Sunday, December 18, 2011

Barcelona O'Rei

Recital Barca. That may be the best summary of what happened in the World Club final between Santos and Barcelona. Pep Guardiola's team continues to store certificates in their windows and from the first minute of the meeting carried the weight of the match. Again demonstrated its dramatic punch and doubly Messi, Xavi Hernandez and Cesc were the scorers before the whole "Peixe."

The outline of the Barca coach was clear. Given the defensive web of Santos , Pep opted to play with a defense of three to have more presence in midfield and attack. That decision began to bear fruit soon. Chances fell on the side of Barcelona and goalkeeper Rafael Cabral had a hard day of work. It was a matter of time before Barca team opened the can.

With that scenario Santos was charged with kickbacks to try to hurt the club. However, the set of Muricy Ramalho did not with the key and never stopped running after the ball. A goal from Messi opened the light . And what a goal! Xavi Hernandez attended the Argentine after dropping the ball with the heel and the 'Flea', coolly, itchy scalp over Santos goalkeeper. Primorosa goal .

The very Xavi Hernandez , who returned to get even more ballots in the ballot box to win the FIFA Golden Ball , joined the party with a little. The Spanish international was given a low pass from Dani Alves and only had to shoot Cabral. The isolated attacks constantly encountered Santos Victor Valdes who turned one whenever it is needed. Before the break, Cesc Fabregas Sticking to the 'Peixes' to take advantage of a rejection.

Ramalho harangued his men in the locker room to die with his boots on and Santos jumped in the second with more attitude, but Barca went on with his monologue football and did not give any option to its rival.

When the final dying and Leo Messi outstanding rounded off the scoring after a defensive error Brazil. The 'Flea' is replanted in front of the goalie and with a tiny gesture Cabral dribbled ankle to score at will. The Argentine repertoire seems limitless.

Neymar, absent
the day was not Neymar. The Saints star was beaten by a very compact and had no cracks. The first part of the Brazilian international was to forget. He did not shoot on goal and could only cause yellow Piqué to steal her purse and after Barca was forced to catch him.

In the second half had a clear chance to score his GoLite, but hand in hand took him Valdés. Pep Guardiola's close the year 2011 with a Champions League, Super Cup in Spain, the European Supercup and World Club Cup. O'Rei Barcelona .


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