Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The beats Caja Teletovic Cantu with a star in the Euroleague

The Caja has achieved the first victory of the Euroleague in the Arena in Vitoria Iradier to crush the Italian Cantu (81-69) in a match where he has suffered up to the fourth quarter. The game was stuck and did not end up finding Vitoria how to overcome the collective game, a serious and orderly Cantu battle until the final quarter of an inspiration emerged Mirza Teletovic stellar. The Bosnian, with 22 points, went to rescue his team at the start of the final quarter consecutive twelve points and a majestic mate led the party for maximum income Caja 73-62 with four minutes, then devoted to control and manage to certify the victory. The party was breaking down Reggie Williams, Vitoria hospitalized because of severe gastroenteritis.

The game loaded Caja interior Seraphin points, eight, and Milko Bjelica, seven, but the seriousness and order of the stake Cantú local endured to reach the tenth minute with a slight advantage on the scoreboard (26-27), after a lax defensive game by both sides. Milko Bjelica moved its success in the second quarter to the line of 6.75 and with three triples and one placed over 40-33 Teletovic locals with its maximum income. The Italian continued his choral work and cash to chain seven points, also reached (44-44), rest and create the first doubts about the current form of Baskonia. The explosive output of Vitoria (51-44) turned to blur when applied Cantú pause the game to a Caja began to get nervous because he could not break the party and he was unable to break away on the scoreboard, 59-59 minutes twenty-nine. With two-point lead (61 -59), ripped out of the final period Dusko Ivanovic ready to open gap in the fast lane again with assuming responsibility Teletovic scoring. The first twelve points Baskonia in the first seven minutes of the fourth quarter led the signing of the Bosnian, topped with a huge mate, which took off at Caja over ten points, 73-62 with under four minutes. None of the other four players on court four players Caja was able to score, but four free throws San Emeterio in the stretch, to stifle a comeback attempt Cantu battle to the final horn.


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