Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lakers and New Orleans renegotiated: Pau Gasol is coming back to Houston

New Orleans and Los Lakers again try the signing of Chris Paul, which would trigger the exit route to Pau Gasol Houston Rockets. Although on Thursday the three teams involved took for granted the transfer , the NBA, as the owner of the Hornets, threw back his operation.

From the NBA's official website confirmed that the three teams looking for ways to reach an agreement satisfactory to the owners of the Hornets, who is none other than the NBA. Talks progress and is only a matter of time.

Chris Paul would become the Lakers, while Odom would sign for New Orleans. Pau Gasol would Houston Rockets relayed to three bands. From Houston, Scola, Dragic and Martin would route to Los Hornets. These movements, teams want to add a young player for the Hornets and several rounds of the draft from the Lakers, all with the intention that the NBA will accept the transfer.

The health status of Lakers owner Jerry Buss of the clock can check the times of operation, and is expected to be discharged when a few days the movement of players to materialize, even earlier. Remains to be seen if the owners of the other franchises, while co-owners of the Hornets, accept this exchange or return to 'veto on grounds of basketball' . The players union has already held that keeps waiting for the next days events before making a legal decision on the matter.


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