Friday, December 2, 2011

Nadal is on display at La Cartuja

Rafael Nadal was asked to give Spain the first point of the Davis Cup final in Spain measuring 2011 and Argentina in the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja in Seville to break in three sets to Juan Monaco. The 'Armada' Thus there is a step forward in the goal of winning its fifth bowl.

Rafa Nadal was unable to attend the final in Mar del Plata in 2008 because of some pains in his knee after a season full of games. Despite the time difference and be on time off and recovery, not off mobile TV and encourage their peers from across the pond. Three years later, Spain and Argentina came back to get in the way of this competition, who lives in this year its 99th final and had the Balearic Islands as the protagonist of the first game to break Juan Monaco by an aggregate score of 6-1, 6 -1 and 6-2 after two hours and twenty-six minutes in a match played at the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja.

Since losing in the Davis Cup debut against Jiri Novak on February 6, 2004, Nadal has accumulated 19 consecutive victories, the last ten without dropping a set. Despite the rain that morning and Sevilla drew leaks to the length and breadth of the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja, the party began in scheduled time and intermittent sun. Who did not hesitate for a moment was Rafa, that despite wasting three break balls in the opening game was safe and plugged in, putting a level of intensity to match the Argentine endured only three games. After reaching the first break Nadal, drew the best version of tennis. With spark, with confidence, with a right that is unparalleled on clay. Signed seven straight games and cheered by an audience given to the cause, the first leg buckled Rafa in the fast lane.


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