Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Mercedes faces "with the clear intention to move forward"

The Mercedes team principal GP, Ross Brawn, has ensured that his team must present "clear ambition to move on the grid" of Formula 1 next season, which have "for some time focused on the challenge of 2012. "

"In the factory we have focused for some time in 2012 and challenge our clear ambition is to advance the grid next year," said Brawn, conveying the ambition of the team after finishing fourth in the constructors' recent World behind Red Bull, McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari.

In addition, the team responsible for the plan is revealed that his brand new car during the second practice session for the next season, to be held in Barcelona on 21 February.

"We believe that the decision to start working with the car in the second workout is optimal in our program. As always, the development work in winter is very important to find the performance in the factory," he said.


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