Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pep Guardiola thinks Pedro Basin as a second

The road from Cuenca in the club Isaac can follow a similar direction to that of Pedro Rodriguez. Their characteristics are not identical, but Pep Guardiola believes that Reus and has a point of maturity similar to that of Tenerife when it exploded in the first team in 2009-10.

Low up front, with Peter, Alexis and Afellay in dry dock, has left a gap for Isaac, whom Guardiola thinks providing opportunities, at least the next four games: Mallorca, Viktoria, Atheltic and L ^ Hospitalet. Then comes the international break and Santpedor expects to recover the canary and Chile, although the performance of Cuenca in these meetings would enable it to continue under the leadership of Pep.

Unlike other young talents, the Barca coach assesses how the striker had to tan away from under Barcelona's youth teams and has not been identified previously as one of the hypothetical future cracks. A case similar to Peter. Isaac came to 18 Barca, in its second stage, having acted in the youth of Reus and Damm. After a great season with Barca Honor Division, Luis Enrique had not won it and return in the hard fields with the Second Division B by Lluis Sabadell Carreras. Despite playing in the Nova Creu Alta, Guardiola lost track of him and was very aware of their evolution. In conversations between Tito Vilanova and Racing on behalf of Basin and its progression out on several occasions.

Isaac was instrumental in the rise of Sabadell. His contribution to the collective gear was more decisive than his goals. In 32 games scoring five goals. Last year, the Junior A, twelve had scored a team that was in Ruben Rochina his great scorer. Peter also won a place in the first team since the Second Division B with Luis Enrique. He scored ten goals, his record in the youth ranks of FC Barcelona. Therefore, his scoring was uncovered once took the first team. On Tenerife, like Isaac, arrived at the youth club, with 17 years and cut his teeth for four seasons between itself and the Second B Third Division.

Cuenca has confessed admirer of Peter, whom he considers a role model. Both know how hard to reach and disciplined work is essential to reach the top.


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