Thursday, October 27, 2011

A world tour for 150 euros a month

Javier Martinez, an adventurer who travels the world by bicycle.

At the opposite of competitive sport, away from media recognition, there are those that combine as one sport, adventure and love of life. One of these figures is called Javier Martinez. This was Madrid's 28 years in cycling a way of relating to a world eager to learn and decided to explore it by bike. Is currently in Asia, which spans more than a year, and attended AS in Kathmandu, Nepal, in, say, the particular pit stop after passing over 16,000 miles only to Asia. Your destination, Madrid, and the next stage, Africa.

The bike is equipped with saddlebags to carry your luggage where, between 60 and 75 kilos. Far from it may seem, Javier just find entertainment wherever it goes. "I never had security problems, people called attention to my form of travel, Vietnam found only hostility from drivers." But that does not make their journeys are free of adventures: "There have been times dangerous. In Indonesia, a truck hit me. Luckily only crushed the front wheel. And in Cambodia journey through the jungle was very hard, I fell continually."

For this adventure, at the same time exciting, it's tough, "In China I have to climb up to 5,000 ports, meters and other very long, with ramps up to 20%, where I could take up to two days to finish" . Your accommodation is just a tent: "I spent nights at -15 °. I could not stop moving so as not to freeze waiting for daylight to get some sleep." Spend the winter in Asia where, among other things, intends to visit the base camp of the 14 eight thousand.


No plans to cancel his trip to return home to her parents, Majadahonda (Madrid). At best, a fleeting visit when you finish this stage: "I had bad, but now my father is informed of the places where I go. Most know him without being more than me." Nor does he need money to survive, since it is able to continue his quest for 150 euros a month, getting money selling photos, his other great passion, of sites where you and a sponsor that provides small sums dazzled after visiting his blog ( And it ensures that there will be something material, which put an end to your adventure.


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