Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feliciano succumbs to Simon French in Bilbao

The Spanish Feliciano Lopez (20 ATP) has fallen in Sunday's final IV Tennis Masters Bilbao to Frenchman Gilles Simon (12), which has been imposed by a double 6-4 after about an hour and a half of fighting track on the new black this year has released Miribilla Arena Bilbao.

Simon is the first foreigner to win the exhibition tournament Bilbao, which happens on the track record to Fernando Verdasco, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Tommy Robredo, winning in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on.

Despite opting in just two sets and no 'sudden death' through the party has been very tight and has been very attractive to the large audience that gathered at the court of Bilbao.

One of the reasons why Feliciano has given victory to his rival has been because the Frenchman has taken much better breakpoints service that has set. Thus, while Toledo has only taken advantage of one of the six who had (17 percent), Simon has done with three of the four who has enjoyed (75 percent).

The meeting began with two 'break' in a row, the second one in favor of Feliciano won their first two games blank. They were the best moments of his tennis, which, although held out as the rest of the match, he lost the strength and determination that kept her rival.

The key to the first set fell French side was that Simon took his chance in the seventh game and missed Feli yours in the sixth and tenth, which closed the first set with a 'rod' in Spanish.

Still was a more even second set in which the Toledo declined to budge when it seemed beaten with 5-4 and 40-15 against. He fought the unspeakable in that last game, but ended up giving in to a Simon also more clearly and, again, had taken the option to break the service of Lopez that appeared in the seventh game.

Feliciano, on September 1 in its development traced almost to the first, but with more strength of both players on serve, again wasting two good opportunities to rest. This time in the eighth and tenth game.

In the end, Toledo could not close as expected a splendid tournament in turn, with victories in the quarterfinals and semifinals before the peers with which just added a new Davis Cup for Spain, Marcel Granollers and David Ferrer.

Simon, meanwhile, has been the 'beret' reserved for the winner today confirming the good time playing Friday and Saturday proved to overcome, both with relative ease, Marc Fornell, who came from the previous one, and Nicolas Almagro.


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