Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mariano Rivera, a 'living legend'

The record of 602 saves set by Mariano Rivera in the major leagues has catapulted the Panamanian pitcher to the status of living legend with just 41 years, 15 of them dedicated to the Yankees in New York . The popular closer -name which is known to relief pitcher who is responsible for ensuring that end the game after the match, the result does not change the brand surpassed for many years had established the American, Trevor Hoffman of 601 wins with the Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers. Rivera, who was born on November 29, 1969 in Puerto Caimito, a village whose inhabitants live in Panama artisanal fisheries for shrimp and fish, has a history of poverty that has indelible able to cope as most American athletes that ultimately end in its own right by entering the Hall of Fame. "I wanted to play baseball from six years in my town, but was so poor that he could not. There was no time for anything but was to try to snatch the fish of the sea to survive, "recalls the Panamanian baseball player, who admits he was first seduced by the football, but never kick a ball in a field. In his spare time playing with her friends in pastures next to the beach, where a piece of broomstick, a glove made ​​of cardboard and a ball of cloth wrapped in scraps of old nets were their most valuable tools to practice their favorite sport. Until the age of 15 knew what was really wear a glove.


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