Friday, October 28, 2011

Soderling, low in the Bilbao Masters mononucleosis

The Swedish player Robin Soderling will miss, as was announced, the Tennis Masters Bilbao IV to be held next December, after the world number six communicate a little over a month suffering from mononucleosis, according to Wednesday informed the organization of the tournament.

"Soderling has contacted us and told us that it is very complicated its presence in Bilbao, and prefers to announce ahead of time so that we can find a substitute for collateral. Since the organization of Bilbao we wish him a speedy recovery and convey that has the door open for this year and onwards if you can finally recover, "he said from the organization of Bilbao Masters.

Soderling, who could not play the U.S. Open and has also given to other tournaments such as Stockholm, hopes to return sooner to the tracks. The Scandinavian player does not play a tournament since July. "There are days I feel very tired and I can not move. Sometimes my body reacts and sometimes not. Just think about being healthy," said Soderling last few dates to the Swedish media to explain his absence from the tournament of his country.

Mononucleosis, which also affected Roddick last season, is characterized by headache and generate muscle, abdominal discomfort and extreme tiredness.

The decline of Swedish tennis player "is a disappointment, really bad luck," admitted Alberto Larrondo, who, however, guaranteed that "the final picture will not endanger Bilbao and will be very attractive."

Milos joins the tournament Raonic

Thus, the organization of the tournament continues to design the table in the absence of less than two months to the start of the Masters. For now, one that will be in the tennis court that will be enabled in Bilbao Miribilla Arena, 12 to December 18 will be the Canadian Milos Raonic.

The number 28 of the ATP and semifinalist in Stockholm a few days ago, and made an excellent impression in the final tournament last Bilbao, which was agreed from the previous one.

"It will be a good occasion to witness to a value higher. Raonic is called to occupy one of the top five ranking of ATP and we can see evolution in Bilbao, and probably in the near future will be more complicated presence . If this season had not been injured at Wimbledon, now would probably be in the''top 10'', said Larrondo.

Milos Raonic is added in this way, David Ferrer, the world number five, Nicolas Almagro, number 11, and Tommy Robredo, winning the Masters last year, a list of players to be completed with other players recognized and level.

IV Bilbao Masters Tennis

The pavilion will house Miribilla both upstream, from 12 to 15 December as the final stage (Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18). After three editions of previous years, the IV Bilbao Masters Tennis tournament has become the most important high-level competition that takes place in Euskadi.


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