Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Mutua Madrid Open blue dress

The Mutua Madrid Open 2012 has already begun to play. Ion Tiriac, owner of the tournament, Manolo Santana, director of the event, and Carlos Moya, the same counsel, filed a dirt track next season blue color the tracks of the tournament which takes place from 4 to 13 May in the Magic Box .

As later by checking the next edition of the Madrid Open Mutual great innovation that will all molt clay courts reddish color blue that pervades much of the hard court tournaments in the tennis calendar. Ion Tiriac, owner of the tournament, has won the approval of the ATP and WTA to launch this project which will have a year of probation and, as with any change, has caused reactions for and against. "The Mutua Madrid Open is a tournament that, despite having just 10 disputed issues, we could say that was just delivered. That is, it seems like the framework for opening the door to change. As a youth tournament continues on a growth path. First innovated in the selection of a ball boy and then moved house for the convenience of spectators, players and media. However, not content with that, "Tiriac said.

The Romanian justifies this step forward in the tournament, which has always been known for its innovation, saying that significantly improves the contrast of the track ball, which benefits both the viewer is in the stadium and that is the game for television. "The blue is its distinguishing feature, but that did not stop being a tournament ground circuit, such as Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Rome. belong to the same circuit as the track they will be neither quick nor grass will be of earth. " On the other hand, Manolo Santana, Tournament Director, has no doubts: "We are only facilitating the monitoring of the game to spectators and television viewers. In a world where competition is fierce for the tennis audience must also evolve. Must protect their share and expand using the means at its disposal without going against their philosophy. "


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