Monday, December 5, 2011

Generational Change in the Spanish team of Davis Cup

"It is difficult for this generation re-match. Closes a cycle. Farewell." This categorical statement is surprising to door saying goodbye to the fans in Seville Ferrer yet to door. Directly and indirectly, the Spanish Davis Cup team has hinted after winning the fifth Salad for Spain that generational change is a reality. Nadal, Ferrer, Verdasco and Feliciano will not be in the Spanish Davis Cup team next year.

The quartet that played at the end of 2011 in La Cartuja in Seville, the youngest of this generation (25 years) is Rafael Nadal , banner and icon of the Spanish tennis right now. Since his debut in Davis Cup in 2004 against the Czech Republic, collects the Spaniard contested 14 rounds with a wealth of 22-5 (20-1 in singles). "Next year I will not play because it's a tough year to have the Olympic Games. I have spent years being one of the players with most appearances throughout the year and not play tournaments that I touched, so I can not that in a year as loaded as the next to play this competition. Then we'll talk about the next few years. Thankfully Spain has a wealth of great players that we can replace and very well, "the Spaniard said at a press conference . Of course, made ​​it clear he wants to be in London in 2012: "Everyone wants to be in the Olympics! They can only go four, but I hope it's one of them. If not, you'll see on television," he added humor.

"If it is Rafa in the Games, will give a wild card," said David Ferrer to join the touch of humor. The Jávea not play next year's Davis Cup. The number 5 in the world is a fixture on this team since it debuted in Belarus in 2006. Signature baggage 17-4 (all singles matches) in 14 rounds at his back. Also nearby are the thirty (29 years) and has before it a good opportunity to aspire to higher levels at the individual level. "In Spain, we represent each week, but it is true that in Davis Cup and Olympic Games in a special way. I want to be in London next year, but I see that we can gather hard to play the Davis because we have very tight schedule individual with a considerable amount of games.'s age shows in the physical and it is time to reflect. "

The oldest (30 years) and who earlier debuted with the national team they have played the final in La Cartuja is Feliciano Lopez . The Toledo first pulled on the elastic rojigualda in Davis Cup final in 2003 in which Spain lost to Australia in Melbourne. Feli firm a background in this competition of 12-16 (4-7 in singles) after 20 rounds as a protagonist. "I've given a lot to this team and that makes me feel important, but it's time to play another," he says. Despite its best to go through the circuit, is ranked number 20 in the ATP-thirties and have completed, or precisely why the Toledo wants to pass the cape to this competition: "We have spent many years playing and is an effort máxinmo for all. To Rafa and David to a greater extent, but for everyone in general. Our bodies no longer endure the same for 30 years with 20 and need weeks of rest and training at home. It's a decision we made ​​at the individual and we have it clear. " ¿Punishment for the ITF? "I do not play by the ITF, but for my teammates and my country. In Spain there are people so ready to represent excellent."

Fernando Verdasco debuted with the national team in Slovakia in 2005 and has since played 16 rounds with a wealth of 15-12 (7-5 in singles). The Spaniard, just turned 28 years, has not ruled rejoin the Davis Cup team, "a competition that has always been special to us all", but neither has said flatly that the master may have him. His priority now moves to regain lost ground in the ATP ranking (the number 24, although he became the seventh place) and to play their first Olympic Games in London on the grass of the All England Tennis Club.

Anyone who has not secured its continuity at the helm is the captain, Albert Costa , who already has three Salad in their windows, one as a player (2000) and two more as a coach (2009, 2011). "We are very pleased with their work and commitment, so if he wants to continue to count on him," said more than once RFET president, José Luis Escañuela . Albert has always said that until they finish the season-final-not including manifest respect. "I will take a week's vacation and decide if I continue or not. It was a great effort for three years, I really enjoyed all the players and also with Francis Roig-his second. I am very grateful to everyone," said. We must wait.

One of the beneficiaries of the change can be Marcel Granollers , who in Seville has been combined as the fifth man in Spanish, that group has had since it debuted in a call at the end of Mar del Plata in 2008-at the hands of Emilio Sanchez Vicario - and on track in the first round of last year to Switzerland in Logroño. "We'll see if Albert or account that can come with me, for we are many players who are available to play Davis Cup," said the Catalan. Marc Lopez , David Marrero , Nicolas Almagro and Tommy Robredo , have already been part of this competition in one way or another, may have its place in the Spanish Davis Cup team ahead of an upcoming issue.


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