."

"FIFA can not accept a repeat of what has happened in South Africa where a balloon that was 70 inches inside, he was out," Blatter said in reference to the action of Frank Lampard in the match between England against Germany, which led to the elimination of the British.

Faced with the proposal of the president of UEFA, Michel Platini, to incorporate referees to monitor areas, Blatter believes it is "a brilliant idea, but expensive."

"Arbitrators are not Linieres" he said, while wondering how many federations can afford to have five referees, while noting that the technology "is less expensive."

"Either way would have to choose between one of two alternatives because the two together is difficult," said

On the other hand, the FIFA president spoke out against the current calendar, which he said is "unsustainable," adding that in this debate "nobody thinks about the players."

Over the next European Blatter said his favorites are the two finalists of last year, but opted for Spain.

"He's a technical game, fast and attractive. It is wonderful that football is an expression of culture. Each team should play like live your people," said Blatter.

Facing the upcoming derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Blatter admitted: "My love for Real Madrid is known: for white, that's when I played I Visp and because it is among the founders of FIFA."

X-Files: Ze Castro

What Zé Castro starts to become an X-File The Portuguese player had to re-order the change in the match against Valladolid to notice that you loaded the hamstrings of the left leg.

It is not the first time this happens this season. In fact, the Luso player so complete has only been able to play a game so far in league championship. It was before the Hercules, the Riazor stadium. And it was on 4 September.

Since then, Zé Castro went home four times, and all had to leave the pitch before the end of the shock by physical problems. It happened in Copa del Rey against Alcoyano, and in front of the Guadalajara League Week 7, and also in the last two games against Almeria and Valladolid.

These are not serious injuries. They are just cramps that keep you from playing again. Zé Castro has admitted he does not know the reason for these setbacks, but prefers to be replaced if it upsets rather than force, because it considers detrimental to the team not being in perfect condition.
The services Doctors also do not know where they came from his physical problems. The player tries to explain its lack of continuity in recent years, but it is not hundred percent sure.

Llorente's knee is in suspense Athletic

The left knee of Fernando Llorente is still of concern, grave concern also at the heart of the Athletic. The joint is sore and red and white 9 right now is unpredictable to say when it will be able to play again.

The main premise is fundamental to recover Atletico striker is to extinguish the pain that accompanies it in a while, or at least it is bearable so you can run normally.

At the moment, Fernando could not travel to Mallorca on Saturday after Thursday during the warm-up match against the Slovan, return to intensify the discomfort in his left knee, which did not prevent disputes in the first half of the game , but rather diminished its powers, as was proved at this time that was on the pitch.

After being ruled out for the match against Mallorca, Fernando revealed through a social network that not only the pain had not diminished, but had grown up yet since the game against Granada.

And is that the problem experienced by the International Athletic striker, a condriopatía left knee patella, has a complicated solution. Really the only thing that looks can make the pain go away would be that the player had a prolonged period of rest, a break that would restore some normalcy to the affected area, but seeing how the calendar is the Christmas break until the issue seems complicated.

At the moment, Fernando yesterday afternoon not even appear on the practice field. Continued under the care of the club physios to try to minimize the pain of the injury.

Critical Care
In addition, Fernando also devotes much of her time to recover physically, not just his knee, but his muscles in general. It does so through customized sessions, and very intense physiotherapy treatment and to get in the best parties, which are not few.
The Rincón de Soto striker strives each day in endless recovery meetings with to try to have his huge hulk always in the best position to help the team on the field.

92 consecutive games
and a faith that has. Not surprisingly, Fernando Llorente has been more than two full years, since November 2009 without losing a single league match, a fact unprecedented in modern football.

Until last Sunday had played in 79 consecutive league games, but they must unite Cup matches and continental competition to complete the not inconsiderable amount of 92 consecutive competitive matches with Athletic. Also continues to attend regularly at the call of Vicente Del Bosque, since it is a fixture in the calls for the Spanish team, which can be said without fear of error is enormous wear. Now, his knee has had enough and this is in suspense Athletic.

Marcelo Bielsa is pending on the status of it to raise the upcoming matches. It seems clear that next Thursday will not travel to Oviedo for the Cup meeting and will wait to see how it evolves in the coming hours to see if they can be ready for Sunday's game in league against Racing.

The changing role of the "players lift '

It is not easy to succeed in a large, even for players who have the conditions necessary to achieve it. Adapting to another culture, language, Mr confidence, one's attitude or just luck, can truncate the career of a player that the heat of the spotlight recently, in many cases, to undermine their performance after excelled in a modest. Some stay in the attempt, while others decide to seek a favorable outcome to recover the lost credit.

The Spanish Bojan, Gourcuff, Podolski, Hultelaar and Giovinco are some examples of this theory. The French case is very representative Gourcuff. The young midfielder signed for Olympique glamorous curdle AC Milan after three fantastic years at Rennes. Despite a promising start, the Morbihan not work in the famous square and had to seek accommodation in Bordeaux, where he won the league and was one of the most important players of all Bordeaux. Today is one of the stars of Olympique Lyon.

A similar case is what happened to Bojan. The Barça squad did not come true in a modest, although it did in all ranks of FC Barcelona, ​​and even went to flash the first team during the season Rijkaard. With Guardiola dwarfed his role so he packed his bags for Rome, where it seems to be regaining the level of the best evenings at the Camp Nou.

A long list
Something similar happened to Giovinco and Podolski. The first came after the Juventus half love Italy with a fantastic season at Empoli. It took the leap to assimilate large, so that had to sign for Parma to re-key feel. Now also has won the international rating after his appearances for his country. Podolski, meanwhile, looked to Germany as he left a bittersweet at Bayern. The Pole has had to return to Cologne, the club he left to play with the Bavarians, to regain their self-esteem and relevance.

Klaas Huntelaar's situation is even more bizarre. Despite breaking records in the Eredivisie, the striker did not quite convince in his brief experience in Real Madrid and Milan, so they decided to lower their aspirations signed for Schalke Raul. They have returned the hunter license. Did you press? A lack of confidence? Lucky? There are several reasons that can unite these players have to press the down button in the elevator to smile again.

Messi and Guardiola favorite readers for the Golden Ball gala

Leo Messi and Pep Guardiola is for users of the best player and coach in 2011. The survey, which is still active, positions them as the favorites to pack the prizes that FIFA will present the next January in Golden Gala Ball

In the area of player , for 40.1% of more than 86,000 readers who voted say that Messi season's award entitles him, followed closely by Cristiano Ronaldo (37.3%) and a little more away, from Xavi (22.6%), the three finalists.

The difference between the candidates is greater in choosing the best coach . Pep Guardiola stands out with 55.6% of the choices made ​​by more than 40,000 users. Mourinho is second (42.9%) and Alex Ferguson (1.5%), who seems hardly counts in the fight.

The Decalogue Mou Barca to win

Learn as much of the past and present. Jose Mourinho intends to rescue the best of Real Madrid in the last Classic and prop with the virtues that have made him an outstanding leader of the League. In his notes contained in the Ten Commandments that highlights the absolute need for involvement of both the computer and the crowd.

The Decalogue of Mou

1. Not conceding a goal or at least the first game.
2. The public to the Bernabeu all hell.
3. Forget the referee. Beware of cards.
4. Leveraging the strength of the aerial target.
5. We must not lose sight of the ball for a second.
6. Seal up the space, staggered markings.
7. Intensity, pressure, vertical and rhythm.
8. Extreme exertion and mobility to exhaust the club.
9. Concentration and coordination of movement.
10. Self-esteem. should not play with anxiety.

Xavi: "I guess this year we will play Real Madrid face to face"

Xavi Hernandez conveyed the happiness of the Barca dressing room after the return of Tito Villanova 's practice at Barcelona. Barca midfielder said in a news conference it was "the best news possible," as well as "extra motivation" facing the clash at the Bernabeu.

"Tito is a positive kind, humble and has given us an excellent talk. This is great news, a great surprise to us all," said Xavi.

The brain of Barcelona and Madrid acknowledged that this selection is the most feared of recent years, but also insisted that nothing happens in the Bernabeu is final: "In the last three or four years is coming to Classic better, but I remember as once we were 21 points behind Madrid and almost beat them at the Bernabeu. The Classics have nothing to do with the classification or with each other as they arrive. For us it would be a turning point win there. "

If you had to choose, rather than Madrid Xavi posed a courageous game. "I like to play an open game, which saw the potential of both teams. But I do not decide, or on one side or the other"

"Last year I was critical of Madrid as the parties raised against us, but I guess this time it was seen in the Super Cup, will want to play us one on one, pressing up ... not like last season" he said.

A collation of this, Xavi insisted that the crash is expected that after only sports-related talk. "In the last Classic has spoken over refereeing decisions, kick ... and that's unfortunate for football."

Happy for the quarry
as squad, Xavi is authorized to speak in first person what a kid feels when he jumps for the first time at Camp Nou. So, too, was the first surprised by the level on Tuesday showed the team players against BATE in the Champions League.

"I would like to be on the lawn yesterday. It's wonderful quarry we have and the commitment to coach them. Everyone had a great time: they, the public, the players do not play ... You see them a natural different, better, when we had those who went before, "said Xavi.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UFC 140: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

This Saturday December 10 in Toronto, Canada, is hosting a big event where UFC heavyweight title is played between the champion, Jon "Bones" Jones, and challenger Lyoto Machida Brazilian.

Also in action will be three former UFC champion, Tito Ortiz, Frank Mir and Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira.

This event is part of the activities of the organization to close the month of December, culminating with the UFC 141 on December 30 in Las Vegas with the bout between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem.


Returning to the fight on Saturday, Jones is closing a spectacular year having expired without problems, and always before the deadline, Ryan Bader, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (title) and Rampage Jackson.

His opponent this time is former champion Machida, who until May 2010 seemed invincible before falling to Rua in Montreal.

The chess match comes this interesting and difficult to decipher, since they face the physical power of magic champion and Brazilian karate counterattack.

Jones (14-1) in his career has seemed to be invincible, with his only loss by disqualification, while Matt Hamill beat up. Lyoto, on the other hand, is a Brazilian legend and has only lost 2 times in the UFC, Rua and Rampage before, in a very closed cmobate.

The favorite is the champion, but we have learned in this sport than in any time a blow can kill you.

The co-feature brings the rematch between Mir Cuban (15-5) and the Brazilian Nogueira (01/06/33). They met in 2008 and Minotauro Mir knocked out in the second assault to get the super heavyweight interim title.

Both are veterans of the Octagon, the Brazilian legend in Pride, and a win could approach the throne of Junior dos Santos.

This battle is between two warriors specialists in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but I have the impression that Mir's fists are stronger, so you'll have to see how this fight unfolds.

Another main card fights is the one with Tito Ortiz enfrenatndo (01/09/17) and Nogueira's twin brother, Antonio Rogerio "Minotouro" Nogueira (19-5). Tito is losing to Rashad Evans last September, while Nogueira comes after two consecutive losses to Ryan Bader and Phil Davis.

Toronto has already broken attendance records in North America in May, when 55,000 people saw Georges St-Pierre defend his welterweight title on Saturday and expect more than 20 thousand people at the Rogers Center.

With the history and tradition of mixed martial arts in Canada there is no doubt that the event is a success and that the warriors who enter the octagon to shine.

My favorite, Jones, Mir and Ortiz, although I have of course I'm betting against three Brazilian fighters. Well, at least not Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva ...

Brazilian flavor with Nogueira and Machida, Tito Ortiz Mexican, Cuban Mir and party with this great card in a great country for this sport. Low temperatures in the city, but very high in the octagon.

We'll see ...


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