Friday, December 2, 2011

Laia Sanz is very difficult for women to win the Dakar on a bike

The eleven times world champion trial, Laia Sanz, who in January will face his second participation in the Dakar Rally after winning his debut in the category of females, has admitted that for a woman is very difficult to win at senior level.

"I have to be realistic and at the end I think that however much we dislike, there is a physical limit. Maybe in another car that can win for a woman, but I think bikes, realistically, can do very well and be ahead, but ...", win a Dakar has opined Sanz.

He wants to win in females
Thus, the Catalan rider has said that part in order to win the title in females and hopes to improve its overall last year, ending the thirty-ninth, although he acknowledged that "too ambitious" can be "dangerous."

Sanz was speaking at the launch of his new team, the Gas Gas, which opens first in Dakar from 1 to 15 January in the countries of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

For Corbera pilot, his new bike Gas Gas has improved over the previous year because it is more balanced weights and it is faster, and also indicated that he feels "confident" it takes more hours of training.

However, in his debut at the world's most famous rally was supported as a 'backpacker' a real myth of Dakar as Jordi Arcarons, while this time the pilot will Marc Guasch.

"It is clear that Jordi (Arcarons) taught me much, but everyone can learn things, and it is clear that Marc (Guasch) is an expert pilot and fast, and last year was very good steps in the Dakar. I'm happy I was surprised he wanted me backpacking, "said Sanz.

The motorcyclist has explained that what he fears most is a fall, and acknowledged that luck also expected to accompany him on this second outing.

For this edition sees another year as a favorite to Catalan Marc Coma. "Marc (Coma) is a notch above the others, but it's a career that depends on luck and many factors, but it's still the favorite," he assured.


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