Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mayweather Jr. would plead guilty to avoid longer sentences

U.S. boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. deemed to plead guilty to agree to reduce charges of judicial and having beaten his ex-girlfriend, according to court officials in Las Vegas (Nevada), where appropriate.

Mayweather, 34 years old, faces fines of $ 3,000 and could be sentenced to two days to 18 months in prison after he plead guilty to a charge of domestic violence and two counts of harassment, said Tess Driver, an aide to Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

The agreement would include that Mayweather will pay $ 1,000 in fines for hitting a security guard 21 years of age 'Homeowners Association' residence, during an argument he had for parking.

Mayweather facing the possibility of being sent to trial for the crime of grand larceny and misdemeanor domestic violence , as well as harassment of his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris.

In the event of being found guilty of these charges would have faced a sentence of 34 years in state prison.

The case stems from felony charges against him of threatening his former girlfriend, stealing her mobile phone and having threatened two of his sons, nine and 10 years of age, during a discussion held with the Women in September 2010, allegedly because she left with another man.


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