Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Levant in the discount back to the royal and still leads

The Levante is the most brilliant writing of its history and remains a day as leader of First, after beating Real Sociedad 3-2 with a goal in the prolongation of the meeting. The whole of Valencia was not the past, thanks in part to a good use of the Royal Society, but faith in its unique shape and time of fortune, the two balls donostiarras crashed off the crossbar, allowed him to score his seventh straight win against an opponent who did not deserve much punishment. In the start of the match at Levante indigestion is the lead and offered a version unknown this season against a Royal Society went very plugged needy. The San Sebastian swept the field to Valencia in the first twenty minutes, which managed to get ahead on the scoreboard. Levante defense, the less thrashing and a veteran of the sport, forgot security in the locker room that had characterized and was a nervous wreck. The advanced and strong pressure from the Royal paid off. We all split balls were his and the Levant was unable to make three passes in a row.

At 4 minutes, the Frenchman Philippe Montanier team is ahead in the scoring by taking advantage Estrada with a poor clearance Munúa foot. The goal stunned the home side left. A great stop on the Uruguayan goal Vela shot and the crossbar, which rejected a powerful shot of De la Bella, prevented the San Sebastian on track when he left the party had not yet reached the first quarter of an hour. The greater involvement of Farinós and Iborra Levante allowed to take over the party and start Carbides, whether fluid away from the game shown in previous games. The clearest chance came in the local final leg of the first act after a powerful shot that forced Barkero shine at Bravo, although the bar again allied with the Levant, to repel a header from Inigo Martinez, after a corner kick at the time of extension.

Same vein

The dynamics of the game was unchanged in the second half, with a very heavy lift in his game, but Valencia are in grace and in ten minutes the deadlock reached in a lucky goal Nano , whose shot was poisoned after hitting a defender . Although Vela tried to respond immediately, and avoided it Munúa Levante rallied the party to counterattack after a great assistance Barkero Valdo nodded at the far post while still half-hour remained.

Juan Ignacio Martínez's were reunited with lost identity and brought the shock to your field. Well positioned, looking strong on defense and counterattack to kill off the shock. Montanier sought further with the entry and Prieto Llorente, although his team is not worried too much behind the Levant. However, the San Sebastian found in a dead-ball situation the reward for his good game at auction by Iñigo Martinez put the tables five minutes from time. When it seemed that the party was seen to sentence him Faith Lift led to the victory after a goal-kick from Ruben Suarez at the time of extension.


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