Friday, December 2, 2011

"Tito" Vazquez: "Djokovic has shown how Nadal beats"

Modesto "Tito" Vazquez has the mission to lead Argentina from the chair to its first Davis Cup. The captain was full of praise albiceleste to Juan Martin del Potro and David Nalbandian and highlighted the fans there in your country for this sport.

A little over 24 hours to start the Davis Cup final at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja, the captain and coach of Argentina, Modesto "Tito" Vazquez , is very clear that he is facing a historic opportunity to give Argentina its Salad first. "We look forward to the day," confessed the technical origin of radiolabeled Galician tune. Tito Descat the strength of the Argentine team, which is based on its two main pillars. About Juan Martin del Potro said, "is the most important figure in Argentine tennis at this time.'s back to believe in himself and is very good going into this final." The Tandil exercise number 1 and is postulated as insistuible both the Friday and on Sunday, playing singles.

On your number 2, David Nalbandian , who on Friday set aside to do to play the doubles on Saturday (along with Eduardo Schwank ) and a hypothetical fifth point on Sunday (to David Ferrer ), Vazquez said, "has a way of seeing the game than most. You should probably have won a Grand Slam, but injuries have hurt him. " His lack of shooting, among other things, will ensure that the weapons Cordoba on the first day and have to encourage their colleagues on the bench.

Vazquez did not hesitate to take the pressure off and spend the favorite band of Spain, highlighting the power of the number 1, Rafael Nadal , in what they call clay. "Nadal is the undisputed number 1 on land," said coach albiceleste, who claimed to believe that despite that the Spaniard is whippable: "How do you win? Djokovic has shown how he wins."

Big fan of River Plate, Tito said that despite what you might think out of the country, "the popular sport in Argentina is the number 1 tennis. I think they come to Seville more than 2,000 fans. A lot of passion for Davis Cup ". Hunger, joy and love to make history, Argentines want cocktail shaking to its first bowl.


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