Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vettel: "We needed to meet the teacher"

Sebastian Vettel said he had to "reach the 'master'", having been able to break the record for pole positions in a season that held the legendary Nigel Mansell.

"The weather has been good enough and the truth is needed to reach the 'master'. I'm happy to be here and out in front to enjoy the race, but will wait to see what happens over time, because today was supposed to be a wet track, "German said after adding its fifteenth pole position of the year.

Vettel was not obsessed with breaking the record. "There have been many conversations about it and the best thing we did was not thinking too much. Yesterday wrong with the car started, but we have improved a lot tonight and we did well in qualifying," he said.

When asked about the secret to getting so many pole positions, the German said he did not exist. "It's not easy to fit it all in one turn because all circuits are different. Overall, this year most of the time I have been able to put everything in Q3 and I'm happy with what happened today. I think one qualifying time we go we all had fun and we feel that is different from free practice and Q1 and Q2, because we know that this is a good lap, "said


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