Saturday, October 29, 2011

A coach sues to recognize that Nadal has improved his serve

The tennis coach Oscar Borras has filed a lawsuit against Rafa Nadal for the world number two recognizes that improved his serve came after receiving a master class of Alicante.

Borrás, which has an academy in Torrellano (Alicante), presented on October 26 a lawsuit against the Spaniard in the Courts of First Instance and Instruction Manacor (Mallorca).

With such a demand for conciliation, Borrás Nadal intended to recognize the influence of the class received in October 2009 in Manacor on improving their service, which was evident last term to win the U.S. Open.

According to Alicante coach, Toni Nadal who was asked for his help for the young Mallorcan tennis player was "concerned with their service" that wanted to print "as quickly and efficiently," according to the demand seen by Europa Press.

"I just want to recognize my work. Last year during the U.S. Open reached out to 210 miles per hour," he said told Europa Press, considering that last season was the most successful for the Spaniard.

On the other hand, explained that he wanted to bring before the demand for a Nadal not decenter and burst into praise for Toni Nadal, whom he described as "very humble." "I thank Toni and Rafa to leave advice. It is very difficult for a Technical let another train his pupil, but Toni is an example of humility," he said.

"Last year Rafa was awaiting the''Grand Slam''and was not the time, but now I want to be recognized," he said while emphasizing ease of learning of the Balearic Islands. "It's a''crack''in two hours and was able to polish his serve and serve to perfection," he concluded.


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