Thursday, October 27, 2011

The project 663, the revolution of Ferrari in 2012

Aggressive, innovative and risky . This is the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso in 2012. The Italian team has spent months working on your future car, for now dubbed Project 663 , and although its design is a state secret in Maranello, already know a few lines of the car:

Tyres. A Ferrari this year cost him understand the behavior of the Pirelli. The 150 º Italia took too long to heat them and suffered with the harder compounds. In 2012 not make the same mistake. Warming the tires from the first round, which is essential for the qualification will be a mainstay.

Suspensions. It will change the traditional rear suspension push rod by rod pull system that Red Bull has been used successfully since 2009. Lowers the center of gravity of the car and raise the back. Increases grip, especially in cornering. McLaren already copied this year.

Aerodynamics. The Achilles heel of Ferrari. Conservative design has been a resounding failure. 2012, working in an innovative chassis and aggressive lines that provide more downforce. It will affect the front of the car. In Korea has tested a new front wing.

Motor. There is little room for maneuver, but it aims to reduce consumption to start the race with less weight.


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