Sunday, December 25, 2011

Venus Williams will compete in the Australia Open

The American tennis player Venus Williams, winner of seven 'Grand Slam', will play the Australia Open, first of the year which begins on January 16, despite being dropped from the tournament in New Zealand for health reasons, as confirmed event director Craig Tiley.

The American, who is receiving treatment for Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease, dropped out of the tournament in Auckland, which takes place from 2 to 7 January, organizers announced at the beginning of this week.

However, Tiley said he had spoken with Williams's agent for availability. "At the moment there is no change. She comes," he said in a statement to the Australian media.

Because of his disease, which causes extreme fatigue and muscle pain, most of Williams was forced to Withdraw last September at the U.S. Open, the last 'big' of the season.

The five-time Wimbledon, which has since fallen to 102 of the WTA rankings, relies on up the ladder and expect to compete throughout the season. This Friday will play in an exhibition mixed doubles with her sister Serena in Florida to raise money for an organization that promotes youth education.

Sharapova doubtful for Australia Open

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has been removed from the tournament in Brisbane, where he was to start the season with a sprained ankle, but hopes to be fully recovered in the face of Australia Open, the first 'Grand Slam' of the course, begins on 16 January.

"Unfortunately my ankle is not one hundred percent and I can not come this year. I was looking forward to the 2012 season in Brisbane, a tournament with a fantastic reputation for giving a warm welcome to players," said the exnúmero one of the world, would compete for the first time in the event.

The Siberian hopes to be recovered for the 'big' Australia, where he defeated in 2008. "I hope to be ready for the first Grand Slam of the year and am looking forward to the track," he said in a statement on the web.

Kaka recommends a giant challenge

Kaka has left Brazil holidays convinced that he and his team will win this season, despite the difficulty to be competing against Barcelona, ​​which does not hesitate to admit that is a challenge that will face.

If something has this player is that his faith guides him in both his personal and professional life, to overcome all obstacles that are presented. So it has been told Mourinho and his companions: "I have really wanted to win at Real Madrid and I am sure I will and win titles."

That personal strength to the group wanted to pass it by recommending a movie, one of his favorites, to overcome all adversities which may occur by the end of the season. This is a film, 'Challenge to the Giants', where it has the vicissitudes of a football team scramble to win a title.

Motivational messages
'never give up', 'never go back' and 'never lose faith, "are the three messages of motivation for moving the film and the discourse of Kaka. No matter how difficult the challenge, no matter how hard the blow and too distant to see the target, the player wants to see their national peers is impossible in life.

This attitude is showing the Brazilian is very important for a team that is on the right path, leading at the end of the year and confirming that you have overcome the stumbling block at the Bernabeu against Barcelona. It was a disappointment to many of his peers, an unexpected defeat, but there he was, to boost morale.

Yesterday confirmed his desire to return to being one of the best players in the world. "My goal is to win titles with Real Madrid. You can return to perform at a high level during the four or five years," he told the magazine Sport Band.

Barcelona does not scare you, but recognizes that it is a very powerful rival: "Barça is not an unbeatable team. We have already won in the final of the Copa del Rey. It is the best team I've faced. They carry many Messi playing together for years and is a good time, with much confidence. "

Cristiano Ronaldo praised, which he said: "It is a very complete player. It is different from Messi, but is more comprehensive in that it goes well with the left leg, right and upside down."

Soufian Messi admires more than anyone

"I admire a lot because you're fighting every day for your goals," Messi told Soufian, the boy with no legs to which the Argentinian star admired for its touching story and the Catalan regional television broadcast next January 2.

"I have a special connection with him," Messi said when asked by the son of Moroccan Spanish. Laurin-syndrome accompanying Sandrow 11 years since I was born in Barcelona. After the name is a rare genetic disorder that can unite the fingers on one nail, result in defects in the legs and lead to amputation of both, which is what happened to Soufian, according to information collected by the World.

Messi's first encounter with the child was at the beginning of this year doing the unthinkable, running the ball, which went back and forth between the world's most exalted left foot and prosthesis young admirer. But that meeting will be followed by others, including the May 15, when Barcelona was awarded the league trophy after a 0-0 draw with Deportivo.

"We brought them together in the locker room area and there is incredible that they embrace and puts you goose bumps," says Xavi Torres, TV3 reporter ensures that Messi is touched to the core with the history of Soufian.

"When he saw a documentary piece shone eyes, swallowed hard," said the reporter from TV3 chain, which featured a private screening and his family to Argentina before the premiere of the documentary.

The dedication of the goal
in those games Messi made ​​a promise to Soufian, to dedicate a goal. The child loves the idea, but the two can not think of what gesture do to make it clear that this was dedicated to the goal. Raise your arms to heaven, as it almost always makes the Argentine was not worth. Until Soufian tells Messi: "When I scored the goal, touch your legs." Said and done, the gesture came on 17 September in Messi's first goal during the 8-0 Osasuna.

Children between Messi and everything is simple and complex at the same time as the question at a time Soufian makes his mother, Ouafae: "Messi says surprises me, but how is possible, if you admire Messi am I ".

The Madrid, a favorite for the league and the top scorer, the club for the Cup and the Champions

The Christmas break is the time of analysis. With nearly half of the season contested, the bookies are a good barometer for assessing and measuring aspirations. Well, Madrid is the favorite to win the league, with an average of 1.80 per euro bet, while Barcelona is paid to 1.90, despite Barca's victory in the classical past.

Since Guardiola takes the bench for three seasons, is the first time that whites are favorites, a trend that continues from the Mou Team won the lead a few weeks ago. Neither the 1-3 of the 10-D has changed the confidence of bettors at Real Madrid. Of course, the distance has been shortened. Classic before and just after the victory over Atletico Madrid's defeat and Barca in Getafe, White League were paid 1.60 and Barca, to 2.40 euros.

The trajectory of Madrid in the league before the match against Barca has built an image of security around the white team that is spread betting houses, where they play with money, but money is not a game. The 10 consecutive victories Mestalla Madrid-including white-and awakening to the defeat at the Bernabeu against Barca 2-6 at Sevilla with that keep alive the strength to face Real Madrid win the league title.

Where there is less doubt is the top scorer. Cristiano, who walks at a speed goalscoring record favorite is Leo Messi. The 20 goals of Luso in just 16 days can be more than 17 of Messi. So, to repeat CR7 top scorer award is paid to 1.57 League. That is the Flea who will gain the front of the table has a listing capocannonieri € 2.25 per euro bet.

Barca 'leads' Cup and Champions
League If the domain is white, in Europe and the tournament is the predominant color KO Barca light of the prices that are managed in the bookmakers. Of course, both are the two favorites for the two competitions.

Starting with the Cup, where last Friday's draw threw up a potential and probable cross-quarter between Barcelona and Madrid. The Catalans are the leading candidates to take the KO competition, with a share of 2.50. Close behind Madrid, to 3.50. The umpire is the Athletic (10), benefited by the side of the table which is located Marcelo Bielsa's team. Valencia (11), Espanyol (17) and Seville (19) are as follows.

In Europe, also paints Barca. If Barca manages the fifth in Munich, bettors who prefer the Pep now see your bet multiplied by 2.60. The Tenth of Madrid goes up to 3.50. This means that also in the Champions League are the top two candidates. Behind are the host of the final, Bayern Munich (6) The Chelsea Villas-Boas (11), and tied, Milan, Inter and Arsenal (21).

To be the top scorer, no question. Messi is favoritísimo, thanks to the six goals he accumulated in the first phase. You pay only 1.66. Seconds the giant Mario Gomez, who also added six goals, with a share of 4.33. And complete the podium Christian, who has three goals, with 6 euros.

Christiano: "We must continue on this line"

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to congratulate the parties to the fans and wished merengue Christmas with the rest of the staff, who would like to see next year is "full of successes for the Real Madrid."

After the rout at the Ponferradina Cup, the staff wanted to see the year out and express their wishes for 2012. The first of these was the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. "I wish you a Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and to continue in this line." "We want to achieve, among all the Real Madrid, the biggest hits in 2012," he said in remarks offered by the club's website.

Later, the Portuguese published in his Facebook profile a picture of himself on a beach and left a message to all his followers: "Hello everyone. I'm enjoying my vacation, but I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas."

Meanwhile, Pepe and Coentrao also joined the list of wishes for the coming year. "I wish good health and happy year to all Real Madrid in the world. We want to achieve greater success together," said the center. For his part, former Benfica was in the same direction. "That next year will bring many more successes," he said.

In addition, Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa, Albiol, Barn and Alley expressed his hope that the Real Madrid "enjoyment of good health" and "enjoyment of the family" as set out on dates, and expressed their request that the 2012 "comes loaded with hits for Real Madrid. thanks as always the support of all fans, "he added.

For its part, Higuain asked that they "respect the injury to keep working," as they are doing and to "give the Real Madrid all possible titles."

The rest of the staff in different groups differentiated by nationality, also praised his passion parties and loaded with good wishes. "I hope you pass all happy holidays and a prosperous new year," said Kaka, "I wish you a happy new year to all Real Madrid," said Marcelo.

Benzema also missed Varane Lass and the traditional Christmas message, like Sahin and Altintop and Jose Mourinho's assistants, who also extended their purposes all the Real Madrid. Karanka, Morais, Rui Faria and Silvino Louro wished "Merry Christmas and happy New Year."

Messi: "Someday I'll be world champion"

Leo Messi in an interview in the magazine of the AFA, said he is convinced that someday win a World Cup, "My dream is to become world champion and win the Copa America. This is what I need and I am sure I I will."

The 'Flea' also commented that "I do not feel beholden to anyone. I must not prove anything. I am one of the team and want the best for Argentine football. We are growing," he said.

The Barcelona, ​​yes, it does not compare to the Argentina team with Barcelona: "It's not worth comparing. Barça is the best team in the world, is the result of work of many years with the same classmates. Selection , however, has not achieved the results lately have wished. There were many technical and started from scratch, "said the 10 of Argentina.

"We know that Madrid want to sign Chivu"

Frank de Boer, head coach of Ajax Amsterdam, has revealed that Real Madrid are interested in hiring Christian Chivu, defense belonging to Inter Milan and ends his contract with the club at the end of this season.

"We know that Real Madrid also loves him, but we hope you choose to return to his former house," said Ajax coach in an interview published in La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Dutch club is also interested in the possibility to be strengthened with this defense, but De Boer said that Real Madrid has gone through in the negotiations.

Chivu is not in the plans of Claudio Ranieri, coach of Inter, and in the winter market could trade their way out before it becomes free, June 30.

Real Madrid still no date back to Ricardo Carvalho, which makes him look out for in the market about the possibility of signing a player who can strengthen the defense. Chivu can play center or left side.

Is a player who knows Mourinho, who had in his time at Inter and could get a good performance. The season is entering its decisive phase and it is possible no reinforcement in this position. Right now Carvalho is injured and Sergio Ramos finished the year with a torn muscle. It is proof that if complications arise in the rear would not have enough troops.
In fact, in the Primera Liga club have been monitoring Mário Fernandes, right side of the Guild.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First defeat of the Green Bay Packers

The surprises have been the dominant note in the day Sunday of the fifteenth week of the NFL, leaving the first defeat of the Green Bay Packers and the triumph of the Indianapolis Colts. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots ended up with trumps "miracle" of the Denver Broncos and his controversial 'quarterback Tim Tebow.

The full renovation and after Monday fired coach Todd Haley, the Kansas City Chiefs took the 'quarterback Kyle Orton for the first time owner and became the executioners of the Super Bowl champions, who snatched the undefeated .

Orton threw for 299 yards in his first start for the Chiefs and led to a 19-14 victory over the Packers (13-1), who snapped streak of 19 consecutive wins.

In addition to Orton, the Chiefs had their new interim coach Crennel Roem, replacing Haley.

Another surprise
if the Chiefs got the first big surprise of the day, the Colts went on to star in second with 27-13 victory against the Tennessee Titans, the first so far this season.

The 'quarterback Dan Orlovsky became the hero by making a shipment of 18 yards for a touchdown and prevented the Colts (1-13) were the second team in NFL history who could not win a single game this season regular.

The winning streak and comeback in the final seconds of the Broncos came to an end when they faced the Patriots and were defeated 23-41 in his field.

This time there was no "miracle" of Tebow, who saw the star of the Patriots, Tom Brady, gave a lesson in game management, and leadership in class when setting the plays his team attack on your computer.

The victory allowed the Patriots (11-3) crowned champions of the Eastern Division of the American Conference (AFC) and secured their place in the finals.

That's what I also got the New Orleans Saints in the South Division of the National Conference (NFC) to overcome a 42-20 blowout of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Drew Brees as a leader and undisputed star.

Brees threw for 412 yards and five touchdowns after completing 32 of 40 passes for close to the best record of all time yards thrown in a season is held by the legendary Dan Marino.

With the title won by the Saints in the NFC only thing left to define is the AL East, a classification that now heads the Dallas Cowboys (8-6) won easily by after the Buccaneers 31-15 Tampa Bay.

However, the surprise defeat suffered by the New York Giants (7-7), who lost 10-23 in their field to the Washington Redskins, he complicates the chances of beating the Cowboys.

The 'quarterback of the Giants, who in the previous game against the Cowboys had been the savior hero, this time gave its worst three interceptions.

While running back LeSean McCoy scored three rushing touchdowns to impose two brands of equipment, and helped the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Jets 45-19 in New York.

The Eagles (6-8) remain in search of a berth in the final, after winning two straight games for the second time this season, and have a mathematical chance to win the title of the AL East if they win both games they left and the Cowboys lose.

The Jets (8-6) saw his streak broken three straight wins, and the defeat leaves them tied with the Cincinnati Bengals in the race for the final AFC wild card.

The 'quarterback Matthew Stafford threw six yards pass for a touchdown to receiver Calvin Johnson jumper with 39 seconds remaining, and the Detroit Lions (9-5) defeated the Oakland Raiders 28-27 to get ahead with two wins in the fight for the NFC wild-card.

Mayweather Jr. would plead guilty to avoid longer sentences

U.S. boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. deemed to plead guilty to agree to reduce charges of judicial and having beaten his ex-girlfriend, according to court officials in Las Vegas (Nevada), where appropriate.

Mayweather, 34 years old, faces fines of $ 3,000 and could be sentenced to two days to 18 months in prison after he plead guilty to a charge of domestic violence and two counts of harassment, said Tess Driver, an aide to Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

The agreement would include that Mayweather will pay $ 1,000 in fines for hitting a security guard 21 years of age 'Homeowners Association' residence, during an argument he had for parking.

Mayweather facing the possibility of being sent to trial for the crime of grand larceny and misdemeanor domestic violence , as well as harassment of his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris.

In the event of being found guilty of these charges would have faced a sentence of 34 years in state prison.

The case stems from felony charges against him of threatening his former girlfriend, stealing her mobile phone and having threatened two of his sons, nine and 10 years of age, during a discussion held with the Women in September 2010, allegedly because she left with another man.

Sharapova confirms its participation in the Fed Cup

The world number four tennis player, Maria Sharapova, has committed to play in the first round of Fed Cup against Spain, qualifying will take place in Russia on 4 and 5 February.

"I do not know if everyone knows, but I'll play Fed Cup with Russia against Spain after (Australia Open)," the Russian said in its official website ( "I'm so glad we'll play in Moscow! I have four weeks of the Australian summer and after a week in the winter of Moscow."

Sharapova has not played for his country since losing to France's Virginie Razzano in straight sets in the quarterfinals of the Fed Cup last February, before being replaced in the next singles match a day later.

Russia beat France 3-2, then crushed Italy 5-0 in the semifinals and lost 3-2 to the Czech Republic in Moscow in the final last month.

Venus Williams postponed his return to the slopes

The American tennis player Venus Williams has decided to delay his return to official competition after announcing he would not play the ASB Classic in January in New Zealand, reported local media on Tuesday.

The 31-year player is not yet ready after recovery period of Sjogren's syndrome, an immunodeficiency disease that causes fatigue and joint pain, according to tournament organizers said.

Williams, former world number one and winner of seven Grand Slam, played four tournaments this year, but had to retire last August at the U.S. Open for the problems of Sjogren syndrome.

Since then he has played some exhibition games, including last month in Colombia with her sister Serena, and hoped to return to official competition in January at the ASB Classic tournament in Auckland.

The director of the ASB Classic, Richard Palmer, lamented that most of Williams can not attend the tournament.

"We regret losing a player of his caliber. These absences are part of the sport, but we felt by his followers who also complain," said Palmer.

Last November, Venus Williams, currently the world number 103, said in Bogota that hopes to return to the top of tennis next year

Indian Wells prizes reach one million dollars

Indian Wells has announced the winners of the next edition of the tournament, which takes place from 5 to 18 March will receive a check for a million dollars, a record in tournaments outside the Grand Slam and Masters Cup.

"The BNP Paribas Open has wanted to raise the level of the sport over the past four decades and today announced that the winners will receive one million prize, which represents another milestone," said Stacey Allaster, president of the WTA and CEO. "One of the major events in professional tennis for just this attention to the players and the willingness to innovate and expand the boundaries of success," he added.

Adam Helfant, President of the ATP, said: "The ATP World Tour is stronger than ever - both on the track and in economic terms. It's great that events like this are at the forefront in recognizing the players in this way by the great interest and value will continue to promote the sport.'s awards a million dollars is a testament to the growth and success of the event which is held for more than 35 years. "

Peja Stojakovic announces his retirement

Repeated back problems have been undermining the morale of forward Peja Stojakovic slowly but irresistibly. Hampered by physical problems, the Serbian player has said enough. Abandon the practice of basketball at age 34.

It does this through the front door, having achieved the ring with the Dallas Mavericks last season. Stojakovic's role in the conference semifinals against the Lakers was crucial to drive the knee to the then champions of the NBA.

Fans remain forever in the retina the image of the effective and unusual shooting mechanics and surgical precision of Stojakovic, who took part, along with Chris Webber, Vlade Divac, Doug Christie and Jason Williams one of the most exciting quintets recent history of the best league in the world. Those Sacramento Kings in the early 2000s, the country captivated by his daring and formidable team play.

Stojakovic is removed with a 40.1% accuracy in three-point regular league (1,760 in 4392). It has also been a champion triple Contest (2002 and 2003) and three-time All Star Feroz shooter and unrepentant rival, the eaves of Pozega has given unforgettable moments throughout his 13 seasons and 804 games in the U.S. The success from the free throw line has also been another of his arguments to mow down opponents: 2,237 of 2,500 cast converted (89.5%).

Maybe his hunger has been satiated after achieving the title of 'Mavs'. Anyway, in Sacramento, New Orleans / Oklahoma, Toronto and Dallas, franchises in which he played, not easily forget his name. Remove the Pozega gunner, but the legend was born.

The Big Three of Oklahoma with a Mavs can not force the machine

The guard James Harden led the charge winning the Oklahoma City Thunder 87-83 to beat the Dallas Mavericks in the second preseason game in a row that both teams played Sunday before the opening of the NBA regular season.

Harden had 13 points, seven rebounds and five assists, while point guard Russell Westbrook came forward 12 and Kevin Durant scored 10 for the three Thunder players who had double digits.

The victory and sweep of the Thunder allowed to take revenge on the elimination of suffering in the past Western Conference finals and prepared for the first regular season game that will play on Christmas Day in their field of Oklahoma City Arena, with the Orlando Magic.

The Spanish power forward Serge Ibaka again became a starter with the Thunder to provide four points after scoring May 2 shots, did not go to the line staff, grabbed three rebounds, put two plugs and recovered the ball at 18 minutes he was on track.

The victory of the Thunder this time occurred despite the Mavericks had their training under the wing star, German Dirk Nowitzki , who had not played in the first game between both teams and the team that lost 92-106 Dallas.

The presence of Nowitzki and guard Jason Kidd, who had not played in the first game, did not change the history of the Thunder took control in the first three quarters of play until the fourth reacted with partial Mavericks 30-13 .

The stranger Jerome Randle added 17 basis points to be the leader of the attack of the Mavericks also had the support of power forward Brandan Wright to get 12 points with four rebounds.

Nowitzki, who provided and Kidd, who was three, did not play the entire fourth quarter, as it did during the Thunder.

The Mavericks, NBA champions, began on Christmas Day title defense when they meet in their field of American Airlines Center, the Miami Heat to the Finals was defeated in the past.

Rudy Fernandez opens in luxury as a substitute Nuggets

Rudy Fernandez opened the shirt of the Nuggets, in NBA preseason game in a match where his new team beat the Suns 127-110.

The Spanish guard was presented to the public of the Pepsi Center with 8 points, 3 steals and 2 ATTENDANCE in 20 minutes, being by far the most minute substitute on the floor was George Karl, who rotated at a whopping 15 players in a classic preseason game.

Rudy went to 5:56 minutes to conclude the first quarter to make his debut when George Karl put it into the field by the Russian pivot Timofey Mozgov.

Rudy, passed last week by the Mavericks, missed the first shot to the basket when he took a couple minutes on the field, but it recovered the ball to Sebastian Telfair base and forced the staff to record their first two points with the Nuggets and 3:30 minutes before the end of the room.

The points scored by Rudy gave the Nuggets 23-20 favorable partial and Mallorca player also provided an assist to forward Al Harrington.

Ty Lawson (21 points and 7 rebounds) and Danillo Gallinari (15 points) were the highlights of some Nuggets who did not play Afflalo (Rudy fierce competition to get playing time) and have shown that this course again be faithful to a style of fast and dynamic game that can be adapted perfectly to the characteristics of Rudy Fernandez.

Marcin Gortat (14 points and 8 rebounds), who broke his finger, was the best of a Suns where Steve Nash had 11 points and 5 assists.

Chris Paul blows the audience

The curiosity that has led to the signing of Chris Paul for the Clippers and their first meeting the team wanted him, Los Angeles Lakers, shot hearings last Monday's meeting.

Such has been the degree of expectation of the duel, which ended in victory for the Clippers 95-114 , which has become the most watched in the history of the NBA preseason TV. Up to 509,000 people gathered in front of the television to watch the derby Angelina.

Chris Paul finished with 17 points and nine assists in a severe correction to the purple and gold. The Clippers have been transmuted into a more attractive sets and electrifying campaign. Blake Griffin, Caron Butler and DeAndre Jordan completed a template that dreams shattered all records.

The previous record TV audience of NBA preseason was held by the clash between the Heat and Pistons of October 10, 2010. On that occasion inched past the half million viewers.

The main complaint of the Miami-Detroit was contemplating for the first time, the 'Big Three' of the Heat in action after the signing of LeBron James by Florida that summer.

Rose going to win more than 2 million thanks to LeBron 'Derrick Rose Rule'

Derrick Rose has accepted the offer of renewal was offered the Bulls, as published by ESPN.

The youngest MVP in NBA history 94.8 million charge for five seasons .

The official confirmation will occur after a press conference to which managers are called Bulls and coach (Tom Thibodeau).

Rose's salary would amount to nearly $ 95 million over 5 years, thanks to a new normal collective agreement recently signed in which it allows certain rookies receive a salary of more than 30% salary cap signed to reward performance.

This new rule is known as the 'Derrick Rose Rule' , since the base is the best example of it.

Man Bulls franchise will have a salary level of the likes of superstar Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol or Amare Stoudamire.

Rose charged 2 million more per year than LeBron James.

Magic: "Kobe Pau and Bynum needs to have a perfect year"

The loss by 95-114 in the first preseason game they have played the Lakers, let the reaction of the legendary Magic Johnson, speaking to reporters, said the need for more aid to Kobe Bryant by the Spanish Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum .

According to Johnson, who held a teleconference with reporters, if the Lakers want this season to return as a team with aspirations, both Gasol and Bynum must do their best basketball in both individual and team.

"Bryant is really convinced that they need all the help from Gasol and Bynum to then be able to choose at certain times to be the leader and master," said Johnson. "It's going to need help, and this season more than anything, if you want to be a team with aspirations to get the league title."

Johnson explained his argument on the fact that Bryant, 33, has already undergone four operations on his knees from the 2003 season, the last this summer in Germany, and that means you have to get help if you want to get sixth ring champion.

"Both Gasol and Bynum should have years perfect because Bryant can not take full responsibility for him only," said Johnson, who also recalled the fact that Bryant will play its sixteenth season in the NBA. "You can not expect that every night is the figure and take full responsibility for the team."

The former star of the Lakers, who also won five rings with the Lakers and sold his share of shares held, will continue this season as an analyst for ABC and ESPN, which will pre-game segment from studios in Los Angeles.

Johnson insisted that Bryant was very important to give confidence and motivate both Gasol and Bynum so it must be something more than an emotional leader.

"It has to show leadership on and off the field to be closer to these players, especially in training and in the locker room," Johnson assessed. "Lamar Odom's departure has left a great void in the workforce at all levels."

Odom, after the failed attempt to transfer to the New Orleans Hornets with the base Gasol Chris Paul, said he wanted to continue with the Lakers and was traded to the Dallas Mavericks who took charge of his contract of 8.9 million dollars and a lottery pick in the first university in 2012.

Johnson said that the blame of failure of the transfer of Paul was not Jim Buss, the son of Lakers owner or general manager Mitch Kupchak, who said he had to give them credit because they tried to get a great player and NBA commissioner David Stern, the "veto."

Although the Lakers failed to Paul, Johnson said he was thrilled to have Los Angeles as a player the Hornets exbase then got traded to the Clippers.

The Clippers last night they beat the Lakers 114-95, who tried to see how team chemistry works with the absence of Odom and under new coach Mike Brown, who is replacing the legendary Phil Jackson.

"No doubt the Clippers will be better team, but they still have several years before they can beat the Lakers, with Bryant, Gasol, Bynum and Fisher have shown that they are true champions," said Johnson.

The legendary former player for the Lakers also recognized that the best team in the Eastern Conference was the Miami Heat, while the West, would be the team to beat Oklahoma City Thunder.

Weigh down injuries to Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry

Paul Pierce (Celtics), Kobe Bryant (Lakers) and Stephen Curry (Warriors) will be out injured for the next preseason game . They could even miss the start of the regular season.

A severe contusion on the heel during the first full training at Boston has left the star KO. "Yes, I'm worried about Pierce's injury. We want to rest," said Doc Rivers, coach of Massachusetts at . It's completely ruled out its participation in the preseason game against Toronto on Wednesday.

Kobe Bryant, meanwhile, became a sprained right wrist during a set with DeAndre Jordan in the match that the Lakers lost to the Clippers 95-114. Nor will, almost certainly, in the second assault on California neighbors, reports LA Times .

The Golden State player Stephen Curry sprained his ankle against the Kings and it seems unlikely that force recovery for the second pre-season friendly.

George Karl: "Rudy can be like JR Smith, but more sane"

The season is being developed by the path I had drawn in his head George Karl. The Denver Nuggets coach has expressed his excitement with the new project and the latest additions. "I think Rudy can be like JR Smith, but something more sane," Karl said in the radio station KKFN Denver .

Mallorcan guard, which on Tuesday has eight points and three assists in his debut win over the Phoenix Suns (127-110) , has supplied the American, who signed during the 'lockout' a one-year contract with Zhejiang Golden Bulls in the league in China.

Talented, uncontrollable and equally controversial, JR Smith has been slow to gain a reputation for unruly in the Asian country.

Rudy Fernandez, meanwhile, is confident in their abilities and encouraged with this new challenge in his NBA career. "I want to play freely and fit in the system of George Karl," he said last Thursday at the Denver Post . "Running and counterattack is best for my features," he said.

The Bulls could offer Korver and Boozer in exchange for Pau Gasol

When it seemed that the calmer waters down to Pau Gasol in the Lakers after his trade to the Hornets vetoed a new rumor puts into question the future of Spanish in purple and gold.

The Bulls, the team stronger bid for Pau Gasol when he was just the Grizzlies before being traded to the Lakers, it appears that returns to the charge by the Spanish years later.

As reported in the web '' , and that includes '' , the Bulls Lakers study provide the shooter Kyle Korver and burly Carlos Boozer in exchange for the Spanish power forward.

For this hypothetical materialize Pau Gasol transfer form one of the best interiors of the NBA partners with Noah (a complementary player in the style of Spanish) and share a dressing room with Derrick Rose, the youngest MVP in NBA history.

This rumor comes just days after the exclusive interview with Pau Gasol in Mark in which he confessed his desire to follow in the Lakers: "retire on the Lakers was my intention. I understand that I decide, of course (laughs) but from the first day I got my intention was to fulfill my contract. I honor what I sign. And if you have to go get out of here, I will be the player I've always been. There is no more. "

McLaren MP4-27 presented on February 1

McLaren presented on February 1 the new car, the 'MP4-27', as the team has revealed in a statement that will take place exactly where the coming-out of your new car. "We will present the 'MP4-27' on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Where? Will keep the location secret until after the new year. Who does not like surprises at Christmas?" Reads the statement from the Woking team.

In addition, the equipment needs to give more details in early January and the car will be ready to roll in the first training camp from 7 to 9 February in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).

Although the new regulations impact tests will be harder next season and some teams were thought to bet on their new cars slow down to allow more time for development, both Ferrari and McLaren and Red Bull will be in first practice .

So far, only Mercedes GP has confirmed that miss the first test and submit his car during the second practice session in Barcelona, ​​starting on February 21.

Alonso announced that separates from Raquel del Rosario

Fernando Alonso said in a statement his broken marriage with singer Raquel del Rosario. The Spanish rider puts an end to their marriage after five years of marriage. So reads the press release:

Fernando Alonso and Raquel del Rosario Díaz Macías

After five years of marriage, we decided to end our relationship as a couple.

Is a very thoughtful and taken by mutual agreement. We parted as marriage, but never as friends, as it is among us a very good relationship of affection and mutual admiration and always we will ensure the happiness of others.

With this statement, addressed to all people who follow our careers, we want to avoid any speculation about our decision. Through it, we turn to the media once again respect our personal lives, which, as you know, we have always desired to protect.


Raquel and Fernando

Del Rosario Alonso and secretly married in November 2006, the year of the Spaniard's last title in Formula 1, shortly after they met in 'The Stringer'.

Most of the time the couple lived in Switzerland. There has always been very secretive about their relationship. In 2009 already speculated for the first time a separation, but it was not Alonso denounced and Antena 3, which had to compensate with 73,000 euros.

Newey: "We have broken toy"

Adrian Newey, chief designer of Red Bull, made the latest changes to the car of 2012 champion squad at the factory in Milton Keynes. The British complained bitterly about the recent decisions by the FIA ​​in which it has changed the rules to even more competition.

"We have broken the toy," he says referring to RB7. "We have taken a step back. I do not have an advantage," he said referring to the prohibition of blown diffusers 2012.

The engineer, however, hopes to repeat the successes of the past two seasons. "Luckily we Vettel. Do not sleep on our laurels," he says in 'La Gazzetta dello Sport ".

Atletico has an agreement with Simeone

Atletico Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, who resigned Tuesday as coach of Racing de Avellaneda, have an agreement to replace the former player Gregorio Manzano rojiblanco. Will become official when the current coach of the club and be separate parties meanwhile remain silent.

The 'Cholo' and appeared in the pools of potential substitutes for Gregorio Manzano, who seems to have counted the hours in the rojiblanco, and his resignation of Racing you closer to Vicente Calderón.

As reported in the press in Argentina, Natalia, sister and representative Simeone, was commissioned to inform Rodolfo Molina, president and next vice president of the club, while Gaston Cogorno, new president of the Academy, tried unsuccessfully to convince the Argentine coach to continue as coach hours after ensuring its continuity at the helm of Racing.

Mourinho: "If this Real Madrid play in another League won it easy"

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said that when they play with Barcelona think "them", but only at the time, while highlighting the role of their own in this year: "Failure is not to be leaders, reach the semifinals of Champions, winning the Cup, have been the best team now in the group stage ...".

The Portuguese is clear that "if the Real Madrid play in another League won it easy. Has merit what we are doing, we are competing with them, we won a title and now prints above. If we had an opponent would have a less good job much easier, "he said.

Mourinho also congratulated Barca's recent Club World Cup, but "it is much more important to win the Champions partidillo those two. Anyway, I congratulate them."

Speaking of Tuesday's game against Ponferradina commented that "2-0 is not a definitive result. If we score first, everything is very open. If they had hope, much more if they get ahead," he said of the party in which the squad Married will start, as Granero.

"I have to have confidence in those who play less, I only have reason to be so. Casado will own and Joselu, Nacho and a goalkeeper on the bench squad. Granero also going to play, that whenever he gets his chance do well. It is a professional and Madrid. I hope to play seriously, as usual, "Mou said.

Mourinho also commented that "we are doing very well, and we demonstrated against Sevilla. These six months have been very good."

'The Special One' spoke of competition between Benzema and Higuain, "We fit all. Benzema is fine for some time and the same goes for Higuain. Karim was a great match in Seville, although not marked, also Higuain Ponferrada. Both feel useful, that's the most important. "

Xavi: "This generation is here to stay"

Xavi was one of the major players in the final on Sunday. The party of Terrassa made a spectacular party taking control at all times and also had the luxury of scoring a goal and an assist to give Messi. He has won almost everything and now have the opportunity to get the Golden Ball

"We've done a great match, we dominated the first to the last minute. It was excellent. I am happy, not just the result and the title, but by how we played football. We have given our best side, we have mastered the Santos our philosophy, our way of playing house brand and that in the starting 9 of the 11 players out of the quarry is awesome. It's a show to be on this team, "said the footballer.

Under the guidance of Guardiola, this team has won 13 of the 16 possible titles. Many thought that his ambition would lose strength after so many successes, but the reality is that absolutely nothing has gone down: "There are always new goals, it is true that this is a great cycle, but there is always room for improvement because the team wants to keep winning . An athlete never loses the will to win. Do not lose the hunger. This generation still has here to stay, continue to give joy. Some who have been here many years we have lived the other side of the coin and not a good time " .

One of the great surprises of Sunday's game was the approach of Guardiola. The coach decided to play with no front and populate the field with seven central midfielders. The bet came out round. It is not the first time that such technical risks in such an important game.

"Guardiola has much to do in victory, I would say almost everything. For his work and have analyzed how the game we had the superiority in the field through the ball and having the superiority in the midfield. The coach always works every detail, leaving nothing to chance, "said the player of Terrassa.

Farewell to Hector 'Pigeon' Nunez

Hector Nunez died on Monday in Madrid at the age of 75 years the victim of a long and painful illness. The Uruguayan noted as a player and coach. On both sides shone in the Spanish League championship.

Former Uruguayan player and coach in the first division debut for his country at age 19 in the Club Nacional de Montevideo, which reached three titles. From there he jumped to Europe where he achieved two Fairs Cups with the shirt of Valencia, who also directed from the bench in 1994.

In the Mestalla club as a player was militating six seasons. Nunez midfielder playing out as the right lane. He was a player with the ball (got 14 goals in season 1960-61).

As a coach, sat on the benches of Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid and Valencia (first division). He also led the Silver Division of Hercules, Tenerife, Valladolid, Granada and Las Palmas.

However, Nunez's name is linked closely with Uruguay. Besides joining the Nacional became a bellwether for the Celeste throughout his life. While his last job was renowned as a coach to lead his country to conquer the Copa America in 1995, achieved in Montevideo against Brazil. Also won the American Cup with Nacional in 1989. Additionally, Nunez was the coach of Costa Rica in 1992.

Nicknamed the pigeon landed in Spain in 59 years through Valencia. He was one of the mainstays of che set along six seasons he played 123 games for converting 40 goals. His last club in Spain, 65-66 season was the Mallorca, with whom he played 24 games and scored six goals.

Nunez earned a deserved reputation as a coach in Spain. He passed by many teams, but where was stalled deep in Hercules, which entity was in two distinct stages. He directed the picture from Alicante in the 1994-95 season and after 1997 to 1999. Indeed, last year's farewell was the Uruguayan coach.

Hector Nunez also noted as a sports analyst. In fact, working for brands. In our daily columnist and served as senator.

Alves: "partidillo? Jealousy is very bad"

Barca defender Daniel Alves now heavily loaded against Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, to disparage the achievements of the Barcelona and said that "envy is very bad," and that "we are world champions and that upset."

"I always say that Mourinho is a person who plays his role and is always underestimate what they can accomplish the rest. It seems that only has value you earn it. Jealousy is very bad," has criticized the Brazilian.

In the presentation of a bracelet solidarity with the Global Humanitarian NGOs, whose profits will go to Juazeiro, his hometown in Brazil, Alves recalled: "We are the best in the world and the numbers are there, who it hurts it hurts" .

Alves has referred to statements yesterday Mourinho, who said he preferred to win the Champions League rather than "a couple of partidillo", referring to the Club World Cup won by Barca in Japan.

"This is who are the current world champions and that upset," said Alves. "We are not bothered about the Madrid because we feel inferior to them and, if you are not inferior to that criticism, do not mind."

"But it has colored-bother-are continually discrediting what we do. There's always a but, a why, that's all I do not understand. But I understand that this war is lost, the field is where we try to look good" .

In this sense, Alves said Neymar statements after the defeat in the final World Cup. "Hopefully Neymar may come. I've always said, is invitadísimo to this house and if my part was, I had brought, for bring something different, something special."

"Probably the best club in which to develop its best," he pointed Alves, leaving a last sentence in the face of Real Madrid. " The praise of Neymar will not see Real Madrid. They are not humble enough to do it. "

Alves describes as "spectacular" balance of his team this year. "We will match people with much more quality time, so eager to continue to enjoy the fans, with a view to keep winning titles. Sometimes missing adjectives to decipher so much joy and honor to be part of this club," Alves explained.

Guardiola Praise
Not only had the words to his fellow Brazilian, but also to his coach, Pep Guardiola. "The merit of having achieved return is football," he asserted.

"He went from being a sport in which people had fun being resultadista responsibly, and that's not liked, it was not very showy. What he has done is to get this Pep. Compete to win, but what is the reconciliation has recovered the play well and do enjoy people, "he admitted.

That is why Alves has relied on Santpedor coach many more years to stay in the Catalan club because "we know that without Guardiola would not be the great team we are and we had not won so many titles."

"Our main goal is to stay here Pep for a long time because it is the heart of this team, the club," stressed the defense, who will train with the team until day 22, although that will not play against L 'Hospitalet that day in Copa del Rey, and then go on vacation to Brazil.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feliciano succumbs to Simon French in Bilbao

The Spanish Feliciano Lopez (20 ATP) has fallen in Sunday's final IV Tennis Masters Bilbao to Frenchman Gilles Simon (12), which has been imposed by a double 6-4 after about an hour and a half of fighting track on the new black this year has released Miribilla Arena Bilbao.

Simon is the first foreigner to win the exhibition tournament Bilbao, which happens on the track record to Fernando Verdasco, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Tommy Robredo, winning in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on.

Despite opting in just two sets and no 'sudden death' through the party has been very tight and has been very attractive to the large audience that gathered at the court of Bilbao.

One of the reasons why Feliciano has given victory to his rival has been because the Frenchman has taken much better breakpoints service that has set. Thus, while Toledo has only taken advantage of one of the six who had (17 percent), Simon has done with three of the four who has enjoyed (75 percent).

The meeting began with two 'break' in a row, the second one in favor of Feliciano won their first two games blank. They were the best moments of his tennis, which, although held out as the rest of the match, he lost the strength and determination that kept her rival.

The key to the first set fell French side was that Simon took his chance in the seventh game and missed Feli yours in the sixth and tenth, which closed the first set with a 'rod' in Spanish.

Still was a more even second set in which the Toledo declined to budge when it seemed beaten with 5-4 and 40-15 against. He fought the unspeakable in that last game, but ended up giving in to a Simon also more clearly and, again, had taken the option to break the service of Lopez that appeared in the seventh game.

Feliciano, on September 1 in its development traced almost to the first, but with more strength of both players on serve, again wasting two good opportunities to rest. This time in the eighth and tenth game.

In the end, Toledo could not close as expected a splendid tournament in turn, with victories in the quarterfinals and semifinals before the peers with which just added a new Davis Cup for Spain, Marcel Granollers and David Ferrer.

Simon, meanwhile, has been the 'beret' reserved for the winner today confirming the good time playing Friday and Saturday proved to overcome, both with relative ease, Marc Fornell, who came from the previous one, and Nicolas Almagro.

Rudy achieved his first 'double double' in Denver: 20 points and 10 assists

20 points, 10 assists and three steals with 6 triples in 11 attempts. This has been the calling card of Rudy Fernandez with the Nuggets in an open-door training held at the Pepsi Center to more than 4,000 people. The NBA, as expected, and Masai Ujiri George Karl, general manager, has responded. "It's an explosive scorer" that "fits perfectly in Denver," Rudy said of his bosses .

The NBA has had little time to train with his new teammates after being traded by Dallas and Denver arriving late because of problems with his visa, but has left its high quality samples and although Koufos scored 24 points, the only player who was more Rudy was plugged Al Harrington had 17 points in just 18 minutes.

Rudy, with the blue team, scored 11 points in the first part of a party that had some light-hearted, open house, about players to fans, etc. team presentation. And little defense at times as said George Karl, coach of the Nuggets: "Sometimes I got the feeling that he was an All Star."

The first official game of preseason will be 20 against Phoenix (22 repeats) and the debut in the 2011-12 season will be against Dallas on February 26.

Rudy, "an explosive scorer" that "fits perfectly in Denver"

"I want Rudy to be an explosive scorer off the bench." George Karl is clear about the role expected of the NBA's Nuggets and so far seems to have accomplished in the first test with 20 points and 10 assists, scoring 6 of 11 triples in training who tried to open door.

"He's had some good seasons in the NBA, and here I think it will bind the opportunity to fit the personality of our team," Denver coach stressed after one of the workouts.

Depending on what happens to Arron Afflalo, Rudy could Athens most prominence, but Karl says the Spaniard "will Minutes" and will seek to fit the combination partner Afflalo, Lawson, Andre Miller and Rudy. "For our style of play is important to open space on the field."

Who's also pleased with Rudy's Masai Ujiri. The Nuggets general manager says, in a statement that includes the Denver Post that "I know very well after years of scouting Rudy international and fits in our system. Corre, strip and will supply the void left by JR Smith".

The fans of Magic appeals to a chord of 'Superman' Howard not to leave

The followers of the Magic went to the Amway Center to watch the first practice open to the public by his team and took the opportunity to give their support to the star power forward Dwight Howard, although it has asked to be transferred .

Besides giving support with shouts and applause, the more than 9,000 spectators who attended the field of Magic also asked 'Superman' to stay with the team and the city of Orlando.

Howard, who spent seven seasons with the Magic, made his first appearance before fans since he requested the transfer on Saturday and responded with a big smile to all expressions of support expressed in signs recorded from a website "StayDwight. com "to simply" Dwight, please stay ".

The player admitted that he knew what could be expected after all the negative things that were said about him in social networks.

"We all thought we'd have a different scenario, but now what to do in preparing for the new season and start it positively," said Howard, who on Thursday insisted that nothing had changed on his request to be transferred.

Howard's agent, Dan Fegan, has the permission from Magic general manager Otis Smith, to be able to negotiate a possible transfer with Nets, Lakers and Mavericks.

The Magic, if not make the transfer and do not get the contract extension by Howard, the conclusion of the 2011-2012 regular season the player will become an unrestricted free agent.

Howard acknowledged the standing ovation he received from the fans when he was introduced to the rest of the companions was something very special.

"I was thrilled," said Howard. "It's nice to see the reaction we have had and that from the first day that I said I liked and loved this city."

Howard also recalled that when he arrived in the league knew his team as "Orlando Tragic" and pledged to change that perspective so that never uses the word "tragic."

Pau Gasol to Mark: "I have said I do not cross"

QUESTION. How are you? Has the sun gone?
RESPONSE. A little calmer. I'm trying to focus on the team, things I must do to complete the best season possible. I try to be positive and to get good readings from bad situations.

P. What is the best time possible after its most atypical season?
A. Well, play at a high level collectively and individually and that this will lead us where we need to go.

P. Where?
R. Our aspirations are still maximum. I never thought otherwise since I came to the Lakers.

P. I'd like to take the view a few days ago, on a film rewind may not like. It premiered on December 8. How do you say will leave the Lakers in a transfer?
A. I told the manager, Mitch Kupchak. He said he had been talking to other teams and that there were real opportunities to come out in a trade for another player. There are always rumors, but you never think that eventually become reality. After tell me if I thought it was true, that could happen. I appreciated the honesty to tell me because many times you hear the last. Teams do not usually take that deal. Do not transmit anything unless it is done and you have to put to pack.

P. I can not imagine his face.
R. Man, I picked up a little by surprise. I was thinking. I've always tried to keep a cool head throughout this ordeal, especially to be positive, because everything was out of my control and my reach. Do not worry about things I can not control. I thought, "If I stay, try to be the best player possible and if I go somewhere else, will the same thing." That is, try to remain the same as ever or what I have been throughout my career where I've been there.

P. Their position is logical, but I think it took so leave the Lakers, and with it the chance to fight for the ring, to play on a losing team with no major goals or reconstruction.
A. Not the first time . I've been to the Grizzlies, who did not reach 30 wins and eventually we got in the playoffs and got 50. It would be a strange situation for me. Yes I have to admit that a change would have been difficult to assimilate.

P. How did the hours following the revelation of Kupchak, when it seemed that he had been traded to Houston and then everything changed by the veto of the NBA?
R. Internet was pending in front of the computer to see who announced something.

P. I can hardly think of the scene: a Spanish sports legend in front of a screen that will tell you eventually where to play. Viva Hollywood!.
R. Thus. In Hoopshype and saw that it was done. And actually was. Then the NBA stopped operating. They were times of trouble. Also pending was mobile. I was hoping someone in the franchise I called to confirm the transaction. But it rang. The hours went by until it stopped everything. I was with friends and my brother Marc They clothed me in those moments of uncertainty.

P. Then there was the 'media day' of the Lakers and the NBA said it was becoming a business and less a sport.
A. Yes. Right now, the new agreement, in the franchise is taken into account the financial system. The templates with several players with very high contracts are strongly affected and punished by the new agreement. So I said this. I meant that it is not so much about sports or basketball teams but to make ends meet.

P. But Pau, could be interpreted as a criticism of the transfer system itself or the NBA, so lucrative in many cases, including yours.
R. also. That has always existed, but now I think that trend will accentuate the economic issue. The new agreement conditions much more to the time of making templates and transfers will occur that will be difficult to explain except from that perspective. That's what I meant. If I paid less, not so much my presence would challenge the Lakers. I have three years left on his contract with very large quantities, I think with the seventh best NBA contract. My franchise is over the salary cap. The new agreement punishes a lot. So I said what I said.

P. Have you been good?
R. [laughs]. No, because no human being can feel well, and yes. We all know that at any time in the NBA you can cross, sometimes with positive consequences as in 2008 when I left Memphis, and sometimes with negative consequences if they finally salts and land where you are on a machine with lower aspirations. It is something that can happen.
I was lucky enough to play only two teams in the NBA, the Grizzlies and Lakers. There are players who go through eight, nine and 10 teams. I am privileged and I do not care about things that do not depend on me. Try to help the team achieve its goals by controlling the things I can control: training each day, helping my teammates and giving everything on the track.

P. He says that the reason the Lakers can transfer is the new covenant and high contract. Do not you too said its performance in recent playoffs?
R. It is clear that the performance of the last three weeks of last season was not good. If it had ended differently, we would not be so. But the reality is what it is and plays dealing with it. What happened last season can not be changed. What I can change is trying to improve that and help the team do its best to meet the targets.

P. Do you still have the desire to retire in the Lakers?
A. Well, that was my intention. I decide not understand, obviously [laughs], but from the first day I got my intention was to fulfill my contract. I honor what I sign. And if you have to go get out of here, I will be the player I've always been. No more.

P. Do not need to be told that you want?
R. I have been told not to cross me, the chances of a transfer are very small, minimal. But should there be an interesting opportunity for them and if they believe they can improve the team in the short, medium or long term because they will do, but that is something that can happen forever. Now, in February or June. I do not think peace has hundred percent, but if the season starts and I begin to do what I have to do my job and I make my computer safe position will be strengthened.

P. So it must be by now Pau Gasol?
R. Every day you have to show your talent, your professionalism and your desire to work. Every day, around the world.

P. Explain what the plan is sporting the Lakers, if they do, because the movements do not seem successful
A. I would say yes they have it.

P. As if to say no.
R. The strategy did not know. I quite I have with train horns and break each day to start the season to cap a year that will play 66 games in 120 days. I do not think beyond or on things that are not my competition. Those are things that are not in my hand.

P. It was a way of introducing the subject of transfer, to my mind incomprehensible, Lamar Odom to Dallas. Is not it a bad move?
R. [Silence]. Lamar and I did not take the opportunity to go to another team. He understood that he had been disrespected after so many years in Los Angeles and its contribution to the team. He got very upset and asked for the transfer, preferably to a team with aspirations. He ended up in Dallas. I wish we had followed us. Miss you, wherever you are and wherever it is I, Lamar Lamar player and person. Last season was the best of his career. It was unique things on the court.

P. What you are doing with Mike Brown? Do they change much the Lakers?
A. Yes, change. I do well, the coaching staff has been very excited and looking forward with great energy and making the team work hard. Mike pays attention to basic details of the game and I'm happy in that sense. Seems to rely heavily on the inside of the computer game, know that there are major players in there and great.

P. And what these new Lakers aim?
R. At all.

P. In all these days, is not Kobe Bryant expected to tuck a little more?
R. Kobe and thanked when I had not been pierced. He told me that the fact was not out or continue in range, but has sent me is very happy to continue here. And we must not give too many turns.

Troy Murphy, a replacement for Lamar Odom on the Lakers

The power forward Troy Murphy has reached an agreement with the Lakers. Murphy has signed a contract year for the minimum amount for veterans, $ 1,350,000, and comes to Los Angeles to tuck Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom to replace . Is an addition to and tried to do last season but ultimately did not materialize.

Murphy signed with the Lakers after a poor season by the Nets and Boston because of injuries, although he was a player who dazzled the NBA for several seasons in Golden State Warriors and Inidiana with big rebounds and triple averages.

Despite his 2.11, is a good shooter, and a player who can contribute much to the Lakers following the departure of Odom, something that has stood Pau Gasol on ESPN: "It's a good player. It has long range shot and can score with consistency from long range and very experienced. "

Domenicali: "Even Santa Claus knows what our wish"

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari sporting director, yesterday had a video chat with fans from Maranello Ferrari and said the new model, there is no name yet, you're ready "for the first week of February, that is the goal. There signs that this is a competitive machine, but that the track will have the last word . I tell my people that they go home thinking that there is nothing done and continue squeezing every night. "

Fernando Alonso is these days in Maranello simulator already working with the new parameters of the car. To have risked putting pieces Domenicali 2012 in the final races of 2011 now pays off. "In Brazil put new front wing was risky but correct, because we could see small problems that would not have seen until later , "he acknowledged.

The Italian leader again recognized, as it did in summer, the brilliant designer Rory Byrne is lending a hand in the process and stressed the importance it has had on car design the new standard on leaks and placement. Engineers are what has made ​​it clear: "to make sure not to underestimate any area of development, we must have an efficient car from the aerodynamic standpoint, the big problem we have suffered this season . We do not want any surprises at the start year, only to return to where we belong. "

Stefano praised the 2011 season as "not enough", but understands that might have come more wins than the one of Fernando in England . "There has been a high performance car in qualifying, but in the race, in certain situations was very strong." He would not blame, and less to Aldo Costa, former technical chief starts his new adventure in Mercedes, but insisted that Ferrari will continue to reorganize the organization "with new changes that will follow from next year. If we are successful with the hiring of Pat Fry, only time will tell. "

Domenicali admitted that for the future have an eye on Jules Bianchi, the tester, and in Sergio Perez, favorite to get into the car in 2013, but passed over the hints of a possible arrival of Robert Kubica. "It's part of the game, all pilots are placed in Ferrari ever" . And Massa? "We expect a great revival of Philip, is very important, fundamental."

He also had a memory for the return of Raikkonen, the defending champion with Ferrari. "This is spectacular news for the World Cup. Kimi's return brings talent and we are glad because it gave us an extraordinary World "he recalls. "But I think our main rivals will again be the usual, Mercedes carrying a couple of years back, but has a great pair of pilots, Red Bull because it has a great starting point, the two World Cups, and McLaren because it is always strong ".

Finally, Domenicali admitted that Ferrari out of the FOTA (Teams Association) was due to the lack of agreement on how to reduce costs and has been produced with the aim of shaking something the situation in a year the Concorde Agreement will be renegotiated as they expire at the end of 2012.

Madrid, capital F1

Formula 1 has become one of these dates in Madrid holiday temptations. Separated by only 1,300 meters, known as the Golden Mile in Madrid, opened their doors two spaces dedicated to two teams as diverse as Ferrari and Spanish HRT.

In the case of HRT is a whole plant in Varlion new store that opens its doors on the street Lagasca, 75. The prestigious firm Hispano, famous for its lines of pole and paddle, has signed an agreement to supply sports equipment for next season's Formula 1 team, to pilots and mechanics and engineers.

As new managers HRT silently but relentlessly, do not stitch without thread, have taken advantage of the synergy of the new space for a car last season, seen from the street for several days with great detail .

A car that can be used as touring throughout Spain and is the better claim then have its extension inside. Next to the car, and above the plant pole clothes, paddle courts, a space is created in the image and likeness of a racetrack.

The shelves shall be placed where the clothes are made with aluminum leaks, the soil is of a box of a circuit, guard rails are used to separate table spaces and even as a customer and a piano separates the main room of an area for entertaining and socializing.

is also decorated pistons, brakes and various spare parts and there are even exposed some in poor condition after an accident, so the nod to the amateur is palpable.

All this waiting for Varlion culminates the design and manufacture of new colors and styles of clothing, which will debut in the first preseason test in Jerez and will have a Spanish accent, which is the leitmotif of the new owners , These, since they took over the team in last July. Still engaged in a process of constant image enhancement and this is the penultimate step.

Also on the team will try to exploit the specific weight and the pull Pedro de la Rosa is among the young and less young, so it is planned to take his own line racing, a limited edition.

But there will be more things than clothes. Other official sponsors products, bags, accessories and a clear goal, to create culture of the Spanish team, a team worthy to meet sponsors and the public and customers to identify with the team.

Alguersuari: "My time in F1 does not stop here"

The former Toro Rosso driver, Alguersuari, was convinced that his time in Formula One is not finished, although it will be "quite difficult" to find a flyer for this season, has admitted Spanish. "I am pondering options, there are things, and soon we will provide news," said Alguersuari in a brief press conference in Granollers, where he met with his club 'fans'.

Alguersuari explained that it is "sad or angry" with Toro Rosso, only "surprised" by a decision that has been known for 50 hours, and has said he is still "owns" their own destiny. "I start a new cycle promising future because I have 21 years, I have met more than my job at Toro Rosso. I went with 19 and I finished with 21. I think I've done a good job, I and my team," he reported.

On the surprising decision of his team without its two pilots, Alguersuari did not want to go into great detail, and has said he bears no grudge against his now former team. "It is good to Toro Rosso. Do not I have any kind of resentment, on the contrary, I thank all that have given me. Were those who chose my entry into Formula 1. Obviously I would have liked to continue. We must be mature, I do not judge whether the decision is good or bad, they will know. I want to make clear that it is a positive message. Every cloud has a silver lining, "said the Spaniard.

The Barcelona is confident that better times will come and he wants to continue pursuing his dream of becoming world champion in Formula One
"I know that will come new news, I know it will come, I feel more relaxed when I was at Toro Rosso. Trust me, by my age because I've done my job, I have not done a bad year, I made ​​a good season. I think my time in F1 does not end here, "he insisted.

Villa he is "excited" by the outpouring of support received

David Villa, who is admitted to a Barcelona hospital waiting to know the date of surgery to solve the fracture suffered in the left tibia, was "thrilled" by the show of support received.

In a note published on its website 'Facebook', Villa says he has read the messages you have sent the fans and thanked them. "Be calm because I have a good rest tonight and I feel much better. I'm happy to be back with my family. And besides, I know I'm in good hands," said Villa in that social network.

The striker, who added the text a photo that is seen in the hospital bed, took the opportunity to thank the doctor Ricard Pruna and institutional relations director Manel Estiarte the support shown for the return trip from Japan. "Without them I do not know what had made the trip back! Is now less to be fine! I will continue to count," said the player.

Villa came on the night of Friday to Barcelona, ​​from Tokyo, and is awaiting the outcome of a series of medical tests to determine when it will have surgery on broken left tibia suffered during the World Cup semi-final of the Club played against Al Sadd Catari.

Messi: "It is not the first time we played well, but as is the World Cup final is valued more"

Leo Messi showed his satisfaction and that of the entire staff of the FC Barcelona after winning the final of Club World Cup in Yokohama on Sunday disputed, saying he was "happy" with what was achieved after making "a great match." "From the first moment we were superior," the Argentine star.

Messi, best player of the tournament, was happy to be back to check again, but noted that "the nicest thing is to win again, and as Pep said, making history with the club."

As the brilliant game displayed by Barcelona and leading up to rivals Santos , Argentina noted that "it is not the first time we played in this way, but as is the World Cup final is valued more if the team is already used to playing well and everybody has seen. "

"This costume is strong and the coach is always upon us, preparing all parties as if they were late, so the motivation is always high and we still have hunger," said Leo, who also wanted to remember the comrades who have not been able to enjoy the final in Yokohama: "Too bad that could not be Tito or Villa. What the gourd was very unlucky. I hope he recovers as soon as possible and arrive in time to play the Euro because it is very important to him and also for Spain ".

Finally, and ask for the figure of Neymar and raised in the media rivalry going into this final, Messi got rid of the question with a simple "Neymar? We welcome the beginning and end of the game."

Barcelona O'Rei

Recital Barca. That may be the best summary of what happened in the World Club final between Santos and Barcelona. Pep Guardiola's team continues to store certificates in their windows and from the first minute of the meeting carried the weight of the match. Again demonstrated its dramatic punch and doubly Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Cesc were the scorers before the whole "Peixe."

The outline of the Barca coach was clear. Given the defensive web of Santos , Pep opted to play with a defense of three to have more presence in midfield and attack. That decision began to bear fruit soon. Chances fell on the side of Barcelona and goalkeeper Rafael Cabral had a hard day of work. It was a matter of time before Barca team opened the can.

With that scenario Santos was charged with kickbacks to try to hurt the club. However, the set of Muricy Ramalho did not with the key and never stopped running after the ball. A goal from Messi opened the light . And what a goal! Xavi Hernandez attended the Argentine after dropping the ball with the heel and the 'Flea', coolly, itchy scalp over Santos goalkeeper. Primorosa goal .

The very Xavi Hernandez , who returned to get even more ballots in the ballot box to win the FIFA Golden Ball , joined the party with a little. The Spanish international was given a low pass from Dani Alves and only had to shoot Cabral. The isolated attacks constantly encountered Santos Victor Valdes who turned one whenever it is needed. Before the break, Cesc Fabregas Sticking to the 'Peixes' to take advantage of a rejection.

Ramalho harangued his men in the locker room to die with his boots on and Santos jumped in the second with more attitude, but Barca went on with his monologue football and did not give any option to its rival.

When the final dying and Leo Messi outstanding rounded off the scoring after a defensive error Brazil. The 'Flea' is replanted in front of the goalie and with a tiny gesture Cabral dribbled ankle to score at will. The Argentine repertoire seems limitless.

Neymar, absent
the day was not Neymar. The Saints star was beaten by a very compact and had no cracks. The first part of the Brazilian international was to forget. He did not shoot on goal and could only cause yellow Piqué to steal her purse and after Barca was forced to catch him.

In the second half had a clear chance to score his GoLite, but hand in hand took him Valdés. Pep Guardiola's close the year 2011 with a Champions League, Super Cup in Spain, the European Supercup and World Club Cup. O'Rei Barcelona .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

UK deployed 13,500 military, Eurofighter jets and helicopters in the London Games

The Ministry of Defence British deployed a contingent of 13,500 soldiers to ensure security during the celebration next summer Olympic Games in London in 2012, supported by fighter-art Eurofighter Typhoon Royal Air Force British (RAF) and Puma and Linx, leading to board the largest ship of the Royal Navy , HMS Ocean.

The British Defense Ministry has reported that the military be prepared to protect 150 facilities and training centers during the Olympics. The deployment is complete with ships HMS Ocean, with helicopters on board, and HMS Bulwark, anchored in the bays of Greenwich and Weymouth, as reported by the newspaper ' The Guardian '.

The number of soldiers participating in the security appliance exceeds the total of troops deployed by Britain in Afghanistan , where military are highlighted 9500. British Defense Minister, Phillip Hammond, has been especially emphasized that this deployment will not affect Olympic operational capabilities of the Armed Forces Britain to develop its normal duties.

Hammond explained that the ship HMS Ocean, a helicopter carrier of 22,500 tons, will be moored at Greenwich Bay during the Olympic Games in London, while the amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark will be stationed in the bay of Weymouth.

The safety device for the Olympics includes a "proper and progressive" air plan includes the deployment of modern fighter of the British Royal Air Force, the Eurofighter Typhoon, which will operate from the base of Northolt, with the support of helicopters embarked on the ship Ocean and earth air missile system.

In the central days of the Olympic Games in London, police officers and 12,000 agents highlight, according to the forecast under an alleged major terrorist threat.

"This defensive contribution is on a scale similar to those deployed in other recent Olympic Games and help to ensure security at the 2012 Olympics," said Hammond.

The defense minister has made clear that this military deployment will have no effect on the remaining outstanding contingent abroad. "Defence will continue to be able to develop the current and contingency operations during the games. My priority will continue to be the troops that we deployed in operations, including Afghanistan, before, during and after the Olympic Games," he underlined.

The security plan envisages that 7,500 military working directly to support the organizers of the Olympics in sports facilities. The cost of security deployment will be at 553 million pounds (658 million euros).

In addition to the uniformed support directly to the organizers, another 5,000 soldiers will be deployed to help civil authorities with tasks such as search and EOD.

Finally, there will be a contingent of 1,000 soldiers who will be responsible for logistical support in the London Olympics. In a statement, the government has said it is "clear" that the Olympics will be "a peaceful celebration of sporting achievement and a cultural celebration, not a safety related event."

In total, plus the £ 553 million for military deployment, the British government will spend another 600 million pounds for the deployment of agents and police officers outside the sports facilities, representing a total expenditure of 1,153 million pounds (1,373 million euros).

Ferrari will present his car for 2012 before the first winter test

Ferrari will present his car for the 2012 season before the first preseason test to be held in the first week of February, as confirmed by a spokesman for the Italian team.

However, has not revealed the exact date, but Luca Colajanni, team spokesman told the magazine itself 'Autosprint' that the car will be ready for first test, to be held in Jerez de la Frontera from 7 to 9 February.

In addition, said that the car will be significantly different from the course, which has won only one race - Fernando Alonso in Britain -. "Right now it's time to say what the new project will be different. But it will be a change from the past, because we want to win and be a change of mindset for the whole team," he said.

Tyson and Holyfield are reconciled 14 years after 'The Bite'

Always hated it. 'The Real Deal "and" The Terror of the Garden' were enemies to mid 90's for the world title in the heavyweight and his approach to life. When Tyson bit Holyfield's ear in rematch for the title , digging even deeper into the tomb, which are strung in jail, there was no space for the affection between them. In 2009, Oprah brought them together in an interview . 'Iron Mike' apologized to his rival, who accepted it , but just look at across the whole show. It was clear his antipathy.

However, during the convention of the World Boxing Council held these days in Las Vegas, finally forgave truth. Tyson, 45, and Holyfield, 49 and still active, smiling and talking like old friends . For better or for worse, the name of one is unthinkable without the other. However, the earlier days of the convention had met several times without speaking to each other. The 'trap' was prepared by Jose Sulaiman, president of the Council.

I wanted to give a tribute to Tyson giving him a title belt, because when Brooklyn won the world title for the first time, someone stole it. 's surprise came when Evander Holyfield asked to wear it . The Alabama accepted. Tyson Embarrassed, he said, "Hey, man, this is crazy. Do you you believe it?" , and hugged. 14 years later.

Villa could be out 3 to 6 months, goodbye to the Championship?

The front of Barcelona is being treated at a hospital in Japan , Yokohama Rosai Hospital l'where check if you have any white area affected in this case will have to undergo surgical treatment , a fixation with plates and screws. After a time will be unable to support the leg and then begin the recovery. "Hopefully at least 3 months, although it is logical to 6 months out of the playing field "that's what the doctors say. In cases such as we head Juninho, Manuel Pablo , De las Cuevas, Diaz de Cerio , Cissé ...  It was not until the final diagnosis , but as they say in popular parlance "has a bad painting."

Injury Villa: four to five months out with a fractured tibia

Villa will be joined on the trip home by Dr. Pruna and Manel Estiarte, right hand of Pep Guardiola and link between clothing and coaching staff. The club reports that in the next few hours will fly to Frankfurt and then on a plane medicalized to Barcelona , where he will undergo.

After the tests at the hospital in Yokohama, the club's medical services have confirmed that the recovery time after surgery is four to five months , so that the Spaniard will struggle to play again this season with Barca fulfilled if better forecasts.

The 'Guaje' suffered a fractured tibia in the 35th minute of the Blaugrana victory (0-4) against the Qataris, the result of poor support in a time of attack, and immediately realized the accident as shown by his gesture of pain and anger. He was transferred to Yokohama Rosai Hospital to undergo more tests and see the extent of the injury.

Pep Guardiola himself after the game revealed that the '7 'would be a "long time" away team had trouble recalling that the tibia had been "a long time." "He's done a lot of effort with a stress fracture in the tibia and today has endured," he lamented.

"Travel to Barcelona as soon as possible to have surgery and miss for a long time.'ll Be much time off, these losses badly let you body, without joy, without anything," he told a news conference after the victory, which was in the background.

Of enforcing the prognosis dramatically low options depend Spaniard able to catch the 'train' of the Spanish team for Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine, where the 'Red' defends title. Indeed, Villa lost the 2008 final through injury.

FC Barcelona confirmed that the striker, who was visited in hospital by Blaugrana president, Sandro Rosell , is in the team hotel in Yokohama for the Blaugrana waiting for the next few hours to catch the flight back to Barcelona to be operated immediately.

Barca, Messi and Abidal nominated for Laureus 2012

The European champions, Barcelona, ​​and two of their star players, Messi and Abidal have been nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards (Laureus World Sports Awards) 2012.

Barca is among Laureus Award nominees for Best Team of the Year for the fourth time and Messi has been nominated for the third consecutive Laureus Award for Best International Male Athlete, while the Frenchman Abidal is a candidate for the Laureus Award Best international comeback year after recovering from cancer.

The Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia has also been nominated, along with Abidal, Laureus Award for Best comeback after putting an end to three years without being able to win with victories in two tournaments in a row.

A brilliant constellation of the best stars of the sport has been nominated for the Laureus World Sports Awards 2012, after the vote on the media around the world.

The Laureus World Sports Awards, which recognize sporting achievement of 2011, are the main prizes of the international sporting calendar. The names of the winners, voted by the Laureus World Sports Academy, a team of 47 supreme judges of the best sportsmen and sportswomen of all time, will be announced at a ceremony televised awards from London on Monday 6 of February.

The money raised directly benefits and supports the work of the Charity Foundation Laureus Sport for Good, which supports 89 community projects throughout the world sports. Since its inception, Laureus has raised over 40 million euros for projects that have improved the lives of over a million and half of young people.

In the category of Best Laureus international team of the year, Barcelona will face the New Zealand rugby, the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup, the winning team in the NBA, Dallas Mavericks, to the selection English cricket, the world's No. 1, to the Japanese team that won women's soccer Women's World Cup and Formula 1 team Red Bull Formula, winning the constructors' championship for the second consecutive year.

Messi will be the hope of becoming the first player in team history to win individual Laureus Award for Best international male athlete of the year. In this category are nominated Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, winner of two gold medals at the World Athletics Championships, the No. 1 tennis Novak Djokovic, winner of three Grand Slams (the Australia Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open States), the Australian cyclist Cadel Evans, winner of the Tour de France, and German Dirk Nowitzki, the first European player voted MVP of the NBA Finals and Sebastian Vettel, who was proclaimed World Champion Formula 1 for the second time consecutively.

Both Eric Abidal and Sergio Garcia have been nominated for Laureus Award for Best Comeback of the Year International. Despite having been diagnosed with a liver tumor two months ago and being treated for combat, Eric Abidal played 90 minutes of the final against Manchester United in which Barca won the Champions League. In a touching gesture to celebrate his recovery, Carles Puyol handed the captain's armband for the match and was the first team member to receive the trophy.

In October 2011, the Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia put an end to three years without winning two tournaments wins in a row. Along with Abidal and Garcia, the other nominees are the golfer Darren Clarke of Northern Ireland, who recovered from a slump after the death of his wife and managed to win the Open, the Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang, who won the silver medal in the World Athletics Championships, and the Crusaders and the Reds, two rugby teams that reached the final of the Super 15 despite having to cope with the earthquake in Christchurch and Queensland floods.

The full list of nominees for the Laureus World Sports Awards is:

Best international male athlete of the year
, Usain Bolt
- Novak Djokovic
- Cadel Evans
- Lionel Messi
- Dirk Nowitzki
- Sebastian Vettel

Best international female athlete of the year
- Vivian Cheruiyot
- Maria Riesch
- Carmelita Jeter
- Petra Kvitova
- Homare Sawa
- Yani Tseng

Best international team of the year
All Blacks
Dallas Mavericks
English Cricket Team
Japanese women's soccer Team
Red Bull

Best international revelation of the year
- Yohan Blake
- Mo Farah
- Petra Kvitova
- Rory McIlroy
- Li Na
- Oscar Pistorius

Best international comeback of the year
- Eric Abidal
- Darren Clarke
- Crusaders
- Sergio Garcia
- Liu Xiang
- Queensland Reds

Disabled Sportsman of the Year International
- Daniel Dias
- Terezinha Guilhermina
- Oscar Pistorius
- Esther Vergeer
- David Weir
- Irek Zaripov

International best athlete of the year end
- Jamie Bestwick
- Philip Köster
- Carissa Moore
- Travis Rice
- Kelly Slater
- Shaun White

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