Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simoncelli they dropped the stretcher to health services in the presence of his father

After the first shock by the death of Marco Simoncelli in the Sepang circuit , the controversy over the performance of medical services of the circuit is in the news two days later, especially in Italy, country of birth of the late pilot.

It surfaced a video in which you can see how they drop Simoncelli of the table with his father in front, being transferred to the mobile unit. The images show no doubt: the doctors rushed to the pilot put on the table , the rise in a hurry and running transport without noticeable back or neck immobilization . The pilot carried out one leg, is misplaced. In addition, the misfortune is primed with him halfway one doctor stumbles, falls are five bed and go to the ground. Everything in the presence of the father of the pilot.

In this video, recorded by a moviemaker who was witnessing the race, we must add the report in the newspaper La Repubblica did Fabio Venturi , a worker in Italian emergency 118 service for 25 years. In an open letter to the Italian newspaper, Venturi claims that Simoncelli was transferred to "inappropriately".

"Marco was transported on a stretcher in an inappropriate manner by health services. First, in an accident of this kind, the ambulance should have gone to the track to attend Simoncelli. According to the protocol, the physician must assess the condition of pilot and if necessary will be moved with the utmost care, always protecting and immobilizing the spine neck. "

Venturi says it is not known if he had acted differently he would have "saved life" to the pilot, but it is clear that "the method used to transfer framework was inappropriate and dangerous ... I would not take even a sack of potatoes that way ."


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