Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bradley acknowledges that will not risk to Casamayor

At 16 days of his debut as Top Rank fighter, undefeated American Timothy Bradley held a press conference where he admitted that his style is not flashy but more effective. The boxer nicknamed "Desert Storm" will face within the Pacquiao undercard. Marquez III, the veteran Joel Casamayor in what will be the fourth defense of the sash Bradley Super Lightweight World Boxing Organization. "I may not see or have tremendous bright knockouts, but I fight to win. I fight to win each one of the rounds. I will not become something I'm not. There will be a big puncher.'ll win and do it well, "said the fighter from California, who are unbeaten since their debut in 2004. Bradley, 28 stressed does not plan to work differently at any time, as the seek to be a knockout fighter as much risk it being stopped trying to be something he is not. In his last fight, Bradley managed to stop his compatriot Alexander Devon technical decision in 10 rounds. "We have been working since the fight with Alexander in boxers become more technical and less reckless. We work to accommodate more hits and increase power. You will see a different face Casamayor Bradley," he concluded.


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