Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mourinho: "If this Real Madrid play in another League won it easy"

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho said that when they play with Barcelona think "them", but only at the time, while highlighting the role of their own in this year: "Failure is not to be leaders, reach the semifinals of Champions, winning the Cup, have been the best team now in the group stage ...".

The Portuguese is clear that "if the Real Madrid play in another League won it easy. Has merit what we are doing, we are competing with them, we won a title and now prints above. If we had an opponent would have a less good job much easier, "he said.

Mourinho also congratulated Barca's recent Club World Cup, but "it is much more important to win the Champions partidillo those two. Anyway, I congratulate them."

Speaking of Tuesday's game against Ponferradina commented that "2-0 is not a definitive result. If we score first, everything is very open. If they had hope, much more if they get ahead," he said of the party in which the squad Married will start, as Granero.

"I have to have confidence in those who play less, I only have reason to be so. Casado will own and Joselu, Nacho and a goalkeeper on the bench squad. Granero also going to play, that whenever he gets his chance do well. It is a professional and Madrid. I hope to play seriously, as usual, "Mou said.

Mourinho also commented that "we are doing very well, and we demonstrated against Sevilla. These six months have been very good."

'The Special One' spoke of competition between Benzema and Higuain, "We fit all. Benzema is fine for some time and the same goes for Higuain. Karim was a great match in Seville, although not marked, also Higuain Ponferrada. Both feel useful, that's the most important. "


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