Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Madrid Villarreal destroys the dream in a half hour

One, two and three. Monologue ring. The Real Madrid turned to abuse a rival in a game box, four days after omitting at home to Malaga and Villarreal surgically dismembered decadent half an hour, with Benzema, Kaka and Di Maria as stilettos and demonstrating that football is universal and understood beyond the colors and color perfection Barça. Of course, the leader remains the Levant.

The roller and the deck is round and has names. Benzema Higuain supplies to perfection, and vice versa, Kaka is the dream and Di Maria is the assistant number 1 in the league (take 6). Finally Cristiano Ronaldo has found that football is a matter of equipment and Mourinho, even emergency question that Sergio Ramos is the best center that has in its ranks. That said, what better to give him the address to Xabi Alonso, no hassles, no distractions, to give vent to balance and attacking football.

The whistle blew and the pack started to run . Real three minutes late in the area drop by Diego Lopez Ramos's header to the network, which overturned Perez Lasa game outside kick from a lack of Xabi Alonso, and Benzema's shot from inside the box he left caressing the stick.

It was the sixth minute and the third shot when the French striker took advantage of a millimeter assistance Di Maria to her breast for Karim himself, the great game today, to draw to bite on Diego Lopez.

Choking and felonious robbery remained after both and meanwhile nuisance, Kaka caught a ball on the edge of the area to pass from Di Maria to sign the second with the left leg and shot put. Simple, convoluted at the same time and in minute 10. The Whites had dismantled his opponent and the match itself in a sigh.

He continued the siege of Madrid and the show took shape. Chances are happening, try your luck Christian and Benzema twice more, and the counterattack was established almost by accident as the recurring tool. One step back, more freedom for a flawless Ramos and war paint for the race lethal.

Thus came a rejuvenated strides based Kaka, once the first half hour, dodging and fleeing rivals immediate past dumb. The Brazilian lasted about Marcelo and Benzema and French, generous, endured and returned the gift of the first Di Maria both elitist pass between the lines to the Argentine sentenced the night with his left foot.

Changes, and siesta homework done

Done the work, or the respite was expected. The team Mourinho down the piston in the restart and tried to touch in and out of a possible comeback.

The defense, led by Ramos and Pepe, played with note and the midfield did not give the ball. It is true that Villarreal spurned the resurrection, but gave no containment facilities. And in case of accidents, Casillas was there to fix the mess.

None of the referents of Garrido was his night and arrived the changes and the cheers (Senna in visitors, Alonso on the premises). But the rundown followed the same course, including the Christian who, despite playing well, he could not knock down the barrier of 100 goals. Of course, the fifth consecutive victory of Real Madrid in the league and fifth in Ronaldo. Not bad.


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