Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Los Angeles talk about Pau as currency by Chris Paul

The defeat of the Lakers last season made it shake the foundations of the entity angelina. To the extent that their second best player, Pau Gasol, was in the pools as possible move into the new campaign. With the 'lockout' cooled rumors and little more was known. But now that seems to finally be in the NBA season, the siren call of a possible trade have returned.

It has been a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, Mark Heisler, who has raised the hare. Heisler has revealed that the objective of the Lakers is to gain the services of two of the biggest superstars are released next summer, Chris Paul and Dwight 'Superman' Howard , and would be willing to offer the Spanish player in return gain based services for the Hornets and Andrew Bynum in exchange for center of the Magic.

The franchise angelina wants to reinforce the base station and complete a 'Big Three' to compete with the Heat or Celtics. And though the Hornets player has already declared its intention inner circle to play the Knicks, the Lakers know that if they play their tricks can convince the Hornets before the player is a free agent next summer . And for that would be willing to offer the man he played three finals in the last four years and which have won two rings.

According to the journalist, the Lakers could also go on the hunt for Dwight Howard. Although in recent days has declared his intention to stay in Orlando, the fact is that the future of Howard seems to get away from Florida. New York, Boston, the Clippers ... there are many teams that have a 'Superman' in their agenda. However, the Lakers have a factor in favor, is that Howard has never denied his interest in playing alongside Kobe Bryant. To this end, the Lakers could offer Andrew Bynum as currency.

And, according to Heisler, the ambition to complete a 'Big Three' with CP3, Kobe and Howard may outweigh the merits harvested by Pau and company ahead of the new season.


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