Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fabri: "The referee has undermined us. I am a despicable human being"

Granada coach, Fabri Gonzalez , has complained that the referee has "undermined" after his team lost tonight in Los Cármenes by 0-1 to FC Barcelona , and has indicated that he was "being despised human "because the referee Muniz Fernandez denied the hand after the meeting. Fabri has listed complaints about the arbitration of the Spaniard: "I do not get away with seven yellow and two red team defending a static and just made ​​mistakes. The lack of Jaime goal that gives rise to a card is not clear that Basin would be the second and the ball Geijo depth that leaves only before Valdes is out of play. " "We are not fools and the referee has mined " he added Fabri to tell then he was "very bad, a despicable human being" because Muñiz Fernandez "has spurned the hand not knowing what" after the game. Granada coach commented on the clash that his attempt to "defend a static near the area to leave no space for them to play" and did "pretty well" because "the Barcelona always generates eight or ten times," and against them "has not, were more 'u and' that sometimes. " "This is the way forward, we must continue working," he said about the future Fabri , who justified the expulsion of yours that "the arbitrator has willed it so, we are all human and that bravado provokes responses that players are not the most correct."


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