Friday, December 9, 2011

Farewell to the exhaust blowers in 2012

The International Federation has confirmed the changes in the technical and sporting regulations for Formula 1 World Championship next year. Besides the change in position of the exhaust pipes, rising from the floor of the car hood, is expressly limited its use for aerodynamic. That is, can not continue blowing when the pilot has the throttle up, as has happened in the past two seasons.

That limitation was on time at the Grand Prix of Great Britain, and gave Ferrari their only win of the year, showing that Red Bull and McLaren dominated the taenicide to raise performance of the car through the corners. The World can take another step towards equality in 2012.

The summary of the changes committed by the FIA ​​is as follows:

Technical Regulation

• The settings of the engine ECU (electronic control unit) and the control parameters (maps), which previously contained only within a Technical Directive, are now contained in the relevant parts of Technical Regulations.

• The exhaust pipes are strictly regulated to ensure that the gas in the car aerodynamics are kept to an absolute minimum.

• There will be a better marking of emergency switches are actuated by the stewards.

• The side impact structures will have to be subjected to a second more severe test in the crash test.

Sporting Regulations 2012:

• You can take part in preseason tests without having passed all crash tests.

• There will be a maximum running time of four hours to ensure that a long suspension does not translate into a career that could be extended up to eight hours.

• Before the safety car back to the pits, all cars will l is split and then join the back of the group, which ensures cleaning to start, without impeding slower cars to compete of the top places.

• The cars that were in the pit lane when the race was suspended, may return to join the grid in the position they were when the race was suspended.

• Drivers may not leave the track without any valid reason, ie, cutting a chicane on lap recognition or other laps to save time and fuel.

• The pilots can not return to the racing line which left the defending a position.

• One of the three test sessions will be held during the season. Before there was none.

• All decisions of the commissioners are not subject to appeal are now in one place instead of being in several places in the regulations.

• All tires for a pilot and can be used on the first day of practice grand prize. Now only allowed to use three games.


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