Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sharapova's second defeat in the WTA

Russia's Maria Sharapova , second favorite, squandered almost all his options past the first round of the WTA Championships , after conceding to China's Na Li (7-5, 6-4) their second loss, while Viktoria Azarenka of Belarus, fourth, achieved at the Australian Samantha Stosur a debut victory. The second setback for the player embedded in Istanbul Siberian aspirations smashed out of the competition with the world number one under the arm, I had to reach the final. But Sharapova held to Na Li unstable tone and offered in its premiere on Tuesday, against Australia's Samantha Stosur. The second player in the world, however, overwhelmingly began to Li, who responded and solved the imbalance (4-1) who had at first. The part went to the tiebreaker, the player who won a 7-4 Eastern. Maria Sharapova , which can only tie to mathematics and a cannon to see their slim chances of qualification after two defeats in two games, blamed the loss of first set on a plate and put his opponent the victory (5-2).

Li, however, was to close the match against Sharapova, whom he had defeated in the last three clashes (latest in Roland Garros months ago) of the eight that have settled. The Russian stood with 5-4 and two break options to match five, but the player hit China pulled for his first win in the competition. Na Li was added, therefore, the Belarusian Victoria Azarenka , who earlier beat Australia's Samantha Stosur clearly (6 -2 and 6-2). The accused ocean greatly the effort Tuesday, when it closed the session with a laborious victory over Sharapova. The recent winner of the tournament in Luxembourg forcefully pulled his debut in the competition, especially on the serve. Only lost five points in seven games with his serve. While broke four times that of Stosur. "I feel great. I did not expect to play so well in my first match here , "said Azarenka. "I served very well and I like to keep playing well." It is the sixth consecutive win of Azarenka led the Red Group with a victory, like China's Li Na, both with a single match played. Stosur has one win and one loss and Sharapova, closed the table with two losses.


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