Thursday, October 27, 2011

Advances "moderate" after a meeting of 13 hours in the NBA

Representatives of the team owners and the union of NBA players completed another marathon session of 13 hours of work in the left finally some progress in the negotiations for signing a new collective agreement.

After completing 30 hours last week working with the national average George Cohen not reach any progress, however confrontations arose over the surprise meeting which began on Wednesday at 12 noon did work with small groups.

The marathon session ended without anyone in the audience among whom was the NBA commissioner, David Stern , and his deputy Adam Silver, along with the union's executive director, Billy Hunter, would make statements about what was discussed at the table negotiation.

Neither wanted to talk this time the President of the accused players, point guard Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday at the end of the third day of negotiations without making progress, accused Silver and Peter Holt, owner of the Spurs in San Antonio, of "lying" to journalists.

However, sources close to both parties admitted that the marathon meeting on Wednesday, ending the past one o'clock, hours from New York (4:00 GMT) had left Vance "moderates" in matters related to the system economic in the league.

Among the issues addressed was the length of contracts, ensuring the same, the exceptions clause "Larry Bird" and also discussed the luxury tax and salary cap.

But there was no talk of the distribution of benefits , the most contentious and important issue in the negotiations of new collective agreement.

The latest offering from the owners was 50-50, while the players in the previous labor agreement received 57 percent, now have 52.5 percent as a ceiling, but not thinking of accepting less than 50 percent .

The general feeling from sources close to the negotiations is that for the first time there have been real progress on the issues discussed , which open the possibility that this weekend we can reach an agreement.

Avoid more cancellations

The "moderate" optimism that has emerged from the marathon meeting is the basis that both parties have shown a clear intention of getting to an agreement and avoid further cancellations of games.

To achieve this could also be the possibility of saving the 82 regular season games must play each of the 30 teams, but 100 have already been canceled for the first two weeks of competition that would have to start on 1 November.

However, if you do not agree, Commissioner Stern would have to announce further cancellations and jeopardize the upcoming games on Christmas Day.


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