Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bou wins National Outdoor and makes full

Toni Bou closed 2011 of the best: succeeding in the outdoors and National tying four individual titles to those who chose. Catalan won the fifth and final scoring round, Cal Rosal Trial in Olvan (Barcelona).

This season has won the World Bou and outdoor National Indoor, and the Trial of Nations with the Spanish team.

Toni Bou Olvan reached the tournament leader with only three points. His victory in the race has allowed claim his fifth title of the year.
Montesa rider won with 762 points and finished ahead of Jeroni Fajardo (Ossa), with 740, and Albert Cabestany (Sherco) with 735.
In the Final overall championship, Bou finished with 75 points, eight more than Cabestany and eleven ahead of Fajardo.

"I could not have asked for more. I have the joy of being able to repeat a full like I accomplished in 2009, which makes me feel absolutely satisfied. It is an incredible success, we can not achieve very often and after which there is a huge amount of work and effort, both personally and the entire team, "he said.
The pressure was high in the latter test, as the title match had no right to make mistakes and, in addition, the regulation even more difficult things. It's been a difficult trial in terms of difficulty, as it should be provided, and for us with the desired end, "he said.


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