Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Decalogue Mou Barca to win

Learn as much of the past and present. Jose Mourinho intends to rescue the best of Real Madrid in the last Classic and prop with the virtues that have made him an outstanding leader of the League. In his notes contained in the Ten Commandments that highlights the absolute need for involvement of both the computer and the crowd.

The Decalogue of Mou

1. Not conceding a goal or at least the first game.
2. The public to the Bernabeu all hell.
3. Forget the referee. Beware of cards.
4. Leveraging the strength of the aerial target.
5. We must not lose sight of the ball for a second.
6. Seal up the space, staggered markings.
7. Intensity, pressure, vertical and rhythm.
8. Extreme exertion and mobility to exhaust the club.
9. Concentration and coordination of movement.
10. Self-esteem. should not play with anxiety.


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