Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ron Lyle dies, former heavyweight rival Muhammad Ali

Former boxedor Ron Lyle has died at age 70 at a clinic in Denver, leaving behind his career as a competitor of the heavyweight category where he became a title fight against Muhammad Ali.

Lyle Porter Adventist Hospital arrived last Friday suffering from a stomach ailment, where he died after a septic shock after the operation, as stated by Ron McKinney, U.S. Army and former partner in a fighter's boxing program young people.

"Talk to him yesterday, has been a terrible shock to everyone. He was a giant, but a quiet giant. I have lost a great friend," said McKinney.

A difficult life
native of Dayton, Ohio, but raised in Denver with his 18 brothers, Lyle had a difficult adolescence, coming to be in jail for second-degree murder, where he learned to box.

In 1969 he was put on probation and continued his training as a fighter, to achieve its peak in 1975 when he fought for the title against the mighty Muhammad Ali. In combat, Lyle was winning the points until Ali gave him a flurry of different blows that cornered him in the eleventh assault.

The fight ended with the referee awarding a victory for those shots that was three times world champion heavyweight, never shared decision Lyde, to whom this match ended prematurely.


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