Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chris Paul blows the audience

The curiosity that has led to the signing of Chris Paul for the Clippers and their first meeting the team wanted him, Los Angeles Lakers, shot hearings last Monday's meeting.

Such has been the degree of expectation of the duel, which ended in victory for the Clippers 95-114 , which has become the most watched in the history of the NBA preseason TV. Up to 509,000 people gathered in front of the television to watch the derby Angelina.

Chris Paul finished with 17 points and nine assists in a severe correction to the purple and gold. The Clippers have been transmuted into a more attractive sets and electrifying campaign. Blake Griffin, Caron Butler and DeAndre Jordan completed a template that dreams shattered all records.

The previous record TV audience of NBA preseason was held by the clash between the Heat and Pistons of October 10, 2010. On that occasion inched past the half million viewers.

The main complaint of the Miami-Detroit was contemplating for the first time, the 'Big Three' of the Heat in action after the signing of LeBron James by Florida that summer.


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