Monday, December 5, 2011

Kevin Love: "We are very fortunate to have a player like Ricky"

Basketball regains its pulse in the U.S.. Gradually, the players go back to his training, in order to be prepared when on Friday officially announce the end of the 'lockout'. Since last November 30 facilities opened the NBA teams, players have appeared to make contact with its tennis and peers ahead of a season to be played against the clock.

One of the last to return 'home' was Kevin Love , who last coached for the first time Sunday in the facilities of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The pivot back to the Twin Cities in a state of an exception, with 11 kilos less than usual and willing to do anything to lead the Wolves to the top. That is your goal for a player who last season averaged over 20 points and 15 rebounds per game.

Forgotten your problems with his former coach, Kurt Rambis, Love is focused on the new season and adjust to their new colleagues. Especially Ricky Rubio . "We are very fortunate to have a player like Ricky. 's going to be a key to the future of the franchise, "said Love about his new partner. It is not the first time Love is full of praise for Ricky .

But the Spanish base is not the only new one of the templates youngest NBA. So is the number 2 draft pick, Derrick Williams, and coach Rick Adelman. A 'roster' new that has a long future ahead. "We are a young team. We must be able to attach and grow together. We will build a new team and I think we've taken a big step in this direction with the hiring of a coach like Adelman."

Love knows that the season will not be easy. Time is against and have much work ahead to try to assemble all the pieces of the new puzzle. So do not want anything to distract you from your work. The pivot contract ends this season and the Wolves want to ensure continuity as the cornerstone of your project. However, Love is in no hurry. He is happy in Minnesota and its priority is to renew, but at the end of the season. Now he just wants to play.


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