Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Bull Ferrari and FOTA leave

Martin Whitmarsh informed Ferrari, chairman of FOTA, who has decided to leave the organization that brings together the teams competing in the World Formula 1. FOTA has also received a letter from Red Bull, where the constructors championship team of 2011 tells that also leaves the association.

Ferrari said in a statement it was "a tough and thoughtful after analyzing the current situation and stagnation in discussing some issues."

Ferrari believes that "now we must find a new impetus to advance the unity of FOTA" although he praised the work of the current president, Martin Whitmarsh,

"Ferrari" continues the statement, "will continue working with the other teams for more effective and efficient the current agreement on cost control, called RRA (Resource Restriction Agreement), modify it and make it more convincing on certain aspects of aerodynamics, to rebalance in other ways, such as testing, and to extend it also to areas not currently covered by it, as the engine. "

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari sporting director, said: "We all know the reason why the FOTA started and now we have to find out if it is still necessary. What are the objectives of the future of the FOTA, if there is no future for her? We do so in a constructive manner, in a very open. This is the discussion I think you have to make the coming weeks. "

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said the FOTA must rethink its future: "FOTA has reached a crossroads where it needs to deal with some of the key issues to move forward or stop. It's as simple as that. Obviously The main issues are the Concorde Agreement, the direction it will take, and basically the Resource Restriction Agreement. If we can not agree on it in FOTA, then what is the purpose of the FOTA? ".


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