Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Xavi: "This generation is here to stay"

Xavi was one of the major players in the final on Sunday. The party of Terrassa made a spectacular party taking control at all times and also had the luxury of scoring a goal and an assist to give Messi. He has won almost everything and now have the opportunity to get the Golden Ball

"We've done a great match, we dominated the first to the last minute. It was excellent. I am happy, not just the result and the title, but by how we played football. We have given our best side, we have mastered the Santos our philosophy, our way of playing house brand and that in the starting 9 of the 11 players out of the quarry is awesome. It's a show to be on this team, "said the footballer.

Under the guidance of Guardiola, this team has won 13 of the 16 possible titles. Many thought that his ambition would lose strength after so many successes, but the reality is that absolutely nothing has gone down: "There are always new goals, it is true that this is a great cycle, but there is always room for improvement because the team wants to keep winning . An athlete never loses the will to win. Do not lose the hunger. This generation still has here to stay, continue to give joy. Some who have been here many years we have lived the other side of the coin and not a good time " .

One of the great surprises of Sunday's game was the approach of Guardiola. The coach decided to play with no front and populate the field with seven central midfielders. The bet came out round. It is not the first time that such technical risks in such an important game.

"Guardiola has much to do in victory, I would say almost everything. For his work and have analyzed how the game we had the superiority in the field through the ball and having the superiority in the midfield. The coach always works every detail, leaving nothing to chance, "said the player of Terrassa.


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