Thursday, October 27, 2011

Florentino Perez: "Leading the team we have the best coach in the world"

Florentino Perez , president of Real Madrid, said the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho , "which is at the helm" is, in his opinion, "the best" technical "the world". The maximum white president praised the Portuguese during the opening of the International Sanitas Sports Medicine 2011, throughout the day will bring together many of the best doctors in the world in sport."At the head of the staff we have the best coach in the world , and several of the best players the world. In this sense, the health of our players are in good hands, "said Perez to, among others, Richard Fessler and doctors Niek van Dijk, who operated on Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. One day after Real Madrid's win at Villarreal, who won 3-0 at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid president said the equpos and audience will enjoy the "days of good football." Finally, he was very pleased with the evolution of the Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain ."Higuain each day is best. The health of our men are in good hands. The contribution of medical care is critical to our players. I thank you all," he said.


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