Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pepe: "Villarreal will hit, but has very good players"

Real Madrid defender Pepe has been alarmed by the visit of Real Madrid Villarreal on Wednesday, the tenth day of First Division (22.00 hours), noting that, despite the upward trend of the team, come hurt castellonenses after defeat Levante (0-3) and stresses that still has a quality workforce.

" I hope we can score lots of goals and suffer as little as possible . Villarreal is very 'touched', but has very good players and after losing 0-3 to make your game come to fight hard, fight and surrender. We to live up to give joy to the fans, "Pepe values ​​in an interview with ''.

Thus, cautions that if you leave "spaces" and "quality of his players" will have trouble against Villarreal which has "a very strong front" led by Rossi that "at least neglect, you can make a goal".

Thus, the Luso bet for a win to stay in the "good line" of the team in all facets, with only one goal conceded in the last five games. "It's not just a matter of defense, also the environment and fellow attackers are working hard to keep a clean sheet. Youth in the defense we can bring many things to Real Madrid and this may be one of the best defenders in the club "he recalls.

Also praises the work of Cristiano Ronaldo , Higuain and Benzema : "We have a very strong workforce and our forwards are the best and are the best team in the world. I hope they continue like this and we can win many titles."

Personally, still waiting "for the goal came," but knows that will not have it easy against Diego López, which he considers "one of the best goalkeepers in the league that has also left Madrid"

For now, Pepe does not want to securities accounts , as it believes that "much". "We fight a lot, with humility, follow this line and see what happens. I hope to be well after Christmas and continue to demonstrate a good line," he highlighted.

For other games, you know that the leader will not lift easily, but the fact that first they will be "very motivated" against Real Sociedad, while believed to be "difficult for the athlete" to win in San Mamés. "It's a very difficult against a very good team that has encouraged their fans that much and I think it's more for the Athletic" sentence.


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