Thursday, October 27, 2011

The other battle settles Masters of shouts and silences

The WTA have decided, finally, take action on the matter. At first, the screams and you currently can not be screaming call Did grace to many, including the public, which flocked to Maria Sharapova matches, Victoria Azarenka Portuguese Michelle Larcher or De Brito, the champion scream, reaching over 110 decibels. But now the reviews have begun to arrive from all sides: from their own players and opponents and the public that a match between Sharapova (101 decibels) and Azarenka (95), has to endure when it surpasses in every scrimmage, and far the limit set by the World Health Organization (70 decibels).

In the past U.S. Open Serena Williams was fined because, with their cry, had bothered to rival Australia's Samantha Stosur. That is precisely what many, including world number one, Caroline Wozniacki, fear: that the maximum power screams become an element of the game. "I think some do it on purpose. In practice do not scream, "said the Danish so one of the` affected ¿, Victoria Azarenka, Istanbul Masters semifinals, along with Czech Petra Kvitova, answer "not trying to mislead, is a part of me. I can not change and I will not do it. " It so happens that the players who are screaming in the hit from the same school: the Bollettieri Academy. Be the first to visit the WTA to try to avoid the situation in the future. In competition, Wozniacki added a second defeat could mean his farewell, something that kept beating Radwanska Zvonareva eliminated. The Danish depends on the match between Agnieszka and Kvitova. If Poland wins a set, the number one will go home.


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