Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cotto vs Margarito 2

In order to get revenge for the defeat suffered against Antonio Margarito , the mocarca Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Cotto decided to end the relationship with trainer Emanuel Stewerd. Yesterday through its official website the Puerto Rican multichampion announced that its corner is a member of the Cuban Pedro Luis Diaz, whom he met when he was an amateur and has a deep knowledge of the sport.

Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will meet on December 3 in the second edition a lawsuit high voltage and resentment alive. The first match ended with a landslide victory of the Mexican who was surprised, but then fell under the shadow of the suspicion by the controversial use of gypsum in which he was involved. face to face Cotto Margarito and accused him of cheating in the first fight.

'Junito' Cotto began training with a view to arrive in excellent condition for the December 3 where he will do with the fighter who not only took away his world championship but his undefeated record. The fight between Cotto and Margarito rematch will be at Madison Square Garden in New York. "Pedro Luis knew when I was an amateur boxer many years ago and had the opportunity to share time with him in many international competitions. I was instantly impressed with the deep knowledge of boxing techniques and conditioning that taught his boxers. I am sure that along with Phil (Landman, trainer), Pedro Luis is the perfect combination to bring the best of my abilities for my fight in December and lead to Victory ", released Cotto. Cotto said that there was friction with his former coach and noted that the friendship will continue, despite not stay together.

Miguel Cotto is already one of the greatest fighters in the rich history of Puerto Rican boxing. His name has an assured place among the historic, yet there is a pending and is called Antonio Margarito . The Mexican not only represented the end of their unbeaten status, also sullied your pride with a beat that has been heavily disputed. Look at the human part of Miguel Cotto, a different way that will understand his reasons and motives for giving everything this coming December 3 at Madison Square Garden in New York with the 'Tournament of Tijuana.

Ready groups and match schedule for Euro 2012

Groups were defined and the schedule of fixtures for Euro 2012 to be played in Ukraine and Poland. With the presence of large European tournament legends such as Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane, Peter Schmeichel, Oliver Bierhoff, among others, took the place the draw in the city of Kiev, in the presence of representatives of the 16 participating countries. Plus: Women protest naked in prostitution in the Euro Watch: The official ball for Euro During the ceremony also featured the Official Ball Tournament, called Tango 12. The host Poland will open the tournament in Warsaw, June 8 at her like Greece. The tournament ends on July 1 with the final in Kiev. The groups were well Group A: Poland, Greece, Russia and Czech Republic. Group B: Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal. Group C: Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland and Croatia. Group D: Ukraine, Sweden, France and England.

'Tango 12', the official ball of EURO 2012

The president of the Royal Spanish Football ( RFEF ), Angel Maria Villar and national coach, Vicente del Bosque , attended the event organized at the stadium where they usually play their games on Dynamo Kiev .

In the same were also the president of Adidas, Herbert Hainer, and international player in the selection of Poland, Rafael Murawski, also general secretary of the RFEF, Jorge Perez Arias, and the director of the Spanish team, José María Claramunt, which is part of the expedition has traveled to Ukraine, which held the draw for the competition.

The ball takes over the 'Jabulani' , and follows the footsteps of the classic series of Tango with which they competed for the World Argentina'78 and Spain in the European Championships '82 and 1980, 84 and 88.

Winning without brain test for Real Madrid in Gijón

Real Madrid want to show in Gijon he can win without a brain or, which is, you can win without Xabi Alonso. With its huge potential, it seems simple, but statistics show that it is not, and Jose Mourinho is so aware of what is essential to the midfielder who has been given the title in the 13 league games this season. With 1,200 minutes played, only exceeded one of his companions, goalkeeper Iker Casillas . In the peak season and leads the Portuguese coach on the bench for Real Madrid, the team will have played seven matches in all competitions without Xabi Alonso , a disturbing balance of three wins, one draw and three defeats .

One of those setbacks came at the Bernabeu last League against Sporting, a rival that will have the opportunity to play twice against Real Madrid without Xabi Alonso. The statistical comparison with Xabi Alonso in the field is overwhelming . In 69 games with Mourinho era midfielder, Real Madrid emerged victorious in 54 games, gave up three draws and five defeats suffered only three of them against Barcelona Pep Guardiola (League, Champions League and Super Cup in Spain). All rival coaches are aware of the importance of Tolosa for the football team's target is fluid , and is therefore common to see players in charge of press at all times to Xabi Alonso.

Without him on the field, Real Madrid gets stuck. I went with Manuel Pellegrini (missing in the second leg of the Champions League against Lyon and the team was eliminated) and happened to Mourinho. Changing brain Sahin This season, however, in the hope that Real Madrid is not so. Before the play Sporting Nuri Sahin , signed for situations like this. Touch is a midfielder not without struggle can throw back the team as demonstrated in the German Bundesliga, where he was voted best player by his peers. The Turkish midfielder is still not 100% because they lost preseason and the first two months of competition for several consecutive injuries. However, it seems the most viable option to give a criterion to the game of Real Madrid. The other would be Esteban Granero , that this campaign is just counting 'Mou'. Are two options for providing gray matter to a Real Madrid 'brainless' without Xabi Alonso .

Tiger Woods, the recognized leader of the Chevron World Challenge

"I want to be the leader after four days," said Tiger Woods as discourse new and after leading by three strokes ahead of the Chevron World Challenge through his Californian who now Ecuador.

Tiger accumulated 26 official tournaments without a win. The last took place in November 2009 at the Masters in Australia and today, the Club of Sherwood played very solid, with two 'eagles', almost a third and five birdies to finish off a good result despite 67 shots double bogey on the par-3 15th hole.

"I know I'm playing better and it is wonderful to see me in this leadership position," said Woods, former world number one and now out of 'top'50'. Tiger, 8 below, three strokes ahead of his compatriot Matt Kuchar and Korean KJ Choi.

Alvaro Quiros is the sole lead in Hong Kong

Alvaro Quiros leads and solo Hong Kong Open golf tournament scoring for the European Tour, then complete the third round with 67 strokes (3 below). Quiros started the day sharing the lead with young Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland of 22 years, but it could just sign the par for the course and fell to fifth place.

Swede Peter Hanson, a coup, Korean YE Yang and Thai Pariya Junhasavasdikul, these two are now the persecutors of Quirós immediate absence of 18 holes for the final tournament.

The player Cadiz, 28, today carded three birdies and was exempted from bogeys on another good day of golf. After 54 holes, Quiros has only committed three errors, three bogeys on his back nine holes of the second round and walks with a firm step towards his sixth European Tour title, which would be the second of the 2011 season after winning the Dubai Desert Classic.

Miguel Angel Jimenez signed 72 strokes and went down to the eighteenth place, tied with an emerging José Manuel Lara.

Another chapter epic 'Gladiator Jávea'

David Ferrer gave Spain sign half Salad after the second point of the final against Argentina after beating Juan Martin del Potro in five sets. Spain has three 'macht points' to win Davis Cup fifth of Hitori.

David Ferrer had a score to settle with Argentina. In the 2008 final played at the Islas Malvinas Stadium in Mar del Plata ended the Javea bittersweet to win the title but losing the opening match of the tie against David Nalbandian exerting Spanish team number 1. Three years later, 'Ferru' took off his spine with Juan Martin del Potro , who overcame by an aggregate score of 6-2, 6-7 (2), 3-6, 6-4 and 6-3 after four hours and forty-three minutes in a clash played on Center Court at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja.

Ferrer jumped the track with the confidence that gives her partner successfully opened the tie. Del Potro, by contrast, with the pressure of knowing possession of the illusions of a country eager to secure their first 'punch' of silver. This justifies the brilliant start of Alicante, which exhibited a great set of legs and did much damage to the opponent with a right hand drilled track tucked into the aspirations of a broken Del Potro in the fourth game. Ferrer was able to correctly find the weak points of albiceleste: insist backwards and force him to kiss the clay left him completely broke. With a new break, signed blank, the Spanish sent the first set of his locker.

Del Potro threw in the towel and raised the level of tennis. The machinery tandilense hit the ball so hard that some commentators in the stands will not be surprised if some burst. He always looked for loopholes in Ferrer fireproof wall, more and more solid in front of him, but ended up deflating in the tie-break. It was the beginning of the resurgence of Argentina, which at times reminded his best version. Supported by the serve when the situation deserved, hitting the right sartenazos deployed within one meter of body and adjusting each ball millimeter lines. It was he who risked, and closed hit every point. More roster of winners of unforced errors. Despite giving their service in the opening game, the pupil of Franco Davin had a chance to break in every service of his rival, but it was a most cruel manner, relying on the random tape, when he managed to recover the liability. He kept hitting got on track, aligned with the stars and signed five straight games to bring more to his September 1 paycheck.

Deron Williams with the Nets will not renew season

The new collective agreement to be signed on 8 December, has already claimed its first victim: the New Jersey Nets. The team of Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, has seen his star has given up big contract extension with the Nets next season in search of a new contract that, thanks to the new collective agreement, may bring further benefits.

This was confirmed by the player's agent, Jeff Schwartz, a radio program in New Jersey. "Based on the new procurement rules, it makes no sense for him to sign the extension," Schwartz said in a few words picked up by ESPN. "It has nothing to do with how much you love New Jersey. With the new regulations, Deron is going to play the season and then going to resign from his contract."

As ESPN says, the news has not surprised the leaders of the Nets, already expecting this to the player. No wonder Williams has opted for this option as cancellation by the end of the season to sign a new contract for 30 million. Even with the Nets.

"I do not understand that people are angry with me to resign. This does not mean I'm going to go to the Nets, but the new agreement does not make sense during the season," said the player himself in social networks.

Under the new agreement, if finally approved, Williams can sign a contract extension for two more seasons, so those two years are attached to the two that remain. A contract that would involve him in total approximately $ 70 million in four seasons. However, if you expect to finish the season could get a five-year contract with the Nets 100 million four-year or 70 'kilos' on any other team.

Rudy Mavericks and 'Beach Boys' will lift the curtain on the season

The first round of the NBA will be played on Christmas Day with five games 'high tension', especially those that face the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, in what amounts to a repeat of the end of last season.

The Florida, over a course led by Chris Bosh and Lebron James will try to take revenge against the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki, named best player last season after helping the Texans to win his first ring, and Rudy Fernandez in what could be his debut as a player in Dallas.

A crash in which the Dallas Mavericks hang the flag that certifies them as champions of 2010-2011, but which n rings or receive NBA champions . The owner, Mark Cuban has preferred to await the arrival of their stars at training camp to decide the design of it, so that the rings will not be ready to show off on Christmas Day.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center will receive the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, the great classic 80. Meanwhile, the Knicks received in the Madison Square Garden for the Celtics.

The NBA has two games scheduled opening day mass. Two parties will face the Orlando Magic ( With Howard? ) and Thunder Kevin Durant, and another in which Griffin's Clippers will face against the new Warriors of Marc Jackson.

These parties have been confirmed, after the owners and players approved a new collective agreement. While this agreement must be ratified at a meeting to be held next week.

Owners and union negotiations resumed to continue working in a collective agreement shall remain in force over the next 10 years. The signing of the ratification on Thursday, by the Board of Governors of the NBA pre-season would start.

Baron Davis and "Superman" Howard is left wanting for the Lakers

The Lakers looking for redemption in the new season is about to begin. Since the setback suffered in recent playoffs against Dallas, the franchise angelina works to try to not repeat what happened. This coach has changed and rumors about possible signings increasing every day. Rumours that have been involved current staff members as Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum and gain strength in which two names such as Dwight Howard and Baron Davis.

Interest in the Orlando power forward is not new and in recent days has been speculating on the possibility of seeing 'Superman' yellow dress . The latest rumor tells of a three-way transfer in Orlando would welcome Andrew Bogut (more money), Howard would play in the Lakers and Bynum would suitcases bound for Milwaukee.

Another also sounds a long time to accompany Kobe in search of a new ring is Baron Davis. With the new agreement, the player will not seem to follow in the Cavaliers. A circumstance that would make him the first goal of Californians who want to strengthen as the guard.

At the moment, are all rumors and speculation, but what is certain is that both players are left wanting by the Lakes. Or so Matt Barnes said in an interview with ESPN. The Lakers forward said he had spoken to both players (Howard was a teammate of Orlando) and that they had confirmed their interest in playing at Staples. "I've heard rumors of Dwight and also those of Baron Davis. I spoke with them and they want to play in Los Angeles.'ll See what happens," confirmed Barnes.

The Celtics deny their interest in transferring to Rondo

Just learned that the 'lockout' was completed and began the era of the NBA rumor mill. High, low, exchanges ... Everyone is capable of seeing your name on any rumors or transfer.

One of the more impact it has had is that Rajon Rondo puts New Orleans in exchange for one of the stars of the market, Chris Paul. The basis of the Hornets will become a free agent next summer and there are many teams that have knocked on his door to take over their services. And although he has said that if he leaves the Knicks will (along with Stoudemire and Carmelo), the fact is that the board of the Louisiana franchise would not transfer to a dim star to change its base 'All-Star' of the Celtics.

The 'green pride' have been quick to step out of these rumors and, incidentally, denying any possibility of transfer of Rondo. It has in its mouth and general manager legend 'celtic', Danny Ainge, who accompanied the coach Doc Rivers wanted to make clear that there is no possibility that the Boston team disposing of its current baseman.

"I have no plans to transfer to Rondo," Danny Ainge said emphatically in a news conference. "It's a great player and it is inevitable that sounds for other teams. But he knows that you want and we want to continue here. So talk to him and explain to him that has only been a rumor."

For his part, coach Doc Rivers also declined to give more importance to the rumors and also made clear that Rondo is a fundamental part of the team this season that is about to begin. "I will not compare with any other player, but I think is one of the best point guards in the NBA. In fact, for this reason it is normal to get involved in this kind of news.'s A great player and brings a lot of things our team, "said the coach.

Who also wanted to give his opinion on the future of his former teammate Shaquille O'Neal has been. The former power forward for the Celtics have had their say in a radio interview. "If I were general manager Rajon Rondo will not change for Paul. Not a good idea," said Shaq. "Rondo is the best definition of base out there. It keeps the whole team involved and scored when he has to. Paul is able to score many points. But when was the last time you played a playoff?"

Marc Gasol, the most coveted free agent in the NBA

The Spanish power forward Marc Gasol is one of the most coveted free agents of all the NBA according to the press, confirmed that once the season starts on December 25 has begun to speculate on the future of the players who have not know where to play.

In particular, the influential website '' has compiled a list of the ten most desirable free pivots throughout the competition and has placed in first position to Marc Gasol, ahead of other players inside and Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks) or Nene (Denver Nuggets).

In this list, Gasol is praised as "the prototypical power forward who at 26 can only be better with each passing year." "That's the best free agent in any position because it will bring immediate victory," says the website.

The middle of the brothers Gasol faces his fourth season in the NBA after three years in Memphis where performance has gradually improved to the point that in the past playoffs, where the Grizzlies were the surprise team, averaged 15 points and 11.2 rebounds.

This great performance in the playoffs for the title caught the attention of many NBA teams, knowing that right now there are not many pivots determinants. The Grizzlies offered renewal at the end of last season , which became an agent Gasol restricted free, which means that Memphis has the right of first refusal on any offer received by the Spanish.

Kaka again the call to be measured at Sporting

The return of Kaka, and advance by Jose Mourinho, is the main novelty in the invitation to Real Madrid for the match on Saturday in El Molinon against Sporting de Gijón (18.00 hours).

The Brazilian has fully recovered from the concussion in the soleus of the right leg that has prevented him playing since last October 29 at the Royal Society and on Saturday will be on the bench, as confirmed by the Luso coach.

It has also overcome their discomfort in the ankle Cristiano Ronaldo, after missing several workouts earlier this week by the blow he received in the derby against Atletico Madrid.

In the medical report contained only Alvaro Arbeloa, who last his return after suffering a hamstring muscle contracture of the left leg and Portugal's Ricardo Carvalho, who was about to return after recovering from back pain, but you have to be back away from the pitch due to a sprained right knee medial collateral ligament.

The Luso center played his last meeting on Sept. 27 against Ajax and 1 October and did not come into the squad for the match against Espanyol due to back pain, but this week he was injured in a random action with Jose Callejon. Xabi Alonso also can not play, sanctioned by the accumulation of cautions.

Thus, the list is formed by Casillas, Adan Mejia, Sergio Ramos, Varane, Pepe, Marcelo, Albiol and Coentrao, Kaka, Ozil, Di Maria, Sahin, Altintop, Alley, Lass, Granero, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuain and Benzema .

Mou "It is always best to go ahead"

Jose Mourinho appeared at a news conference before training Valdebebas Real Madrid. The coach ruled out Arbeloa to Gijón, announced that Kaka will be on the bench and suggested the holding of Nuri Sahin down to cover the penalty from Xabi Alonso. And said "it is better to go ahead in the table, gives you a small margin of error and reduces the pressure."

"But at the same time, he added, lag behind is also a motivating challenge. Both are interesting situations, and difficult. What worries me is not the mentality of the costume. People know that we have not gotten anywhere, but also they are playing well, with confidence. I do not see much difference with the times we were behind. The team is showing maturity, balance, peace of mind. No matter what happens against Sporting, will quietly walk along our way. "

Mourinho overlooked the controversy over the penalty Pique - "my opinion is not important, what is the opinion of jurists, authoritative voices in the world of sports, Platini, Blatter, Collina, the press ..."- and tried to make clear that the classic 10-D is, for now, parked. "We have three points more than the second, not six. What motivates us is the party of tomorrow, try to win. We know what it's leagues, and it is normal for a team that is winning a lot, can defeat or a draw . When they arrive, we will not make a drama of it. We must try to get the classic win three more points. "

"We have worked well during the week, a week atypical because it is not normal to have so much time to work. What we all know is that Xabi is a very important player on the team, but is not, and will have to play another, and that it will do for him is also good, because we only have the players like Real Madrid. Yes, during the week we looked for ways to play without a player who is very important. But I will not make a drama of his absence or use morning after the game. "

Thus, Mou ruled that the match against Sporting is a test to prepare for the match against Guardiola. "I'm not in that game. I think in Gijón and in the Ajax, because I want to give the team fresh air, give minute people who are not playing much. This week we have prepared the Sporting match, not the Barca game."

The Setubal said not to expect too much aggression by the Sporting. "Against Atletico there was no aggression, aggression is something else I like. We know what we can expect a very tough match. Last year was very difficult, as many times in the past. I know, but nothing more. " On Damian's words, added: "If a defense has to make mistakes to stop a striker seems normal. It is very difficult for a defender made 90 minutes without faults, 100% clean. But there are faults and failures, no accumulation of faults. There are yellow, red and there are no referees. It is a topic that does not bother me, I say. I am concerned that is a tough game, we'll have to stop playing. "

There was also room for more names. As Nuri Sahin: "It's in preseason, but in the finals. And at that stage you can play for 90 minutes. He and the impact against Dynamo. You ready to play."

On the injured Kaka and Carvalho: "Kaka is on the bench. He had a week clean, very well trained. My intention is to play, because I think we're going to need. And against Ajax, which holds the maximum possible time, preferably 90 minutes. We want to again become important, as it was still before the injury. " "Carvalho was finally normal training and coaching. I was in the same process of Kaka, to be tomorrow on the bench and hold against Ajax. In a normal action Alley has been injured for a couple of weeks or more, this once in the knee. Bad luck. "

Finally, mention Arbeloa to re-emphasize that, for now, do not think the club: "It focuses on the game against Ajax, not in the Barceloa. For tomorrow, has not trained with the group. We on Sunday to start training with the group to play on Wednesday. "

Ireland, Croatia and Italy will be Spain's rivals

Spain has been drawn in Group C of Euro 2012 with Italy, Ireland and Croatia. The Red debut on June 10 against the Azzurri, then play against the Irish on June 14 and close the first phase on June 18 against the Croats. All matches will be played in the Polish city of Gdansk.

The cross-quarter will be with the Group D , which is made ​​up of Ukraine, Sweden, France and England, so it contains two stellar duels if the forecasts and go Spain and Italy on one side and France and England, by the other.

The Group B , which consists of the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal, is the hardest has brought the draw held in Kiev. Dutch and Germans, along with Spain, the favorites for the title as seen in the qualifying round and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo is reunited with Denmark, which sent it to the playoffs in that phase.

As for Group A , consisting of Poland, Greece, Russia and Czech Republic, is considered the weakest of the tournament. Then the ball and will pronounce sentence and remove reasons.

Juanele enters prison

Juanele entered last week in the prison break of Villabona after repeated court orders forced him to court in person, reports El Comercio.

Last February he had been arrested for threatening his ex-wife and cause serious damage to your vehicle and many others parked in the parking Cultural Group Covadonga.

The former player of Sporting was arrested a few days ago at his home by the staff of the Judicial Police Group of the National Police Gijón. On it weighed a search warrant, arrest and detention, issued by a criminal court.

Juanele, 40, remains internal and Occupational Therapy Unit (UTE) Villabona, participating in workshops and consultations with a psychologist. Remain there at least six months.

Friday, December 2, 2011

They start rumors and controversial "movements" in the NBA

Although officially until next December 9 will not be signing any contract , the league has already authorized for free agents and teams could contact and desires that are present both sides.

Point guard Chris Paul , the Hornets in New Orleans , through his agent confirmed all the rumors that his next destination will be the New York Knicks after he has told his current team thinks not sign an extension or renewal of expiring contract next season.

Paul is a great friend of forward Carmelo Anthony and although he has denied that it influenced the decision of the Starbase, the reality is that his days in New Orleans have them counted.

The team wants to hear from Paul himself, but the Hornets general manager, Dell Demps, you know that the future of the franchise base will not be linked to New Orleans , which is currently under control of the NBA .

The Hornets do not want to suffer the same ordeal Paul touched them move to the Denver Nuggets when Anthony decided he himself would not renew the contract and wanted to go to the Knicks, the same team that will surely come the star base New Orleans team.

Paul's desire to be part of the Knicks have cut all the strategy that had mounted the Boston Celtics to get their services in exchange for the transfer of base Rajon Rondo.

The Celtics GM, Danny Ainge said he did not know where the rumors had arisen about the possible transfer of the Hornets Rondo for Paul, because the team was "happy" with its integration baseman and he had with the rest of the team's stars as Paul Pierce , Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett .

The same applies to the pivot Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, who still has a year contract and then be a free agent and all the rumors are that your next destination will be the Lakers or Nets New Jersey.

Howard is aware that while the Magic keep their options to get a league title are slim because around is not enough help to do so.

Meanwhile, the Lakers, the team with the most economic potential of the league, and have not only but also the millions of players that can offer in exchange for Howard's arrival such as the pivot Andrew Bynum and even the Spanish power forward Pau Gasol , depending on the preferences that may have the Magic.

The Nets, who already know the starbase Deron Williams will not renew the contract for this season to expect to be free and win the next 30 million more, they want to form a team of stars and that seek the services of players like Howard, Nene and veteran Tyson Chandler .

The new owner Russian billionaire Mikhail Nets D. Prokhorov wants to not only maintain but also to accompany Williams to other stars of the NBA when the team opens its new field of Barclays Center in Broooklyn, which has cost 1,000 million dollars, and will be ready for the season 2012-13.

The output of both players from their current teams would confirm that the new collective agreement is worthless in terms of sports inequality still exist in the NBA and all they have achieved has been the players take more than money had given the previous one.

This way they can balance the economic section to 22 teams continue to have lost millions not receiving now 50 percent of revenue basketball compared to 43 of the previous agreement.

But the sports section still dominated by the most powerful teams like the Lakers , Celtics , Heat , Knicks , Bulls and champions league, the Mavericks in Dallas, according to Chandler do not intend to renew his contract to continue with them when they start training camp.

Chandler's statement was the most remarkable and surprising of the first official day on which NBA teams and free agents could start talking about new contracts.

Along with Chandler returns the first day of activity in the free agent market was in full confusion because they are all rumors and most of all teams that have clear is that they work against the clock and knowing that staff will reduced to account for the 2011-12 season, which starts on Christmas Day.

The slower transport for the Olympics

The London transport authority, Transport for London (TFL), has warned that during the Olympic Games to be held next summer in the British capital will cause the collapse of passenger delays of up to half an hour at some stations.

According to estimates by the delegate of the carrier, Peter Hendy, during the busiest days of the Olympics audience then three million additional displacements, which will join the 12 million who regularly records the London Underground network.

About two thirds of the metro stations and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) will not be affected by the crowds, as Hendy, while the busiest passenger will have to wait thirty minutes before being allowed access to a train.

Some points are more affected stations Canary Wharf, the financial heart of the city, where passengers can change to the DLR line leading to the Olympic site, as well as Bank, the Central Line, that communicates directly with the Olympic Park in Stratford.

Also suffer severe setbacks Bond Street station in the center of the city, crossing the two lines of London's busiest Central and Jubilee Line, and London Bridge.

"Much of London function quite normally, but some areas such as downtown and the surrounding Olympic areas, roads and public transport networks will be clearly affected," Hendy said.

The train and metro services will be strengthened during the summer months and will recommend drivers to avoid driving through the most congested in the British capital to try to mitigate the effects of congestion, according to the company TFL.

"We want to be honest and not make up things. We are not saying that if you work at London Bridge should not move, just useful to get off at another station, such as Monument, cross the bridge on foot and walk five minutes."

"Tito" Vazquez: "Djokovic has shown how Nadal beats"

Modesto "Tito" Vazquez has the mission to lead Argentina from the chair to its first Davis Cup. The captain was full of praise albiceleste to Juan Martin del Potro and David Nalbandian and highlighted the fans there in your country for this sport.

A little over 24 hours to start the Davis Cup final at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja, the captain and coach of Argentina, Modesto "Tito" Vazquez , is very clear that he is facing a historic opportunity to give Argentina its Salad first. "We look forward to the day," confessed the technical origin of radiolabeled Galician tune. Tito Descat the strength of the Argentine team, which is based on its two main pillars. About Juan Martin del Potro said, "is the most important figure in Argentine tennis at this time.'s back to believe in himself and is very good going into this final." The Tandil exercise number 1 and is postulated as insistuible both the Friday and on Sunday, playing singles.

On your number 2, David Nalbandian , who on Friday set aside to do to play the doubles on Saturday (along with Eduardo Schwank ) and a hypothetical fifth point on Sunday (to David Ferrer ), Vazquez said, "has a way of seeing the game than most. You should probably have won a Grand Slam, but injuries have hurt him. " His lack of shooting, among other things, will ensure that the weapons Cordoba on the first day and have to encourage their colleagues on the bench.

Vazquez did not hesitate to take the pressure off and spend the favorite band of Spain, highlighting the power of the number 1, Rafael Nadal , in what they call clay. "Nadal is the undisputed number 1 on land," said coach albiceleste, who claimed to believe that despite that the Spaniard is whippable: "How do you win? Djokovic has shown how he wins."

Big fan of River Plate, Tito said that despite what you might think out of the country, "the popular sport in Argentina is the number 1 tennis. I think they come to Seville more than 2,000 fans. A lot of passion for Davis Cup ". Hunger, joy and love to make history, Argentines want cocktail shaking to its first bowl.

Caroline Wozniacki of air changes

The tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, the world, has chosen as the Spanish coach Ricardo Sanchez, former coach of Serbia's Jelena Jankovic, Danish media reported today.

Sanchez, who took Jankovic to top the world rankings before ending their relationship in March 2010, will assume the challenge of managing Wozniaki of 21 years, in collaboration with the tennis player's father, Peter, who so far the training in isolation.

"Something like Pep Guardiola must have felt when he became coach of Barcelona. He had seen many games and Caroline had become my idol because of his personality and his work. I will work in close collaboration with Piotr. Caroline understands everything very quickly and If all goes well, will go to the Australia Open to win, "said Ricardo Sanchez.

According Wozniacki, the Spanish coach is well aware of his game. "Ricky is a good choice. I know very well. I have seen him play many times and has devoted much time to devise tactics against me (while training to Jankovic). Moreover, he knows the other girls in the circuit," said the number global one.

Sanchez, Almeria 52, has signed a contract for a year and its primary objective is to help Wozniacki to win their first Grand Slam title. In 2011 the Danish has won six titles, but has not played a single final in the Big Four.

Nadal: "All parties will be difficult"

All eyes are on him, Rafa Nadal (Manacor, 1986) is the leader of the Spanish team in the final against Argentina. Mar del Plata was lost but returned to the stage where he was born tennis player with his victory against Roddick in 2004. It was the first of three bowl. Want quarter.

The Spaniard admits player brings the memories that this scenario: "Beating Roddick was special not only for victory but for all that it meant the party and the number of people involved in it." It also supports his nervousness ahead of that game: "It was hard to sleep that night and was surprised by the decision of the captains."

In the midst of preparing for the Davis Cup final in La Cartuja, Nadal feels this event as special as it may not be in 2012: "It will be difficult to play Davis Cup next year with the Olympics."

On this edition, Nadal does not believe that the Spanish have all won: "We need attitude. Argentina is the highest level players and all games will be complicated."

La Cartuja is leaking

It rains intermittently in Seville in the absence of a few hours to boot the Davis Cup final between Spain and Argentina. That meant La Cartuja suffer at this time leaks and the Argentine team, which was scheduled to train in the center court, could not do so. Argentina has already said that if it rains today do not play the first match of the Davis Cup final against Spain.

The track has been partially blocked and the Spanish tennis Albert Costa, Granollers and Feliciano Lopez have been inspecting the ground. The IFT (International Tennis Federation) has also been reviewing the problem and it is this institution which has to decide whether to celebrate or not the games scheduled for today.

The legislation stipulates that the Davis Cup final to be played in indoor. However, the Stadium of La Cartuja is semiindoor and is covered by a hood which is where water is seeping. Stefan Fransson, Judge Davis Cup referee and member of the IFT, has reviewed all the facilities of the center court. The forecast indicates that rain stop raining in Seville at 12.00 hours, so that the risk of postponing today's matches decrease.

The problem with leaks occurred after some workers to rise to the top of La Cartuja and, for whatever reason, stored water caused the fall to the center court. In the absence of less than two hours to start the first game the sun came out in Seville and La Cartuja operators removed the tarps placed on the center court. There is expectation that planning take its course despite the leaks they have revealed to La Cartuja. They are already beginning to enter the first fans.

Nadal is on display at La Cartuja

Rafael Nadal was asked to give Spain the first point of the Davis Cup final in Spain measuring 2011 and Argentina in the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja in Seville to break in three sets to Juan Monaco. The 'Armada' Thus there is a step forward in the goal of winning its fifth bowl.

Rafa Nadal was unable to attend the final in Mar del Plata in 2008 because of some pains in his knee after a season full of games. Despite the time difference and be on time off and recovery, not off mobile TV and encourage their peers from across the pond. Three years later, Spain and Argentina came back to get in the way of this competition, who lives in this year its 99th final and had the Balearic Islands as the protagonist of the first game to break Juan Monaco by an aggregate score of 6-1, 6 -1 and 6-2 after two hours and twenty-six minutes in a match played at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja.

Since losing in the Davis Cup debut against Jiri Novak on February 6, 2004, Nadal has accumulated 19 consecutive victories, the last ten without dropping a set. Despite the rain that morning and Sevilla drew leaks to the length and breadth of the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja, the party began in scheduled time and intermittent sun. Who did not hesitate for a moment was Rafa, that despite wasting three break balls in the opening game was safe and plugged in, putting a level of intensity to match the Argentine endured only three games. After reaching the first break Nadal, drew the best version of tennis. With spark, with confidence, with a right that is unparalleled on clay. Signed seven straight games and cheered by an audience given to the cause, the first leg buckled Rafa in the fast lane.

Ricky Rubio: "I was a little overwhelmed by the lockout"

The Spanish player Ricky Rubio acknowledged having been "a little overwhelmed" by the 'lockout', which has prevented him still in the NBA debut with his new team, the Minnesota Timberwolves , but said he now prefers to make the positive side of the break, that has been used to train thoroughly.

"These things happen. You have to look at the positive side. I have had physical and mental rest and it has been good to get stronger next season. There will be compressed and more games will be very demanding, but one must be prepared "he told Onda Cero statements.

Rubio, located in Los Angeles with Pau Gasol, will travel to Minnesota on Monday to join his team discipline. It is expected that next December 25th is the date chosen to start the season. "We will have games too close together and there you have to learn fast," he said.

"It's not been bad because I did well to rest. I was a little overwhelmed by wanting to play and not see the day we started. You miss the routine and now I have wanted to play, " said the base of El Masnou, they said they have planned a trip to Spain has had to cancel.

"On the 'lockout' already had plans to return on Monday and rethink my future, but on Saturday when I got up I heard the great news. There was little agreement, and failing to get through this. I was in Minnesota and around the world wrote me. They know My dream, "added the former player of Barcelona.

In another vein, Rubio referred to his team's chances this season. "We can do great things, but we have to give time, a reasonable time. I think we can be in the playoffs, '" said Ricky, who said he was coaching the shot. "People criticize me may be right. The training I have been very good and it's all about confidence, "he said.

Chris Paul points to the Knicks

Chris Paul wants to go to New York. Neither the siren song of the franchise as a large contract or the desire to retain as flagship of the project appear to alter the will of the player. Leon Rose, agent based on the Hornets, has announced he will not sign an extension with his current team, reports Yahoo! Sports .

Paul is on the launch pad of his adventure in the Big Apple. The director of New Orleans game form, along with Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, a 'Big Three' scary. And offset imbalances that occurred on the east coast after the signing of LeBron James by the Miami Heat.

Chris Paul's numbers are what an established star. During the last season played 80 games with the Hornets and averaged 15.8 points, 9.8 assists and 2.4 steals.

The Lakers have signed a new television agreement for 5,000 billion

One of the hot spots of the whole process of 'lockout' was the battle of the owners of the smaller franchises to achieve a more equitable system. in which they could not spend so much larger and thus balance the league. Well, the franchise owners as Oklahoma and Charlotte will have to keep watching as some teams are still spending as if nothing had changed.

This is the case of the Lakers Pau Gasol. Angelina franchise signed a new contract by which television became the main attraction for a new network of local channels created by Time Warner and will leave in its coffers 5,000 million dollars in 25 years, as has unveiled the 'Orange County Register '. A contract is an income of 200 million dollars a year (the entire Milwaukee Bucks franchise is valued at 258) only on local television. Figure that must be added the national television revenues, plus many other items such as merchandising team.

The new contract will allow chips to keep the Lakers hit book, despite the policy of revenue sharing that will prevail from now in the NBA. Signing the new agreement will allow small teams to enjoy some of the benefit of the greats. If we add the luxury tax, which will now be more punitive, the Lakers will have to pay a large amount of money each season (the Californian newspaper speaks of 100 million dollars). However, the new television contract will allow them to continue spending the same without having liquidity problems.

"The NBA schedule will be announced next week"

The Miami Heat owner, Micky Arison, said that from next week, almost all probability, you will know the match schedule for the entire NBA season. This has been expressed this afternoon on Twitter, responding to a question from a follower.

The owner of the Florida franchise, which last year reached the NBA finals, was punished with half a million dollars in fines when, in the 'lockout', replied in the same social network to a fan who heckled him.

"How it feels to ruin the best sport in the world? Know what, the fans are the ones who provide the money for the greedy pigs who are fighting for m ***". Arison, but then deleted the 'tweet', was emphatic: "Honestly, you're barking up the wrong owner."

Those words feel very bad within the employers, it showed clearly that Arison was in favor of concluding the negotiations, yielding to some of the claims of the players. A month later, the owner of the Heat cup social network again, this time to give hope and hope the fans. Let us hope that the league did not sanction this time.

The official website of the NBA finally 'saw' the season

Simoncelli will have a statue in his hometown

The deceased pilot Marco Simoncelli will be honored in his hometown with a statue, he assured the consistory in a statement. Coriano, in the province of Rimini and 10 267 people will remember about this new initiative to Simoncelli, who died on 23 October in an accident during the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix.

"The City of Coriano," specifies the note you want to keep alive the memory of the great champion Marco Simoncelli (...) dedicating a memorial that could be a reference point for those who want to lay flowers or leave a thought in honor of his memory. "

The monument is located in "an area on the left side of the first flight of the steps of the parish church" of the town, where fans were leaving from the memories of tragedy spontaneously in memory of Simoncelli.

"The memorial will be a tangible sign of affection shown by all the fans and all corianeses" concludes the note by the consistory.

Previously, the council decided to baptize in the name of the late pilot sports facilities in the village.

De la Rosa: "Red Bull will surprise us with another genius in 2012"

The HRT Team drivers Pedro de la Rosa said that before the next World F1 bet "in the distance by McLaren," while showing concern about the similarity that this campaign has taken the championship with respect to the Spanish league football and thus prevent the coming year be a champion "Big 5 Awards to end."

"People want the excitement of not knowing who the championship until the last race and, if possible until the last corner on the last lap better," said the Spanish driver, claiming the 2008 World Championships, "where the title was decided in the last 300 meters for Lewis Hamilton ", and last year in Abu Dhabi," where he had up to 4 pilots who could be champions in the last race. "

He also wanted to clarify that although "thanks to the introduction of DRS Pirelli 1120 has been overtaking and therefore show considerable improvement of the hearings indicate that it is enough to make Formula 1" in a sport unpredictable " .

Did McLaren exprobador affect the important thing is that "these advances are decisive, and they are, can not decide the championship at 5 great prizes for the end", warning that if nothing is done, you run "the risk it happens in the F1 what is already going on for several seasons in Spanish football. "

"Barca and Madrid win all their games, moreover, tend to win more typical results of tennis matches than football, but that's boring because the only real interest of the tournament will polarize around only two parties" - Classic two-"and be predictable."

Reviews of La Rosa precisely what has happened in Formula 1 season summarize in two sentences. "Great show, 1,120 advanced, but a champion in the absence of evidence for the final 5. Too predictable," he said.

Catalan has also questioned the widely held view that the lack of competition this season has been caused by the double diffuser Red Bull. "I begin to be much more humble and accept that the horn blowing is just one example of the creativity and quality of TEAM Red Bull," he said.

"No blow the horn in 2012, I have no doubt that Red Bull will surprise us with another genius, so I hope that the great excuse not create the diffuser off like the only reason to explain the dominance of Red Bull" said.

Finally, he hoped that "for the sake of the Championship," McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes' surprise everyone and Red Bull to contribute to an exciting championship and not just on. "

Laia Sanz is very difficult for women to win the Dakar on a bike

The eleven times world champion trial, Laia Sanz, who in January will face his second participation in the Dakar Rally after winning his debut in the category of females, has admitted that for a woman is very difficult to win at senior level.

"I have to be realistic and at the end I think that however much we dislike, there is a physical limit. Maybe in another car that can win for a woman, but I think bikes, realistically, can do very well and be ahead, but ...", win a Dakar has opined Sanz.

He wants to win in females
Thus, the Catalan rider has said that part in order to win the title in females and hopes to improve its overall last year, ending the thirty-ninth, although he acknowledged that "too ambitious" can be "dangerous."

Sanz was speaking at the launch of his new team, the Gas Gas, which opens first in Dakar from 1 to 15 January in the countries of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

For Corbera pilot, his new bike Gas Gas has improved over the previous year because it is more balanced weights and it is faster, and also indicated that he feels "confident" it takes more hours of training.

However, in his debut at the world's most famous rally was supported as a 'backpacker' a real myth of Dakar as Jordi Arcarons, while this time the pilot will Marc Guasch.

"It is clear that Jordi (Arcarons) taught me much, but everyone can learn things, and it is clear that Marc (Guasch) is an expert pilot and fast, and last year was very good steps in the Dakar. I'm happy I was surprised he wanted me backpacking, "said Sanz.

The motorcyclist has explained that what he fears most is a fall, and acknowledged that luck also expected to accompany him on this second outing.

For this edition sees another year as a favorite to Catalan Marc Coma. "Marc (Coma) is a notch above the others, but it's a career that depends on luck and many factors, but it's still the favorite," he assured.

Williams confirms Maldonado as a driver for 2012

The Williams team confirmed as pilot Pastor Maldonado for the World Formula 1 2012. The British team was one of the four that did not make public the names of their drivers for next season in a list announced by the FIA .

"Pastor has shown this season that is not only a fast driver, but is also able to maintain a consistent pace and strong," said Frank Williams, team founder, said in a statement sent by the pilot group's press . "His career in Monaco was great," he said.

Maldonado, whose main sponsor is Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) in 2012 and will start his second season in charge of a Williams car, brings a wealth of equipment financing.

However, the Venezuelan opposition has tried to block sponsored by PDVSA, which was not approved by the National Assembly and is seen as too expensive, considering the poor results was the team that ended the season.

"We had a very tough season (the 2011), but at the same time it helped me to learn and develop. I am convinced that the steps we're taking to improve our competitiveness, they will bear fruit in 2012 and beyond" said the pilot in the statement.

While the Finn Valtteri Bottas was announced as a reserve, but confirmed the second pilot of the team, although that has more ballots is Adrian Sutil, Force India currently. "Valtteri part in Friday practice in 15 Grands Prix next year, and a more experienced pilot will take over the rest of the race weekend," said the team, without elaborating.

Vettel has numbers of legend

The 2011 season is over. The year that was predicted before the start most spectacular World Cup, not in vain, for the first time have agreed five world champions in the asphalt, resulted in the military walk Sebastian Vettel, who won the title with four runs to completion.

The tyranny of Red Bull and Vettel in particular, however, have not taken brilliance to an issue where the duels, often fiery, five world champions have led to moments of maximum tension and spectacle, although often only for a podium and not for victory in a Grand Prix and World least sentenced soon.

Either way it is time to balance sheet and comparative statistics between these five giants (Schumacher, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Button) to ask: Who is best? Always from the cold of the numbers and percentage statistics.

And considering this it follows that Schumacher is still the Kaiser. The German head of almost all historical statistics percentage. Although since his return to competition has not achieved any success and only once got to the podium, has the best winning percentage for prizes appearances: 25.92% 31.72% by Vettel, already a second. Also, the races run of podium finishes by 53.63% from 45.9% of Hamilton. It would even be the leader in this hypothetical competition laps: 26.57% to 11.11% of his compatriot.

The only statistic in which Michael is overcome by a champion he is contemporary with that of the poles. Seven-times only achieved in 23.77% of the qualifications held, while the young Sebastian Vettel has a prodigious statistics in this facet, a 38.27% of top positions in the grid, putting him at front of the ranking.

The success rates attest to the hegemony of the German pilots. Schumacher had a decade of tyranny and Vettel now has two straight titles with a record of race wins and pole positions overwhelmingly favorable over Alonso, Hamilton or Button.

Red Bull Ferrari and FOTA leave

Martin Whitmarsh informed Ferrari, chairman of FOTA, who has decided to leave the organization that brings together the teams competing in the World Formula 1. FOTA has also received a letter from Red Bull, where the constructors championship team of 2011 tells that also leaves the association.

Ferrari said in a statement it was "a tough and thoughtful after analyzing the current situation and stagnation in discussing some issues."

Ferrari believes that "now we must find a new impetus to advance the unity of FOTA" although he praised the work of the current president, Martin Whitmarsh,

"Ferrari" continues the statement, "will continue working with the other teams for more effective and efficient the current agreement on cost control, called RRA (Resource Restriction Agreement), modify it and make it more convincing on certain aspects of aerodynamics, to rebalance in other ways, such as testing, and to extend it also to areas not currently covered by it, as the engine. "

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari sporting director, said: "We all know the reason why the FOTA started and now we have to find out if it is still necessary. What are the objectives of the future of the FOTA, if there is no future for her? We do so in a constructive manner, in a very open. This is the discussion I think you have to make the coming weeks. "

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said the FOTA must rethink its future: "FOTA has reached a crossroads where it needs to deal with some of the key issues to move forward or stop. It's as simple as that. Obviously The main issues are the Concorde Agreement, the direction it will take, and basically the Resource Restriction Agreement. If we can not agree on it in FOTA, then what is the purpose of the FOTA? ".

Spanish League Messi as the best player

The Football League (LFP) of Spain selected for the third consecutive Argentine forward Lionel Messi as the best player of the tournament. The Barcelona striker also paid homage to the best striker, while Pep Guardiola his helmsman was voted the best coach. Messi is also favorite to win in a few weeks the Golden Ball of the FIFA best player in the world. The Barcelona won seven of the nine awards handed out the LFP, the agency said in a statement. Victor Valdes was chosen as the best goalkeeper in defense Eric Abidal, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta midfield and attacking midfielder. Iker Muniain, Athletic Bilbao, was awarded the Newcomer and the fair play award went to Sporting Gijon player, Alberto Rivera.

Casillas: "I do not quite understand why writing a book about me"

Iker Casillas, Real Madrid captain, was excited at the launch of the book that traces his career full of successes and white with the Spanish, 'Humility Champion', a work to which again showed his humility by ensuring that it is "excessive."

In a ceremony led by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, the presence of honorary president Alfredo Di Stefano and the book's author, journalist Enrique Ortego, Casillas became emotional in his speech at a packed Royal Box at the Santiago Bernabeu to acknowledge the support of his family.

"I am very grateful to everyone," said Casillas began joking with the acceptance speech of Florentino Perez. "I am grateful for the words of the president, removing the last farewell-sounding club and I hope you are late," he joked.

Casillas thanked the presence of mayors and Navalacruz Móstoles, the two cities in his heart, peer and Esteban Granero, Jose Antonio Alley and Adam, former coach Radomir Antic as or Luis Aragones. Large football people gathered at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"It's a great honor to be in my stadium, at home, accompanied by my two families, the natural and Whites. This book is about my sporting life, my memories. When Henry told me it scared me," he admitted.

"I do not quite understand why writing a book about me. I understand that they are works that must travel the path of a player when I finished and is here to stay. Also stop by my merits, appear in the media, but is too see them written in a work so impressive, "he added.

Iker joked with the author, Enrique Ortego. "It was very heavy but I have to admit that as the project progressed and read a chapter I was thrilled. Looking back on my life moved me and allowed me to recall wonderful times I had almost forgotten."

At the end of his speech was when Casillas had to stop because her voice was choked with emotion. "I'll take the good times. I am very happy with the effort. I want to thank my family. But I can assure you they would not be here today. Thank you for joining me on this special day to remember forever," he said.

Ronaldo joins the 2014 World Cup organizing committee

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo Nazario was appointed today a member of the board of the Local Organizing Committee of the World 2014, the body responsible for preparing the biggest event of soccer.

The council will also include the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ricardo Teixeira, and a third person designated yet.

Ronaldo said in press conference that his work will be "closer" to FIFA, the CBF, the Brazilian Government and people to "join forces" in the organization of the tournament.

"My goal is to reach after the World Cup and see that everything worked perfectly, see that the event was flawless and the tourists leave happy," said Ronaldo.

The former striker said that the charge on the organizing committee will not create a conflict of interest with his job footballers image consultant, nor will it be possible to incur "influence peddling".

Among the customers of the company's sports márquetin 9nine, founded by Ronaldo, the Brazilian international are Neymar, Santos, and Luke Moura, of Sao Paulo.

Ronaldo said he resigned to collect a salary in the organizing committee and stressed his commitment "is the Brazilian people," who aspires to be involved in the organization of the tournament.

In the press conference also announced Ronaldo will be sold 300,000 tickets at affordable prices, so that the poor have access to the parties of the first phase of the World Cup.

Teixeira said that Ronaldo is "the perfect voice for reconciliation" in organizing the World Cup and likened its importance to other former players like Pele, Ambassador of the Government for the World Cup and Romario, congressman critical of the management CBF in organizing the event.

The president of the CBF said that Romario, as a Member, is playing "the democratic task of investigating and controlling" the accounts of the tournament.

Barca and Real Madrid dominated the list for the best eleven of 2011

Have already released the names of 55 players shortlisted to join the best eleven of 2011 ... and players of Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated the list. FIFA and players union FIFPro world have decided that Barca 11 and 10 Whites choose to join the best team of the year. The award FIFA / FIFPro World XI 2011 will be delivered next January 9th in Zurich during the Golden Gala Ball.

The Dream Team will be composed of one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. For now already know the 55 best players of the year. By the Barcelona Football Club have been selected Valdes, Abidal, Dani Alves, Pique, Puyol, Busquets, Cesc Fabregas, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and Villa. Meanwhile, the Whites were chosen Casillas, Carvalho, Marcelo, Pepe, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Ozil, Cristiano and Benzema.

Spain is the country with the most players on the roster
of the world champion with authority also leads the shortlist for the prize FIFA / FIFPro World XI 2011. A total of 12 Spanish players choose to enter the Dream Team of the year. Brazil with eight players and Germany and England with five remain in our country.

The full list of 55 shortlisted for the FIFA / FIFPro World XI 2011 is as follows:
Goalkeepers: Buffon (Juventus), Casillas (Real Madrid), Neuer (Bayern Munich), Valdes (Barcelona), Van der Sar (Manchester United now removed).

Defenders: Abidal (Barcelona), Dani Alves (Barcelona), Carvalho (Real Madrid), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Evra (Manchester United), Ferdinand (Manchester United), Kompany (Manchester City), Lahm (Bayern Munich), Lucio (Inter Milan), David Luiz (Chelsea), Maicon (Inter Milan), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Nesta (Milan), Pepe (Real Madrid), Pique (Barcelona), Puyol (Barcelona), Sergio Ramos ( Real Madrid), Thiago Silva (Milan), Terry (Chelsea), Vidic (Manchester United).

Midfielders: Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Busquets (Barcelona), Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona), Iniesta (Barcelona), Kaka (Real Madrid), Lampard (Chelsea), Nani (Manchester United), Özil ( Real Madrid), Pirlo (Juventus), Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich), Silva (Manchester City), Sneijder (Inter Milan), Yaya Touré (Manchester City), Xavi (Barcelona).

Forwards: Messi (Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Rooney (Manchester United), Villa (Barcelona), Samuel Eto'o (Anzhi), Aguero (Manchester City), Neymar (Santos), Drogba (Chelsea), Ibrahimovic (Milan), Luis Suarez (Liverpool), Falcao (Atletico Madrid), Cavani (Naples), Benzema (Real Madrid), Mario Gomez (Bayern Munich) and Robin van Persie (Arsenal).

The Dream Team of 2010
Many players last season were part of the best eleven of the year. The FIFA / FIFPro World XI 2011 awarded Casillas, Maicon, Lucio, Pique, Puyol, Sneijder, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo.

A young man seeks revenge Dutch

A citizen of 25 years and Dutch national has been arrested and taken into custody after he attempted to steal a flag of Spain located on the large Avenida de la Constitución de Granada "to avenge the defeat of the Netherlands against Spain in the final World Cup "of South Africa in 2010.

As reported in a statement the local police in Grenada, traffic surveillance cameras exist in the Avenida de la Constitución detected around 00.30 pm on Friday to an individual, identified as PML, perched on the mast of the Spanish flag.

Once in place, the police officers watched the man had reached the clamping ring of the flag and tried to remove it from jerking the rope, while he was being watched by a crowd of onlookers.

The patrol called for that individual to get off the mast as he did without raising any objection. When asked about their intention to remove said he wanted the flag, taking advantage of the proximity to his home and claiming that he was in remembrance of the World Cup because he claimed he had stolen from Spain to Holland

Pique can play the Classic

The Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has agreed to impose a one-match ban for accumulation of cautions to FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique, that last Tuesday's match against Rayo Vallecano was the fifth yellow card cycle.

Thus, the defense will fulfill the sanction in the meeting this Saturday against Levante and you can play the classic against Real Madrid on December 10 at the Santiago Bernabeu.

In recent days had discussed the possibility that central was suspended for two games have forced the warning wasting time, but the Committee has not seen thus considered at its meeting on Friday to address the issues of the meeting corresponding to the day ahead by 17 and FC Barcelona's participation in the World Cup.

On the meeting, confirmed the warnings for dangerous play for players of Lightning Lass Vallecano, Jordi and Víctor Valdés Arribas and loss of time.

Guardiola: "If Piqué not know the rule, now you know"

Pep Guardiola news conference went through and analyzed all the news from Barcelona before the match this Saturday against Levante, the last before the Classic League, will be measured between BATE in the Champions League. "Every three days we party, I can not think in the Ray or BATE while in Madrid ... I have not thought about who will play at the Bernabeu, I do not give more," he said.

Barca coach stressed that "if Real Madrid has the advantage over Barcelona is on merit," but added that "the next game is the most important": "Then we'll think before Madrid."

"You can not always go first all season. When you're up you have to be with the necessary tension when you're below you must have the necessary ambition. You have to take it normally," said Pep on the situation of Barca in the classification.

"We do not believe in the unlikely event that the League remains sentenced at the Bernabeu. My experience as a player says that nothing is decided until the end. If you feel that is insurmountable, I would say, but sorry," he added.

Discomfort with Piqué
When asked about the controversy that saw Piqué yellow card to the Lightning, between lines Guardiola showed his displeasure with the way Barca forced the central cardboard. "If the standard did not know before, surely now you know. The Committee has given its verdict and would have been different if we would have accepted the same. The pictures speak for themselves. "

The technician showed that they had not thought about how to force the card. "We do not spend a training plan for a card. That's a waste of time. Dedicated training to prepare and make the opponent. Preparásemos If it would not have done so," said Pep.

"I have not been aware of any campaign. The committees act in what they believe. I have not read the statement. Every year we eject players and we never complained. We abide by what the Committee decides and if we believe it is very unfair to the services legal recourse, "said Pep.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puyol and the Camp Nou, 'the rescue' of Barcelona against the Lightning

Neither Lionel Messi or Xavi or Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas . The real charm of Barcelona this season in La Liga is the great captain, Carles Puyol . With central by the hair on the field, Barca team has won 80% of their games , without it , the percentage is reduced to a modest 50% . Before the Rayo Vallecano could return to the field, and no doubt Pep Guardiola breathe easier. The budget and potential difference between the two teams is enormous, but so was with Getafe . Do not rely because of Jose Ramon Sandoval have made ​​the same points at home than his rival on Tuesday: nine. In 13 league matches, the Catalans have been victorious in eight. Puyol was in four games while the other four the captain put on his boots or dressed up short. More devastating is another fact: of the five games in which Barcelona did not add the three points, 'Jaws' was not in four.

He did not act against Real Sociedad in Anoeta (2-2), Sevilla at Camp Nou (0-0), Athletic in San Mamés (2-2) and Getafe at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez (1-0). Indeed, in Valencia , where he did play and drew Guardiola's team to two, did not play the whole game and was replaced in the 17th minute of the second half. It was the charm and Barcelona left back to the middle. The central presence is vital for the intensity you put into the field, placing (the veteran is a degree), for its quality to stop any opponent and make better behind his fellow.

 It is the soul of the defensive line. Its importance comes from afar because of the nine defeats in the league accumulating since trains Guardiola Barcelona, ​​Puyol was not six. Another Barcelona in the Nou Camp Reigning suffering at home, but instead is a cyclone in their field . In the Nou Camp has 6 wins and a draw, with 30 goals scored (an average of 4.28 per game! ) and none against. Osasuna took eight goals, Villarreal, Mallorca and Atletico five, Zaragoza, Racing four and three. Sevilla endured only a goalless draw.

In a lawn as long as the feud Barca, equipment costs more to shut them and stop their rivals, especially Messi , who has scored in stage 14 of the 15 goals that leads in the league. For Ray, Nou Camp is not a field that has fond memories. Of 12 hits, nine home win ended, two with a tie and a visitor to win . Rayista coach has said that come to Barcelona with the intention of scoring, a company very difficult especially if the opponent is able to count on his two wildcards, Puyol and the Camp Nou, for if it had little advantage in having in its ranks Messi, Cesc, Xavi, Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Victor Valdes, Dani Alves ...

Steve Mullings, banned for life

The Jamaican sprinter Steve Mullings, fourth in the world list of years in the 100 meters with a mark of 9.80, has been suspended for life for repeated a doping offense.

A committee of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Agency formed by Lennox Gayle, the football exárbitro Peter Prendergast and Dr. Japhet Ford has unanimously decided to punish for life Mullings, who tested positive for furosemide at the end of June at the national championships.

This substance is a potent diuretic that allows rapid removal of fluid in the body, so it can be used to mask the presence of other banned substances.

Last Thursday the same committee Mullings convicted but later opened to request documents from the Jamaican Athletics Federation concerning the suspension of two years that accomplished sprinter in 2004.

Mullings, 28, had announced their intention to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The sprinter, who in 2004 spent two years suspended for doping (testosterone), was removed last August, the Jamaican team that participated, a month later, at the World Daegu (South Korea).

"This is a clear message to everyone. Prohibited substances should not be used," he said Lennox Gayle.

Mullings did not attend the hearing of the case or present witnesses to prove his innocence. His lawyer, Alando Terrelonge, said his client should benefit of the doubt about whether they had deliberately tried to improve performance and described him as "an athletic talent" that is applied to "a draconian punishment."

Terrelonge considers that a penalty of between four and six, or six to eight, according to the regulations, it would be fairer.

The return of Teddy Tamgho

The French triple jumper Teddy Tamgho, who fractured his ankle before the World Daegu (South Korea) last summer, has started training on Monday in Gainesville (USA).

The world indoor record holder, is now in the Americas, has been discharged from your therapist and will begin work on strength and fitness.

In order to prepare better for next summer's Olympic Games in London, will skip the indoor season and will train in Florida. The last obstacle that has faced has been to obtain the visa of his coach, Cuban Ivan Pedroso.

"Seize the great facilities of the University of Gainesville, in addition, weather conditions are ideal in the region, with an average temperature of 22 degrees," explains the French federation said in a statement.

Kenya to pucelana

Iten is to athletics what Africa to the world: his heart. At the Kenyan highlands, many European cross-country skiers flock to spot check the recipe for success in a sport where suffering is proportional to success. Far from sophisticated methods and large media and consumerism apart from suicidal temptations, lies a race whose supremacy is based on the exaltation of the simple. The echo of their own feelings as a way out of poverty that traps them. No apologies, tears and capricious complaints, just no work. The survival of their families is at stake.

"The experience was a blast," said Alvaro Rodriguez ( Valladolid, 1987 ), the last Spanish elite middle-distance runner in visiting the home of athletics, still amazed by the quantity and quality of anonymous people Fajana athletes in the Valley Rift. "In Iten 300 uncles gathered on the slopes. Many are desperate, baseless."

"They get up at six in the morning, running on an empty stomach and take a nap, come back to train, eat and take another nap." Sleep, eat and run, the trilogy of daily cyclical in Kenya: some athletes "do not understand peak form" and who exercise more than 2,000 meters high.

A tango London '2012

Sometimes I need to get away from the more technical part of the sport. Focusing too much on tactics, strategy, often forces me to leave the passion aside, coolly assessing the performance of a cyclist or a rugby team. At those times I realize I need a break, a change. And that's when synchronized swimming rescues that passion, I am no expert in the technical intricacies of the sport, and I can limit myself to enjoy. Just sit in front of the TV and enjoy the emotions that I try to convey swimmers.

That's exactly what I did in the last World Shanghai in July , sit and enjoy all the programs. Some already knew of Sheffield, but here the stakes were higher, much more was at stake. In Shanghai, it was played with the cards face up.

Passion suburb
duo's final book was the perfect example of synchronized swimming, well executed, can lead to another stage, another place. You just have to let go. And the hand of Ona Carbonell tango and Andrea Fuentes we played, that trip was real, very real. When the music started, and the Spanish couple jumped into the water, I was no longer either in Shanghai or in 2011, was far, far away.

On the way to London
and arrive next year London'2012 Games, and I I have decided I am going to do. As spectators gathered on the steps of a pool, I will find a separate room, lost in the streets of London. A nightclub where at night depart chairs and tables, where between black and white draw two figures, the Ona and Andrea, to give vent to the passion of Argentina with Spanish blood. And is that going to London for gold, to the rhythm of breath. So dance the Tango.

Olympic shooter dies Jaime Gonzalez Chas Coruña

The Olympic shooter Jaime Gonzalez Chas (A Coruña, August 11, 1933) died Monday at age 78.

Chas Gonzalez participated in four consecutive Olympics (Mexico City, Munich, Montreal and Moscow) between 1968 and 1980, precisely in the form of 25 meters with a gun.

An Olympic diploma in Munich, where he finished fifth in the competition was the biggest hit of Coruña, who were crowned champions of Spain on 59 occasions.

Subsequently he handles the training and attended two Olympic Games (Barcelona 92 ​​and Atlanta 96) as national team coach shooting.

Chas Gonzalez also contributed to the sport with the book 'The preparation of the shooter, "a comprehensive study of handgun shooting, which includes training systems and the physical and psychological preparation of athletes.

"Pressure? We have won four of the last ten and Argentina no"

The Davis Cup final has given its official kick-off press conference of the Navy in the stadium of La Cartuja in Seville. Rafa Nadal is the protagonist, the leader. Ninety percent of the questions are addressed to him. The Spaniard knows Latin.

Nadal pulls to defend track record of psychological warfare has raised Argentina on the eve of the final. Convey the idea that the pressure is on Spain because playing at home. Not so, says the number 2 in the world. "We have pressure, but not more than them. Not at all. We are with the peace that gives winning four of the last ten Davis Cup. All that we are part of the Spanish team have won more than one, while Argentina has never won. The pressure is the same, "he says.

Nadal final bodes very complicated, but the motivation is great. "It is true that my record in the last seven years on earth is very good and hopefully I can continue. But Davis Cup is a competition special, different, less time to prepare and everything is more dangerous. There is a desire to win for the importance of the tournament and finish the season with positive feelings. But it is not easy. Nalbandian feels predilection for this competition and Monaco is doing a great season finale, "he said when asked about his good friends the combined rival.

The Spanish captain Albert Costa, coincides with its No. 1 player. "I could not say what percentage of a chance of winning there for a computer and another. I hate to put numbers. If we do things right choices. What is clear is that all parties will be long and hard. I have fully defined the team, regardless of what makes Argentina ". In this sense, the story of the press conference was when Nadal said, politically correct, that still does not know if I would play on Friday. Feliciano Lopez and Albert Costa looked and laughed openly.

Finally, David Ferrer again referred to fatigue after his participation in the Masters Cup, reaching the semifinals. Downplayed the issue. "All we got tired because we are in December. It's a long season. However, this tournament is important and worth making a last effort. We will give the maximum. "

The Mutua Madrid Open blue dress

The Mutua Madrid Open 2012 has already begun to play. Ion Tiriac, owner of the tournament, Manolo Santana, director of the event, and Carlos Moya, the same counsel, filed a dirt track next season blue color the tracks of the tournament which takes place from 4 to 13 May in the Magic Box .

As later by checking the next edition of the Madrid Open Mutual great innovation that will all molt clay courts reddish color blue that pervades much of the hard court tournaments in the tennis calendar. Ion Tiriac, owner of the tournament, has won the approval of the ATP and WTA to launch this project which will have a year of probation and, as with any change, has caused reactions for and against. "The Mutua Madrid Open is a tournament that, despite having just 10 disputed issues, we could say that was just delivered. That is, it seems like the framework for opening the door to change. As a youth tournament continues on a growth path. First innovated in the selection of a ball boy and then moved house for the convenience of spectators, players and media. However, not content with that, "Tiriac said.

The Romanian justifies this step forward in the tournament, which has always been known for its innovation, saying that significantly improves the contrast of the track ball, which benefits both the viewer is in the stadium and that is the game for television. "The blue is its distinguishing feature, but that did not stop being a tournament ground circuit, such as Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Rome. belong to the same circuit as the track they will be neither quick nor grass will be of earth. " On the other hand, Manolo Santana, Tournament Director, has no doubts: "We are only facilitating the monitoring of the game to spectators and television viewers. In a world where competition is fierce for the tennis audience must also evolve. Must protect their share and expand using the means at its disposal without going against their philosophy. "

Optimism among the 'wise' Spanish

An event such as the Davis Cup final, will face Spain and Argentina from 2 to 4 December at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja in Seville, incorporates a great number of journalists. Up to 800 accredited after receiving over 2,000 applications, spread across five continents. Among the Spanish, strong core group, optimism reigns and think that, more or less clearly, the Davis will be lifted again by the members of the 'Armada'.

While still speculating on individual confrontations on Friday (Juan Monaco shuffling can take the place of David Nalbandian Rafael Nadal to be measured on the first day) and the doubles on Saturday (the choices are many), all the pools between the press Spanish has only one result: '1 'home win.

Verdasco Feliciano and learn from "mistakes"

Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco do not reach the Davis Cup final in his prime. At least, that indicate their past performance as a couple. In fact, even Costa raises the possibility of including Rafa Nadal in doubles with Feliciano on Saturday.

Anyway, the locals take on the challenge and ensure they are prepared to give a score to Spain. "Of all the mistakes we learn. For this reason we have been thoroughly trained in Barcelona last week. We have thoroughly prepared the final. We know that our game against France was not the best, but they also played very well. We prepared for this and hope to double the point to Spain, "said Feliciano.

Verdasco, meanwhile, said that "we have taken twice as much more seriously in recent days and I think we're ready to win the point." Indeed, Fernando, one of the heroes of the end of Mar del Plata, with Feliciano recalled that edition: "That final was very painful because the Argentines were favorites, playing at home and were very excited. Sure you will really want to restore what we remove them there. Anyway, we're preparing as if we had not ever won. "

Toni Nadal: "Rafa reached the finals with doubts"

The Davis Cup final is just around the corner and the Spanish Armada sailing and weapons in Seville. The course of the week will dictate what the true state of one Rafa Nadal seems to have landed one hundred percent of its possibilities. This is confirmed by his uncle Toni statements: "Rafa comes amid doubts that cause you the latest results, but I think these days we can go better."

The Spaniard wanted to subtract iron to its early exit at the Masters Cup and prefers to focus on a goal that excites him most: getting a new 'salad bowl'. "He's training well and these days will be key to recover from past efforts," says Toni not a doubt that Spain is best placed to meet in Seville. "We are a slight favorite but that is not enough. It was demonstrated in 2009 when Argentina it was before us and in the end what happened happened," says the technician while he praises the good time of Ferrer: "David is in a form sensational and Rafa is one of the world's best players on earth, but not trust. "

In addition, Toni believes that Spain has greatly improved its weak point: the doubles. "Lately we have had problems in these duels, but we have good players and I think that this time will not spend so much trouble. We have a very strong team in all areas."

No key match
for the coach or the doubles or any other shock is more relevant since "all are equal." "It would be very important to David Del Potro won the first day, because it would leave the tie very expensive for our interests, but then if you lose Rafa would not have done anything and vice versa," explains Spanish while highlighting the level of Argentina "that have players like Del Potro and Nalbandian are among the best in the circuit. " Finally, Toni hopes that the field factor strongly influence Spanish aspirations. "Playing at home adds a big plus for us. We will definitely help you become a little more favorites."

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